Ann Coulter on the media mocking caravan concerns

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington.

Another day of news and we're here to break it all down throughout the hour.

Former FBI agents Terry Turchie and Steve Rogers, plus, Matt Schlapp, Herman Cain, Sean Duffy, Ann Coulter, Charlie Kirk.

But first this is a Fox News alert. The Department of Justice announcing today an arrest made in connection with those explosive packages, of course they were sent around the country over the past few days to prominent Democrats and a media outlet.

Officials took Cesar Altieri Sayoc into custody this morning in Plantation, Florida. Now Sayoc has a known criminal history dating back to the early 1990s. He is a Native American. He is thought to be a member of the seminal tribe of Florida. And looking at social media pages, it appears he is a Trump fan posting a video at one of the president's rallies.

But again, and this must be stressed, he was a career criminal! Well known to authorities due to his multiple arrests over the years. And earlier today the Department of Justice said this about bringing this lunatic to justice.


JEFF SESSIONS, ATTORNEY GENERAL: From the beginning, this investigative team has made this matter a top priority. Focusing their great talents and expertise on neutralizing this threat.

CHRISTOPHER WRAY, DIRECTOR, FBI: Each device consisted of roughly six inches of PVC pipe and a small clock, a battery, some wiring and what is known as energetic material which is essentially potential explosives and material that give off heat and energy through a reaction to heat, shock or friction.


INGRAHAM: I want to bring in Steve Rogers. He's is a former member of the FBI terror task force at the FBI, and of course, Terry Turchie, a former deputy assistant director of the counter terrorism division of the FBI. Gentlemen, this is wild. Now it took the FBI 20 years to track down the Unabomber. How the heck did they find this guy so quickly? Terry.

TERRY TURCHIE, FORMER DEPUTY ASSITANT DIRECTOR, FBI COUNTER TERRORISM DIVISION: Well, this is a very interesting week. We've heard all kinds of theories and everything. But all of this it reminded people that it's really tremendous when you can find intact devices. And also, on any case no matter how complicated, you have to make sure you say with shoe leather and police work and pay attention to the tedious.

And what do we hear now today, we hear that on one device the FBI lab was able to pull a finger print. And you know, Theodore Kaczynski was never arrested and finger printed. This man has been arrested off and on spent time in prison his whole life.

So, they were able to at least start the ball rolling with that. That was a big break. Because when you have intact devices rather than debris, you are going to certainly increase your chances of getting the old-fashioned kind of traditional kind of evidence that's we've talked about for decades. And that's what I think brought this all together with all of the other great work that everyone has done.

INGRAHAM: Yes. We are seeing his mug shots throughout the years. That's an old mug shot from the few years back. He's aged quite a bit since then.

Thomas, I want to go to you. This was considered by IED experts and bomb detonation experts to have been kind of rudimentary device and it was even called fake and kind of a hoax device. But today, you know, Christopher Wray of the FBI saying this is not -- this was not a hoax device and he called it an IED. So, what did they discover that we didn't know yesterday when many were kind of dismissing this. Steve, excuse me. Steve?

STEVE ROGERS, FORMER MEMBER, FBI COUNTERTERRORISM TASK FORCE: Well, what we know today is that indeed, there is always a danger to these devices. But they were able to pick up the DNA, a fingerprint. And look, the police are going to be looking to see if anyone else is involved. But I've got to just capture this one point that you made.

What led to the rapid apprehension of this individual? I got to tell you, President Trump when he quickly decided to galvanize law enforcement agencies from the federal government to the local government, he deployed thousands of people. Thousands of man hours. This would have taken weeks. But because of that one decision, he had a very good cooperative network of law enforcement agencies that led us to where we are today. And that's something that I don't think we should miss.

INGRAHAM: Well, the president spoke about this earlier today, gentlemen. I will play some of that for you and get your reaction.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We must never allow political violence to take root in America. We cannot let it happen. And I am committed to doing everything in my power as president to stop it, and to stop it now.

I want to applaud the FBI, Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of New York, the NYPD, and all law enforcement throughout the entire country. It's a needle in a haystack. How do you do this so quickly. They've done an incredible, incredible job and I want to congratulate them.


INGRAHAM: And Terry, this really terrorized people in politics and of over at CNN. They were doing shows in the streets. The country kind of watches this, how is this even possible? An individual can mail or distribute these types of packages to different people from basically the same political back drop?

And yet, you can find this person within 72 hours. You wouldn't have been able to do so, correct, if it weren't for that long rap sheet that he had or one arrest where you get that bit of a fingerprint. It would take much longer to find him?

TURCHIE: It most likely would have, nut fortunately, if you have to have crimes committed. Package bombs or bombs put in the mail are crimes that can be solved pretty fast than the tradition in the history is that they are.

