Another Profile in Courage from Gray Davis

Many people in the Golden State want illegal aliens to be able to receive a state drivers license (search). Now if they get the state drivers license in California, that is de facto legalization of illegal immigrants. Twice, Governor Davis vetoed bills mandating that. But now fighting for his political life, he's going to sign it.

This of course rewards illegal behavior and undermines the rule of law, which is a joke anyway because the federal government will not control the borders. And millions of illegals are already here, with thousands more coming every day.

Now this may surprise you, but I support working with illegal aliens who already in the USA if the feds and the border states would send National Guard units to back up the border patrol and stop the chaos.

But if they don't do that, then this driver's license deal is madness because it sends a message to the world over, if you get to the USA illegally, we'll allow you the privileges of living here.

If you think security situation is bad right now, just wait five more years. California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico will be bankrupt and overrun. And that's not an exaggeration.

But Gray Davis (search) could not care less. He wants Hispanic votes to save his butt. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger and some other candidates say they'll repeal Davis' action if they get elected on recall day, but the battle over immigration must be dealt with in Washington, not Sacramento. California is violating federal law by giving illegal immigrants the privileges of citizens.

The feds were all over the Ten Commandments in Alabama. Let's see what John Ashcroft does about this California deal. But I'll make a prediction. Ashcroft and the Bush administration will do nothing. It's too hot for them.

Once again, here's the solution: Seal the border with the military backing up the border patrol. Require all 10 million illegals to register with the feds or face prison. Once registered, these people should be given a chance to earn citizenship over a seven-year period. If they are deemed productive at the end of that time, they're in. Everyone else must go through a guest worker program paid for by other countries with some U.S. assistance.

That's it. No more chaos. This has been going on for far too long. It's time to stop the madness and protect we, the people.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

To bolster our motto, “We Report, You Decide,” we've decided to fill you in on some dubious statements from the media from time to time.

Recently in BusinessWeek online, a columnist wrote that I, your humble correspondent, and other Fox News personnel were, "cheesy patriotism peddlers." Isn't that nice?

Well, this cheesy patriotism peddler is not going to be buying BusinessWeek, any longer.

Cheesy patriot? No. So there you go. To buy it would be ridiculous.