As Gas Prices Go Up, President Bush's Approval Ratings Go Down

A brand new Gallup polls says Americans believe rising energy prices are the third most important issue in the country behind Iraq and immigration. And a brand new FOX News poll says President Bush's approval rating is down to 33 percent, 14 points lower it was this time last year.

There is no question that Americans are getting hurt at the gas pump. And the leader of the country will always take a hit when that happens. But the oil situation is largely out of the president's control. All he can do is commit government resources to alternative fuels down the road. And he says he's doing that.

Right now, the only force that can drive oil prices down is us. We, the people. Analysts say that if Americans cut back driving just three percent gas prices would tumble.

"Talking Points" has suggested a symbolic protest of not buying any gas on Sundays. And I am not buying ExxonMobil ever again because of it's $700 million payout over the past 13 years to former CEO Lee Raymond. No more Exxon for me.

Now I explained this in detail on my just-published newspaper column available on and hundreds of fine newspapers across the country. And also on, a poll question. Do you believe you are being gouged by the oil companies, yes or no? We'll have the results on Monday.

So let's all rally here. Americans should wise up and buy less gas. We can control this, if we all begin to conserve. Last month, gas use was down 0.6 percent. But we can do far better than that. The American oil companies are not looking out for us. So let's fight back. Buy less from those people. Send them a message they won't soon forget.

"The Factor" boycott of France impacted that country greatly. A cutback in gas consumption in the USA would immediately scorch the oil companies.

As they said in the '60s, "power to the people." We are being hosed here. And the oil fat cats are lapping up the dollars. Enough is enough. Buy less gas, please.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Here is the final nail in the coffin of the United Nations. That body has elected Iran, Iran, to a vice chair on — ready? — U.N. Disarmament Commission, whose mission is preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

That's like electing Charles Manson to the Los Angeles Police Commission. Or electing Paris Hilton to the Vatican Advisory Council.

Simply put, the United Nations should close. Let's stop all the nonsense and turn the U.N. building into condos. It would be ridiculous not to do that.