We have an agency we don't talk about very much. And we came to have the greatest respect for these people during the Unabomber and that was the postal inspection service. They can actually look at an envelope and you'd be amazed at the kinds of things they can tell you from the surface of the envelope from the stamps to the time the envelope was sent to where it was put in the mail stream.

And you go back and you start to recreate that. Because remember, in package bombings or in any kind of mail bomb, or any crime using the mail, the crime actually began when it was placed in the mail stream. So, go back and makeup a lot of ground and the postal service help to do that.

INGRAHAM: Incredible.

TURCHIE: And now in this day and age you can have cameras back at those origins. So, yes, it's incredible. They are a great agency. And we don't talk about them enough.

INGRAHAM: Well, I'm glad you did that. Thank you, gentlemen, for your comments tonight. Now here to break down how this is all played out politically over the past few days, I'm joined by American Conservative Union chair, Matt Schlapp, Democratic strategist and former DHS special advisor Dave Morey, Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, and America Fighting Back chairman, former 2012 presidential candidate, Herman Cain.

Matt Schalpp, I want to start with you. Of course, the left is seizing on the fact that this criminal over decades, he's been in and out of law enforcement in prison and so forth. That this is a Trump guy. This is a MAGA bomber.


INGRAHAM: They keep calling him MAGA bomber, one of that.

SCHLAPP: Yes. And it's Trump rhetoric that caused him to put these devices in the mail. They just jumped right to it. And I happen to think that the American people are pretty fair and they realize that there are people that are unbalanced to put it nicely across the country. And this person is just a lone wolf person that's not balanced.

And it has absolute -- it's irresponsible to say that it has anything to do with the, quote, unquote, "deplorables" as Hillary call this who support Donald Trump or Donald Trump himself and his rhetoric. His rhetoric matches the fact that we are so frustrated about what the country has done with people like Hillary Clinton. Never, never have any of us wanted bodily harm or something terrible to happen to these people. We just want to beat them politically. It's that simple.


INGRAHAM: Yes, we don't want to blow up the White House.

SCHLAPP: No. Like they. Madonna.

INGRAHAM: They don't want to kick them or kick them when they down.

SCHLAPP: Cathy Griffin with the, you know.

INGRAHAM: Beheading images. Herman, I want to go, because CNN watching this unfolding was very dismayed to see the stickers, the crazy man stickers on the van including one about CNN Let's watch.


DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Can I just say because we're putting this picture up. The image of what was on that van and for an extension extend period of time. That image CNN sucks. Of course, the president didn't direct this. He is not technically responsible for this. But he is responsible for not just allowing the chant CNN sucks at his rallies, but stoking it.



HERMAN CAIN, CHAIRMAN, AMERICA FIGHTING BACK PAC: This just shows you how off the cliff most of the liberals and the lunatics are even in the liberal media. They look for any and all indications to blame President Trump for something. To blame his rhetoric for inspiring anything that goes on.

They have totally ignored all of the harassment rhetoric that has been spewed forth by Democrats that they said nothing about. They didn't want to discourage it.

I believe this whole incident should put it in perspective in terms of we need civility. And there is no room for violence. But instead, they are still trying to point the finger at the president for something that he may have said but never mentioning things that prominent liberals have said including many people who have a platform on a station like CNN.

INGRAHAM: David, let's go to you. After the shooting at that congressional baseball practice where Steve Scalise almost lost his life, there was a quick reaction from many in the left to say, look, anyone making this a political thing is reprehensible.

Here is one headline at CNN, "The Steve Scalise shooting has already becoming a political football." Morning of that June 14, 2017. Yet, Jackie Speier, and I want to play this for you to get your reaction. She was on today and had a bit of a different take. Let's watch.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST: He doesn't mention any of them. He just says some high-ranking individuals. he doesn't mention CNN by name, he just says a media organization.

REP. JACKIE SPEIER, D-CALIF.: It suggests to me that he is a phony. that it's always been about him. It will always be about him. That he doesn't have an empathetic cell in his body.


INGRAHAM: He doesn't have an empathetical cell in his body. David, how does this help the discourse?

DAVID MOREY, DEMOCRAT STRATEGIST: Not too much. It's a great day for law enforcement in America. Therefore, a great day in America. Government worked. And we should stop and take a breath because this could have been horrific if some of these bombs went off. And so, I think both sides of the crazies on the left and right ought to calm down. That's what I think this ought to teach us.

INGRAHAM: Hear here!

MOREY: Who know what this means. Who knows what this means for the upcoming midterms. You know, 11 days is a century in our world right now. But everyone ought to calm down. And I thought the president's statement from the White House was excellent.

Now let's hope he doesn't tweet at midnight and, you know, react to, that I'm sure will be media coverage that will enrage him. Every one ought to calm down. I am trying to get the missing center and that's reflected in this on discussion back in action here because that's what's going to make our country better.

