Another Unbelievable Outrage in San Francisco

Another outrage in San Francisco and this one is very hard to believe. As you may know, San Francisco is run by far left secular-progressives who despise the military, traditional values and religion. Not everybody in San Francisco feels that way, but certainly the power structure does. Time and again, we have brought you stories of outrageous behavior on the part of militant people living in that city.

Now, things have reached critical mass, no pun intended. Last Sunday, at the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Archbishop George Niederauer was celebrating mass. As part of that ritual, holy communion is given to Catholics by the celebrants. Two gay militants in bizarre dress took communion from the archbishop in an attempt to mock the mass and the man. — The people who did this are members of a militant homosexual group that runs around San Francisco dressed as nuns.

All city officials are aware of the group because in the past they have publicly demeaned Christianity. The Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, has refused to comment.

The District Attorney, Kamala Harris, says she is waiting for a complaint to be filed.

The Catholic Church says it will do its own investigation and doesn't want the police involved at this point. The archbishop has apologized, saying he's embarrassed and sorry he gave communion to people committing sacrilege.

But it really is not the archbishop's fault. — He is an elderly man who was taken by surprise. The fault here lies with the leadership of San Francisco. Mayor Newsom has consistently avoided criticizing behavior that is harmful. He hides under his desk and attacks messengers like me:

VOICE OF GAVIN NEWSOM (D), MAYOR, SAN FRANCISCO: Guys like Bill O'Reilly attack this city and use it as a way to attack Nancy Pelosi and "San Francisco values", it makes me sick to my stomach. How dare you attack this city because of a few exceptions, not the rule, in terms of where our elected officials are with relationship to the military.

Now that comment came after I criticized Newsom for refusing to allow the Marines to film a commercial on city streets. By the way, the comment had nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi.

Again, we've invited Mayor Newsom on the program, we've asked for a statement about the Catholic situation but the mayor is consistent. He condones terrible behavior by refusing to confront it.

Incredibly, the San Francisco media has blacked out the story, refused to report it; with the exception of KNEW Radio. If a mosque had been attacked like this, if a synagogue had been defiled, this would have been page one not only in the San Francisco Chronicle but in every liberal newspaper in the country. Instead, there is no reporting on a violation of a church service by those militants.

"Talking Points" believes all Americans should take a very hard look at what is happening in San Francisco. Certainly the 65 million American Catholics should be deeply offended by the city's behavior.

Enough is enough. Desecrating a Catholic Mass or any other religious service is unacceptable in the United States of America.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Most Americans understand how very tough it is for our military people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the media concentrates on the bad things and not the bravery of our forces.

This man, 29-year-old Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a Navy SEAL from Long Island, New York, was killed in Afghanistan in 2005 during a mission hunting a key Taliban leader. After being wounded, he made a radio call for help that led to the rescue of another wounded SEAL.

For his service, Lieutenant Murphy will receive the Medal of Honor. Obviously, he was a patriot, and we're glad we could honor him tonight.

On the pinhead front: our pal Snoop Dogg, a man with11 criminal arrests, has been sentenced on his latest weapons charge. The Snoop-meister has to perform 160 hours of community service, including picking up trash. Since he is very familiar with trash, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Snoop Dogg is a pinhead.