Bachmann Responds to Democrats' Attempts to Infiltrate Tea Party Movement

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, for Democrats it appears that desperate times calls for desperate measures. And with the midterm elections around the corner these are certainly desperate times.

In Pennsylvania, congressional candidate Bryan Lentz is trying to defeat his Republican opponent by helping a Tea Party candidate. Now the Lentz campaign gathered almost half of the nearly 8,000 signatures that Jim Schneller needed to get his name on the ballot.

And according to the Philly Inquirer, the Democrat's campaign did not hide its involvement in the scheme. Now we spoke to Mr. Schneller earlier today and he referred us to his rambling press releases which expressed outrage at the criticism his candidacy has received.

Now Lentz is hoping that Schneller will draw supporters away from his Republican challenger Patrick Meehan.

But that's not all. In Kentucky Democrats are continuing their attempts to discredit GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul who is heavily backed by the Tea Party movement. Kentucky's WHAS 11 News station caught up with a man posing as a Rand Paul supporter and doing his best to make Paul look bad.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Why is Dora the Explorer duct taped to a poster?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because she is illegal and she is corrupting our children. Our children need to understand that there's only one language for America, and that's English. There is no need for any Spanish in America. And that's why that fence better be electrified.


HANNITY: All right, so the Democratic trickery continues. But will it work? Joining me now with reaction is Minnesota congresswoman and founder of the Tea Party caucus in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is back.

Congresswoman, thanks for being with us.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MINN.: Sean, thank you very much.

HANNITY: Let's start with the posing as a -- or helping or assisting getting Tea Party candidates on the ballot so that will draw away from conservative candidates. What's your reaction to that technique?

BACHMANN: Well, it's an old trick. It's based in deception. It's called divide and conquer. In this case, divide the Tea Party and the conservatives and then the Democrats can conquer the election.

This has been tried before. It was tried in my home state of Minnesota where we had a fake candidate and a fake political party. People saw through it and it actually hurt the Democrat and the Republican won and that Republican was John Klein of Minnesota and he's serving superbly in the United States Congress.

So I think that the very same thing will happen again. Now that the people know that the Democrats think that they have to deceive in order to be able to win, I think that will turn on them.

HANNITY: All right, well, it's interesting. And then the attacks on Rand Paul. I mean, this is all an orchestrated effort and I spoke to a lot of Tea Party members when they were in the news and they were being accused of racism.

That it seems that the Democrats would want to put their plants in a Tea Party gathering in the hopes they can reinforce this false image or narrative that they were advancing.

Do you think that will work with the American people?

BACHMANN: Well, I think, again, it will be exposed for what it is. And it demonstrates clearly what the Democrats fear more than anything is the Tea Party in the midterm elections. Because the Tea Party after all is nothing more than mainstream Americans that don't like the Obama-Pelosi agenda. And that's made up of disaffected Democrats, independents, Republicans, libertarians.

That's why they're so afraid of them. And when this gets exposed where you have Democrats infiltrating with fake signs and fake Tea Party wear, for instance, that's going to turn on them. And we need to expose it at every corner.


BACHMANN: They said earlier that they were going to do this and it's going to turn on them.

HANNITY: All right. Now listen, I was hoping that Congress would stay out for the entire month of August, and then maybe beyond. Maybe stay out until Christmas. Because I figure every time they're in Washington they're going to want more of our money.

So they come back into town, $26 billion, I guess maybe it's not as much as the stimulus. It is dubbed as state aid. You have dubbed this Nancy Pelosi's cash for Democrat reelection program.

And what is this $26 billion really all about?

BACHMANN: Well, let's face it, that's what it is. And that isn't just Michele Bachmann saying it, Sean. That's the newspapers in Washington, D.C., saying that now these public employee unions have received their $26 billion payoff, now they're going to skim the top of the public union dues off the top, put it in political action coffers and then use it to run these Democrat reelection campaigns, and to go after Republicans.

So think of how outrageous this is. The public that is completely dismissed and turned away from the Pelosi agenda, now Speaker Pelosi is using the American people's tax money to send it out to the door of public employee unions so part of that money can be used to reelection the Democrats they oppose? It's outrageous.

HANNITY: All right, let me ask you because you were forming in Congress this Tea Party caucus. And you want limited government, you want balanced budgets, you want transparency, you want people to read bills. All the thing we have been discussing.

Are you confident the Republican Party is adopting the Tea Party, you know, coalition, platform that you and other conservatives are advocating? Or is there going to be a divide or split in any way?

BACHMANN: Well, I think that unity is what we're all looking forward to this fall. But I think the patience of the American people is very thin. They are looking to the GOP right now for leadership quite frankly.

Will the GOP have its act together to act within the limits of the Constitution, not spend more money than what we take in, cut spending, cut taxes. It's a very simple formula. If the Republicans adopt that agenda, we will win in a landslide in these elections. And we'd be foolish not to adopt the Tea Party mainstream America agenda.

HANNITY: All right, Congresswoman, thanks for being with us. Appreciate it.

BACHMANN: Thank you, Sean.

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