Bachmann: 'Israel is at a life-changing tipping point'

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REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MINN.: It is my belief and my opinion that Barack Obama has been the most dangerous president we've ever had on American foreign policy.

President Obama needs to get his priorities straight. What he needs to do is cancel his interview with David Letterman, cancel his meeting with Beyonce, cancel his meeting with Jay-Z, and instead agree to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: That was former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann urging President Obama to re-visit his priorities after he refused to hold a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Joining me now with more on all of this, as by the way, we get word tonight that Iran is closer than ever to a nuclear weapon, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. How are you?

BACHMANN: Good to see you.

HANNITY: I want to see Mitt Romney say that as passionately as you did.

BACHMANN: I have no doubt that he will, Sean, because he loves and appreciate Israel. Mitt Romney is the candidate who went to Israel, unlike our president, and I have absolutely no doubt that he will.

HANNITY: But this is amazing to me. The president, as I understand it, he's schedule to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi, the new president of Egypt?

BACHMANN: He is. I've called on the president to cancel that meeting and instead schedule a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. We have a lot of trouble right now because the president also had cancelled military exercises already scheduled with Israel and instead scheduled ones with Egypt.

Everything is out of whack. If you look at the course of his presidency, almost everything he has done has been to lift up the Islamist supremacist agenda. In other words, this idea of seeking to implement Islamist law across the world, he lifts that up to the detriment of Israel and puts them down at every opportunity.

HANNITY: Explain this in more detail. Think people misconstrue what you are saying here. It seems like he has a mentality -- I know many people in the media want to be liked by other media people. I'm not one of them. Never been to a Washington Correspondent's Dinner and I'm proud of it. It seems if he's nice to the radical Islamic world, they will like him.

BACHMANN: He started from the very beginning, the Cairo speech. He said that he saw it was part of his job as president of the United States to dispel the anti-Islamic stereotypes. But the biggest point in all of this is to recognize is that Islamists we saw in the last week with all the rioting, they are driving ambition is to make sure that we come under Islamist law --

HANNITY: We're dead.

BACHMANN: Just consider this. We know that Iran is bent on having a nuclear weapon. Why? Because they want to impose their will on the rest of the world. Think of all these people rioting. Now think of them holding a nuclear bomb. They will use it against Israel and America.

HANNITY: Where is the moral clarity? I agree with you.

BACHMANN: They will.

HANNITY: Why does the president, he says "I stopped torture, I closed Gitmo" all these things he said in Cairo. What is his thinking here when it's Israel that's under fire and under attack, Israel that's under the threat of that attack of a nuclear weapon?

BACHMANN: It is torture right now because what we are seeing is Iran is literally just gasps away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, nuclear capability. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is doing everything he can to get the attention of the world. We need to recognize what country stands with Israel?

HANNITY: Us. We are supposed to.

BACHMANN: Well, we always have. I think for the first time since the modern Jewish state of Israel reconstituted, this is the first time that the United States hasn't had Israel's back. There are deep and profound consequences when that happens.

HANNITY: What an insult to cancel Bibi for Letterman, for Jay-Z and Beyonce, but Morsi gets to meet with the president, the Muslim Brotherhood whose highest honor is to die in the name of Allah?

BACHMANN: The president will be in this city tomorrow night having a fundraiser from Beyonce and Jay-Z. Tomorrow night. Look what is happening on the screen across the world right now. That's his priorities, Vegas fundraisers and fancy New York fundraisers? This is sick.

HANNITY: We have dead Navy SEALs, what is he going to do? A dead ambassador.

BACHMANN: There were four Americans killed over the weekend. Now it's fully 15 percent of the deaths in Afghanistan this year attributable to our so-called Afghan partners who are turning their guns on American soldiers. Israel is at a life-changing tipping point, Sean. That's the moment, and nobody should make any mistake about that.

HANNITY: So is America.

BACHMANN: So is America, that's right.

HANNITY: We can't afford four more years of this.

All right, Congresswoman, it's great to see you in studio. It's great to meet your family, as well.

BACHMANN: Thank you.

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