Another 'Threat' From Conservative Christians

Now I really got to thank the far-left Atlanta Journal Constitution and its editorial writer Cynthia Tucker. Madam, you continue to give me A-line material, and I appreciate it.

Just in time for Holy Week and Passover, Ms. Tucker writes an editorial entitled, "Hippity Hoppity Easter Hypocrites." She writes:

"It's a bit surprising to hear conservative talk radio rush to the defense of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Rabbits and eggs, after all, have never been Christian symbols. Still, fresh from their holy war against 'holiday trees' and 'the fat guy in the red suit,' talk show hosts are taking up arms in defense of an embattled Easter, which they claim is under attack by the same political correctness that supposedly menaced Christmas trees and Santa. The real threat comes from conservative Christianity, which is attempting to re-brand Easter as 'Resurrection Sunday.'"

Wow. The real threat is "Resurrection Sunday"? Hide the kids.

OK, let's walk through this nutty diatribe. First of all, there is no attack on Easter. Only two dumb incidents, one in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a secretary was asked to take down decorations featuring the Easter Bunny. And one in Georgia, where an Easter event was changed to a spring event. After pressure, it's back to an Easter event.

So unlike Christmas, the secular left has avoided fostering Easter controversies this year. And that's a good thing. And by the way, Cynthia Tucker continues to deny the Christmas controversy ever existed. That's like saying it isn't raining when wet stuff is falling out of the sky. I mean, how many lawsuits have to be filed against Christmas symbols before the Atlanta newspaper admits the truth?

Ms. Tucker goes on to state that the conservative Christians are the big threat to America. Yes, all those people praying this week are very, very dangerous. You better watch out for them.

Somehow Ms. Tucker is under the impression that there is a widespread movement to rename Easter. Well, we did a search and could find no lawsuits in this area, no companies using the words "Resurrection Sunday," no mania, major media reportage of such a trend, and only a few pastors encouraging their flocks in church to emphasize the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Now that may trouble Cynthia Tucker, but Talking Points believes it's in context and reasonable people will be able to roll with it.

That AJC editorial is another example of Christian-phobia, which has infected the far-left zealots who see the followers of Jesus as an oppressive force in America. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, along with other newspapers like Newsday and The St. Petersburg Times pounds that drama all day long.

It is incredibly misguided, but again, I'm grateful for the material and wish every American a very happy Easter, joyous Passover, or just a nice Sunday, whatever your belief may be.

That's the Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As we reported a few months ago, Florida now has a python problem. And now the stats are in.

Last year, Florida officials captured 95 of the giant snakes, most in the Everglades, where dopey people drop them off after buying them in exotic pet shops. You buy them when they're little. They get big. They dump them in the glades.

Now, the 95 snakes do not include one that exploded while trying to eat an alligator. Lots of fat in that meal. Lots of cholesterol.

Or two other pythons who got loose on their own and ate a Siamese cat and a turkey. And it wasn't even Thanksgiving.

So the Sunshine State has yet another critter to watch out for, and that may be ridiculous. Ninety-five pythons. That's what they caught.