Ann Coulter Sounds Off on 'Brainless' Wall Street Protesters

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: A showdown between the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the NYPD has been narrowly averted after several extremely tense hours this morning. A mandatory evacuation of the park where protesters have been camped out was postponed.

Now, the decision to call off the cleaning of the park, which was slated to begin at 7:00 a.m., was announced by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg after his office was contacted by, well, the owners of the land.


MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, I-N.Y.: Yesterday, as of 8:00 at night, they were going ahead to do it, but as of midnight they called and said they wanted to postpone the cleaning operations to see if they can work out an agreement with the protesters. I'm not sure what that means.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yes, I was just going to ask you, I'm not sure what it means either.

BLOOMBERG: Well, we are going to be monitoring the situation carefully going forward. Make no mistake we will do what is necessary to maintain public health and safety.


HANNITY: Now, that message from Mayor Bloomberg clearly indicates his belief that a significant clash between the demonstrators and law enforcement could occur in the very near future. And already today after the cleanup was cancelled at least 14 arrests were made as members of this left wing movement storm the area all around Wall Street.

Joining me now for reaction to all these new developments, the author of "The New York Times" bestseller, it's called "Demonic." You talk about the mob in this book. Is that a mob?

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR, "DEMONIC": Well, yes, it is.

HANNITY: I don't have to introduce you, everybody knows you. What's with this little itty bitty purse thing? What is this?

COULTER: That's my earpiece which I don't need here.


COULTER: I think we are all on air, Sean.

HANNITY: I'm just checking.

COULTER: No, it's amazing how these protests, how these mob protests are precisely following the contents of my book. You know, liberals get upset that I say they are -- that these liberal mobs are demonic, and yet they themselves are quoting the first scene in my book from the Bible. They put up describing "Occupy Wall Street", this weird computer voice thing. The voice of the people is anonymous for we are legion. That's what the demonic spirit says to Jesus when he says, what is your name?

HANNITY: I just don't get Mayor Bloomberg on this. And he was talking to my friend, John Gambling, and I am listening, you know, to Bloomberg and watching him back down basically appeasing the protesters. Because he said, he went down there, we are going to clean it at 7:00. They give in, and what happens, it emboldens them and then they clash with police and they are throwing over police motor scooters and they are acting like crazy people.

COULTER: Yes. He's no Hayakawa (ph). No one really thinks of Mayor Bloomberg as a manly man.


COULTER: I'm not sure if this is the best course to take with these protesters though. I mean, Americans are reacting the way they should, which is with hilarity and revulsion.

HANNITY: Keep this video up. This is Barack Obama supporting this group. Nancy Pelosi. This is the Democratic Party. This is the base of the Democratic Party.

COULTER: Yes. That's what I'm saying, this is what I write about in my book. And now, the Democrats you think they would step away from these demonic loons and teenage runaways, adolescents looking for a cause. No, they are throwing themselves right in with these protesters, who by the way, are also calling for, curiously enough, we need another French Revolution.


COULTER: Now, why wouldn't they call for an American revolution? Because as I described in my back, liberalism began, the division between liberalism and conservatism began with the American Revolution conservatives, French revolution liberals. And that has continued for the next 200 years.

HANNITY: New York magazine is not part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. They're not big fans of Ann Coulter, let's put it that way.

COULTER: I think they like they me.

HANNITY: You think everybody likes you. How could they not, Ann?

All right. But they did a poll. Thirty four percent -- remember, Obama supporting them, Al Gore supporting them, Nancy Pelosi supporting them -- 34 percent are convinced the U.S. government is no better than Al Qaeda. Thirty seven percent think capitalism is inherently immoral.

COULTER: Right. In addition to the drug dealers, criminals, teenage runaways, there's also the young Spartacus League here. And I would like to mention, I was speaking at Yale on Tuesday, and I was at their political union, you know, they have the party of the left. And they probably have the Spartacus League, the young Spartacus League, the party of the right, the Tories and so on. And when I accused the members of the party of the left, Spartacus League, hey, why aren't you guys down on Wall Street? They reacted with absolute contempt.

