Are the media being fair to Paul Ryan?

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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Fox News viewers know the score when it comes to liberal media bias. Some reporters are nothing more than left wing ideologues masquerading as journalists. And Mitt Romney's announcement of Paul Ryan as his V.P. nominee was no different. Within hours of the announcement, some people in the media were trotting out the same old, predictable arguments meant to make Americans scared of Paul Ryan.

Example number one, Candy Crowley at CNN. Listen.


CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: Not every Republican has signed on to this kind of -- I mean, they will publicly. But there is some trepidation --


CROWLEY: -- that this might be, looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish, that oh my gosh, do we really want to talk about these things? Is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? We could have stayed on that.


BOLLING: Hey, Ands, death wish? That doesn't sound like straight reporting to me.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I would like sources, actually, that would tell me a little bit more. That sounds like more of a Harry Reid. Someone called me up on the phone and I heard a death wish. I have not heard the word "death wish" come from my Republican.

The only trepidation that I've heard from Republicans, Eric, is they are fearful of Florida and how Democrats -- because they are willing to stoop so low and at no cost, Eric, just lie and run ads over and over about Paul Ryan pushing granny off the cliff. And they are fearful that Republicans aren't going to be able to make the case that Democrats have already cut grandma's Medicare. They did that in Obamacare. You cannot be for Obamacare and be a protector of Medicare.

BOLLING: Stay on the reporting part of it, OK? It sounded like an opinion to me. Republicans, Romney, and Ryan have a ticket death wish. Anybody? Anyone fine that a little disturbing?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Not really. Candy to me gave herself -- I do think there is probably some Republicans who said to them, lead up to it calling around who do you think will be the possible nominee? And if they threw out the name Paul Ryan, I don't doubt that on background, under the guise of anonymity, they said Ryan would be terrible for us.

But there is probably somebody who said that. But no one with the guts to say it on the record. She gives herself a little leeway there.

BOLLING: What do you think?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Anybody can find somebody to say something like that and call at it source and say, I've got this reporting. I don't even buy it -- not given the amount of enthusiasm and the dollars that I saw pour in over the weekend since this announcement was made, $5 million from 70,000 small donors. That tells me that those are people who were motivated, that were excited. We haven't seen a backlash from the pick.

So, Democrats can protest all they want. I think they're sweating it.

BOLLING: Democrats, you expect them to protest. No surprise it comes from Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter. But, Bob, for Candy Crowley to kind of give a little, you know, push in the back, death wish, really?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Look, I mean, I said all along, vice presidents really don't matter much in the scheme of things. When it gets to Election Day it's one person versus another. In this case, it's not Paul Ryan who is a nice guy and smart. But it is -- I know you don't want to talk about his policies, but the Paul Ryan record is what is becoming the Romney record now.

And when you say about -- you are absolutely wrong about the Medicare. Yes, there is a cut in Obamacare.

BOLLING: No, we're talking about Candy Crowley calling the ticket death wish.

BECKEL: It is true -- if you look at the state of Florida, without the state of Florida, Romney cannot win. And so, if, in fact, this does perform, what it could perform in Florida, which is a big loss from seniors, it will cost him Florida and that is a death wish.

BOLLING: Again, we are talking about CNN Candy Crowley calling Romney --

PERINO: We are going to get to the substance.


BOLLING: Right, exactly. We're going to talk further in to the Romney and/or Ryan plan.

Number two, example number two, NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell opining on the female vote and Paul Ryan.


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: I think you are going to see they've decided that this is a base.


MITCHELL: This is not a pick for a suburban mom. This is not a pick for women. This is a pick for the base.


BOLLING: Kimberly, you're a mom.


BOLLING: Maybe you're a soccer mom. Your thoughts?

GUILFOYLE: Let me tell you something, Andrea, I think you better get out a little bit more because the soccer moms that I was hanging out with over the weekend had a lot of enthusiasm about it. So, I don't know who you are hanging with. But expand your crew.

BECKEL: Is that the Hamptons where you were?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. We have soccer there and grass.

BOLLING: OK. So, Bob, here's another example of mainstream media, you know, opine -- straight journalists opining on how the female vote is going to go --

BECKEL: There are a lot of ways, you do not getting in the policy but a lot of ways to turn Ryan and his positions in a threat to suburban women. And so, there are a lot of constituencies that you're going to go after, we're going to go after that Paul Ryan represents. Yes.

PERINO: I disagree because I think on the women thing, I think they are wrong and might not be in every place.

But if you look at the Tea Party vote in 2010, a lot of women that were driving force behind the Tea Party, and organizing and donating money, enthusiastically voting for him. I actually think if you are a mom who is -- who's got children and you are planning for their college education. And you have your parents or your husband's parents you are taking care of and you're planning for your own retirement, actually the best plan is Ryan's. They have a steep hill to climb, but if they can effectively message it, actually more women who are not worried that the birth control is going to be taken away. They worry that they're not going to have money in their pocket to pay for things they need to pay for.

