Anna Nicole's Friends Comment On Disturbing Tape

This is a partial transcript from "On the Record," February 19, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Ford and Gina Shelly were very close to Anna Nicole. We spoke with the Shelly's a short time ago.


VAN SUSTEREN: Had you ever come to learn that maybe the day was not a particularly normal one?

FORD SHELLY, FRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH: We've later found out and we didn't know it, that Anna wasn't up (INAUDIBLE) herself that day. Anna was — Anna had — must have taken something to calm her down, but Anna wasn't herself that day.

VAN SUSTEREN: That day was taped, do we have some clips of it? Who taped it?

F. SHELLY: Howard.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do those tapes tell you? I mean, what do you notice about — I mean, you know Anna Nicole, I mean, what do those tapes tell you? What was going on?

F. SHELLY: Well, it was almost like Howard was taping these so he could sell them, because he — on the tape, he made reference to — it was going to be worth some money. You know, the tapes show a time when my little girl was scared and she asked to call me and he didn't let her.

And Anna wasn't herself. Anna was acting like a child. She thought she'd already had the baby and my little girl was scared and Howard had to calm her down. And tell her, say, "Anna, you're scaring Reilly. You're scaring her. You're scaring her."

And she didn't understand. Anna didn't mean it. But, Howard is a grown man, and he's sitting there videotaping this and watching Anna. She needed help. She didn't need that.

VAN SUSTEREN: And your little girl said, "Howard."

GINA SHELLY, FRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH: "Please call the doctor, Howard. Let's call the doctor, Howard, please. Something's wrong with ‘Bunny.'" She called her "Bunny." And Howard's like — Reilly's like, "I'm going to call my dad." And Howard's like, "That phone doesn't work, honey, the one in the kitchen does." And when Reilly ran out to call, Howard tells Anna, "You're scaring Reilly. You're scaring Reilly, Anna. You really need to straighten up. You're scaring her." You know, so.

VAN SUSTEREN: But, what does the tape show? What does the tape show?

G. SHELLY: It shows them having a party and Reilly painted her face like a clown and they had face painting and they started playing baby dolls. And then Anna's believing that this baby is her baby. And Reilly's trying to say, "This is not your baby, Anna. Your baby's still in your tummy." And Anna is convinced that that baby is her baby.


G. SHELLY: The doll baby. And then Reilly keeps going up to Howard saying, you know, "Howard, tell her it's got a battery. Let's go get a screwdriver and take it out and show Anna this is not a real baby." So, I mean, this went on for probably about an hour. Until...

F. SHELLY: Well, that's all we know.

G. SHELLY: That's all we know. Until finally Howard convinced Anna, you know, you're freaking Reilly out, you need to stop this.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about Anna, how does she look to you in that tape, Ford?

F. SHELLY: Just distorted. It wasn't Anna. At one moment there on the tape, when my little girl was out of the room, Howard asked her what — three times was she on mushrooms and then finally she asked him "what?" And then he said "never mind, just kidding." And I've looked at that tape, and I have regretted ever letting my child go to that house.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why do you think the videotape? I mean, this whole party there's videotaping, it might have started out to look a little fun, but it didn't portray — I mean, Anna doesn't look like these pictures. I mean.

G. SHELLY: Right. This is the normal Anna.

VAN SUSTEREN: This one is very fresh, very alert. this picture. And likewise this picture too, with your daughter. Very alert. This is taken two months earlier. The one on the video, frankly, she looks like she's on something to me.

G. SHELLY: Right. And it's.

VAN SUSTEREN: See and this is three weeks before her baby is being born or two weeks.

G. SHELLY: Right.

F. SHELLY: But we can't say — we don't know. I mean, we didn't — we're seeing this for the first time. We've seen her act different and we've witnessed mood swings with Anna. Anna was a good person, she had a good heart.

VAN SUSTEREN: Howard ever say anything to either one of you?


F. SHELLY: No. He don't need to, now. I don't want to ever lay eyes on him again. I don't want to, you know, we got to — I don't want to lay eyes on him. And we got Anna's funeral. Anna ain't here, she is gone. She knows we loved her and I'm sorry that I ever took her there.

G. SHELLY: But Greta, I mean, we did what she wanted — she wanted to go. She felt like she would be protected in the Bahamas having the baby. And, I mean, we did what Anna wanted us to do. Anna wanted to go to the Bahamas and have the baby.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, what's the role of Howard in all of this?

F. SHELLY: We don't — I'm not going to be the judge of that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you ever socialize with Howard? Or get to know him?

G. SHELLY: Well, when he was at our house last Christmas, I mean, you know, he came with Anna. It was Daniel, Anna, Howard, and Nate, who was her personal assistant at the time. And we got to know Howard a little bit.

F. SHELLY: I don't think we ever knew Howard.

G. SHELLY: But, yeah, I mean, I don't think.

F. SHELLY: I don't think we ever knew him. I don't even know him today. The man I thought he was.

G. SHELLY: So many things have transpired over the course of us being with Anna, that I don't think I knew the person that I met, you know. The person that stayed at my house, I don't know him.

F. SHELLY: Howard needs to know that what Anna wanted was to be normal. She wanted to be loved. She didn't want to be laughed at. She didn't want to be the tail end of someone's joke. She just wanted to be loved and to be normal, but that didn't sell. What sold is her crazy antics and the way she was. And I understand that, but she needed down time. She needed some down time and that's what she wanted from us.


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