So, I promise you, none of these kids at "Occupy Wall Street" are coming from places like Yale, they are coming from the most bush league schools which is why none of them can even say why they are there. And moreover, I mean, to show how brainless they are, they claim they're protesting Wall Street, that is the name of the movement, "Occupy Wall Street", when they try to walk up to the homes of the fiends of Wall Street, they go to Rupert Murdoch's home, to Koch brother's home, who have nothing to do with Wall Street. You might not like the products, but they're businessmen. These are the neighbors of George Soros. They have to walk -- and George Soros who was funding "Occupy Wall Street" and he is actually a fiend of Wall Street.

HANNITY: But even The New York Times recognized that, you know, they take it from one level to the next level, and then -- I asked Rudy Giuliani the other day, what would you do if you were mayor? He said, "Nobody sleeps on the street."


HANNITY: That simple. It wouldn't have gotten to this point. Now do we risk real violence as they walk through quote, "neighborhoods of rich people," would it be so far-fetched they think they are going to pick up a brick, as Bill Morris suggested.

COULTER: No, they walk through the rich neighborhood, past the fiend of Wall Street who is funding them, George Soros, in order to annoy his neighbors who have nothing to do with Wall Street, who did not take Wall Street's bailouts. Who did not -- I mean, Wall Street gave its biggest donation in world history to Obama. Why don't they protesting Obama? They don't know what they're protesting. They're brainless. They're brainwashed and yes, there is always the possibility of violence with the mob.

HANNITY: All right. Did you ever give Chris Christie his inhaler back?

COULTER: I did because I'm now looking at Romney-Cain.

HANNITY: Wait a minute. Excuse me. His breathalyzer back.


COULTER: That was for non-regular "Hannity" viewers, they referenced to a mistake made by Obama.


COULTER: And I want you to leave Obama alone, give the poor guy a break. He's still in grief over the cancellation of the first two weeks of the NBA season. Just back off.

HANNITY: I'm sorry if I'm going after the president. Well, it's getting cold, he can't play golf, so he must be really upset. All right.

But here's what I want to ask you, very simple. Now, who do you support?

COULTER: Romney-Cain, 2012.

HANNITY: OK. Romney-Cain, not Cain-Romney?

COULTER: Only because Cain has never held elective office before. And I really want to defeat Obama. And I think it's very dangerous around someone who's never held elective office. But I must say, you and I are just saying before we went on, every one of these candidates, even the nut candidates, are better than John McCain. Forget about how much better they are than Obama, the current occupant of the White House. So, I'd be happy with any of them. I think Romney has been magnificent in these debates. You have to go with what you have. You can't keep hypothesizing.

HANNITY: As bad as Obama's numbers are, can he make a comeback? In other words, could Republicans get overconfident and say, oh, unemployment is nine percent, he's in the 30s in terms of his popularity, 50 million Americans in poverty.

COULTER: To some extent. Yes. And you have to remember that he will have the entire Main Street media bucking for him and they will lie about the economy. Oh, it's a turnaround, don't stop him now. But he doesn't understands the economy. He's done exactly the opposite of everything Ronald Reagan did and he's gotten the opposite results. I mean, you could turn around by becoming the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. What do you think the odds of him doing that? And by the way, even that couldn't turn the economy because once President Romney and Vice President Cain get into office, it's going to take 18 months to work through this.


COULTER: And then we are going to bring in Chris Christie as Mariano Rivera, he's going to be our closer, eight years out, and he will clean-up anything Romney and Cain have left behind.

HANNITY: You won't give up. Poor Christie is going to hear this for the rest of his life.

COULTER: Chris Christie, 2020.

HANNITY: You are obsessed. This is an obsession. You are a Chris Christie stalker.

COULTER: I'm obsessed with saving this country. I'm obsessed with saving this country.

HANNITY: You threatened to take away his breathalyzer inhaler.

COULTER: Yes. And I almost got him to run.

HANNITY: Yes. That's true.

All right. Coulter, always a pleasure.

COULTER: So good to see you, Sean.

HANNITY: And I didn't even ask you about your boyfriend. Go ahead, say it. I'm a brat. Say it.

COULTER: No, you are a gossipy old woman.


HANNITY: This is an inside joke if you don't know. All right.

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