TANTAROS: A far as the media bias goes, this is different than Crowley. I mean, Crowley said I talked to some people who said she did reveal a source, which she should have. But Andrea Mitchell bills herself as an anchor. She bills herself not as a pundit, not as an opinion person, but as someone who is supposed to be a straight news journalist.

She's not. She's propagandist. And to come out and to say this is bad for women, a blanket statement. That's not news, Andrea. That's flat out propaganda.

GUILFOYLE: She should change her name. I don't like her having the same name.


BECKEL: Your $5 million in Ryan's case over the weekend raising money, we raised $5 million off of Geraldine Ferraro. And that was 20 years ago. So, it's not all usual you're going to see an infusion of money coming in.

BOLLING: OK. So, is it surprising Andrea Mitchell would say the women vote won't go to Paul Ryan?


BOLLING: Example number three, "60 Minutes" and this is about what they did not show you. Last night, Bob Schieffer asked Paul Ryan about Medicare. Great answer from the congressman. Hit it out of the park. But guess what? CBS left it on the cutting room floor and didn't put it on the show, even though they did put it online where nobody watched. Take a look.


MITT ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: In America, the nature of this country has been giving people more freedom, more choices. That's how we make Medicare work down the road.

BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS NEWS: But you will concede you're going to have to do a little selling. (INAUDIBLE) to explain Florida.

REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WI), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Our point is we need to preserve their benefit because government promises them that they organize their retirements around. In order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those of us who are younger. And we think these reforms are good reform. They have bipartisan origin. They started from the Clinton commission in the late '90s.


BOLLING: Dana, that one didn't make air. Made it to the Web site.

PERINO: And also that his mom lives in Florida and she is a senior citizen and he wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

I don't know why the media continues to do this to themselves. They wonder why people think there is a bias in media, it's because it's the little things. It's the things that oh, they didn't think it was interesting enough to put on air. And their excuse is -- oh, we put it online. To your point, everybody watches -- lots of people watch "60 Minutes", nobody is going online to find out what didn't make it in the story. They are never going to talk about that.

TANTAROS: Are we really surprised after what CBS did with President Bush? They have a pretty bad track record. I don't know if the same selective editor went over then to NBC and selected editing this time around?

But again, this is par for the curse with networks like CBS. We saw it with NBC. They are not, as Dana said, doing themselves of any kind of good deed. Romney interview and let the people decide, especially when he actually, he said.

If they would have done their research, too, they would have found out that when Paul Ryan's father died he also was on government assistance. So, he's not going to gut the systems that help him and that are helping his mother currently today.

GUILFOYLE: Well, that's a problem. It's just flat-out fabrication. There's like shape-shifting the message, the content to suit the world view and the political views that they have, which is really misleading and deceptive.

I mean, you can't call it journalism if that's what you're doing. You're misinforming the American people. And they have the right to know the truth to make an informed decision and not have the wool pulled over their head like they had before.


BECKEL: Say that about Bob Schieffer masquerading as a journalist --

BOLLING: That's not what I said, Bob.

BECKEL: Yes, you did.

BOLLING: You took the intro in the beginning and you're adding it to Schieffer. What I clearly said it was edited. The piece was edited.


BOLLING: I'm pretty sure Bob Schieffer didn't sit in the edit room and cut the piece out himself.

BECKEL: How many hours or time was cut out of that piece? They probably filmed half an hour or something better to get that piece. They edited that out. So what?

BOLLING: Here's so what? So it happened to be the most -- probably the best answer of the whole 15 minutes and 23 seconds that aired. That was the one people want to hear about.


BOLLING: I think that was a great response to the question, Bob. I think that's -- you don't? Ryan talked about the plan. There is the answer.

BECKEL: I don't -- I don't dispute the parts that you like were not completed, Eric, or put in there. But the fact is first of all people are not sitting out there wondering who edited what who watched "60 Minutes." And that's what they s aw.

BOLLING: All right.

PERINO: I think that's a point. And then two of the people that we've talked about in this block were announced as moderators of the -- there's three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate coming up. Those were announced today. And Candy Crowley will do one of them and Bob Schieffer the other.

BOLLING: All right. We're going to go.

There was also an anchor, primetime anchor on MSNBC, I can't remember her name, she's got short hair, who had a problem with Mitt Romney announcing Paul Ryan's pick on the ship, on the USS Wisconsin. She said, well, that's a backdrop he shouldn't be using because neither one of those have military experience.

Can we pull up this full screen of President Obama using the military as a background? Go ahead.

OK. There are three occasions of President Obama doing this. I'm just -- hey, Bob, I'm just going to look in to this little folder here.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh! Is it magic?

BOLLING: Can you take this. Guess what?


BOLLING: Empty. He doesn't have military service either.

BECKEL: He's commander-in-chief.

BOLLING: Fair enough.

BECKEL: And that's highest ranking military in the country, right?

TANTAROS: It's the same argument when you say, oh, Romney and Ryan have spent time in the government. Joe Biden has collected a government --


GUILFOYLE: Eric, hold on, be fair. Maybe he paid to have that record sealed, OK? Maybe there is something there we just don't know about it.

BECKEL: The commander-in-chief that made calls that killed Usama bin Laden.

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