INGRAHAM: I think that's well stated. Congressman Duffy, I know, you are suffering from laryngitis so you're playing hurt here so we love it. But look, the president does get hot. He does, you know, he does give it -- he gets a lot of criticism and he hits back. He is not going to turn into a conventional politician.

My concern is that because of this freak criminal lunatic terrorist or would-be terrorist, these bombs didn't go off but they could have, that people is going to say every time Donald Trump criticizes someone harshly, they are going to say, see, you are encouraging other terrorists. See, you're just -- you're the kind of person who inspired Sayoc character. Do you think the president will change on the campaign trail, congressman?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WIS.: I don't. I think Donald Trump is a fighter and when people lie about him he's going to push back. But I will tell you this. I am grateful that no one was hurt. These bombs didn't go off. As Matt Schlapp said we want to compete in, you know, of ideas. We don't condone violence. We actually tell everyone that this guy doesn't have any place in our party and our movement.

But one law enforcement (Ph) said to me, Laura, I look at what CNN and others do and Democrats do. They are the first to jump on and say that Donald Trump is to blame for this bomber. Now when you look at liberals who behave (Inaudible) whether they (Inaudible) on college campuses, you know, tip over cars, you know, punch people with a MAGA hat, what they'll say then is what has Donald Trump done to trigger this leftist?


DUFFY: And they'll try to blame Donald Trump for bad leftist Democrats behavior too. So, I think what we need is a serious media and a serious Democratic Party like we like to say we condemn all violence on the left and the right. And if the CNN--


INGRAHAM: Everybody has got to calm down.

DUFFY: -- and Democrats would their part to condemn it those bad acts we all could stand together and I think have a more peaceful dialogue. You know that.


INGRAHAM: All right. Stop talking. You are going to lose your voice completely. Gosh, my goodness. You are making me hurt. Fantastic panel everyone. It was a civil and important substantive conversation.

When we come back important news regarding that caravan and the president mulling a plan to bar entry to all migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border, up next.



ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: We are not showing wall-to-wall video of that caravan visit because whatever you think about the people in it, there is no evidence they are, as the administration is suggesting, some kind of invading army infiltrated potentially by terrorists looming on the U.S. border.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: The idea that we are under threat from these poor, desperate people is absurd! I mean, it is just the bottom of the barrel politics that he's engaged in.


INGRAHAM: Well, those missiles (Ph) comes as new reports tonight that yet another caravan is forming originating in Honduras. As for the government's response, yesterday's Washington Post reporting there is a sinking feeling among the Department of Homeland Security officials that more caravans are yet to come and that they will only get larger. But to the left this is nothing more than a scare tactic. Maybe Trump is even forming the caravans himself, well, at least according to morning Joe.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST, MSNBC: This caravan, that Donald Trump keeps talking about and Fox News keeps talking about that people in the right keep talking about is some last-ditch desperate sad pathetic effort to again, use white people, non-white people to try to scare white people into voting for Republicans. It's over 1,000 miles away. What? Wait. What? They are over a thousand miles away and they what? Wait?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's some babies.

SCARBOROUGH: Wait, they may not be here until December -- wait, hold on, what?


INGRAHAM: My God, that's so not funny. Joining us with her thought is Ann Coulter, author of the new book "resistance is Futile: How the trump- Hating Left Loss Its Collective Mind." Ann, do you think the left here thinks that we shouldn't be concerned at all about a massive caravan barreling toward the U.S. border? Do they think it's just a political hype job from the president or a combo?

ANN COULTER, CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER: Well, they definitely want these caravans to keep coming. They have been coming a long time. That attack on white people being and that's what we are afraid of. From one thing this country is barely majority white anymore. We're still a country, though. And all of the people in this country again barely majority white. I don't know how much longer they can keep up this taunting whoa, scared white people. We are allowed to decide who comes in and who doesn't come in.

INGRAHAM: Well, Ann, the fact that CNN says, well, we're not covering it, we're not like covering it wall-to-wall.


INGRAHAM: I imagine -- I imagine that's in part of a political calculation by some of the other networks. Because I think most people see this and including Hispanic-Americans, African-American, and they gosh, how is this fair when all of these other people have to, you know, apply and spend money applying and do it the right way? I think it comes down just to a basic sense of fairness. Not that we're not compassionate?

COULTER: Right. I mean, in also fairness, I hear Trump saying this. You know, fairness to immigrants who do it the legal way, which is very difficult. But how about fairness to Americans? This illegal alien child molester is costing Utah taxpayers more than a million dollars for his cancer treatments, more than a million dollars. I'm sorry. That money that should be going to an American cancer patient.

You're sitting in jail and getting full free cancer treatment. This obsession with not just the liberal media but we really see over with the liberal media with everything going on far, far, far away from us. We have troops all over the world. We have troops in Afghanistan, troops in Syria. We are not paying attention to what's happening right on our border.

It's a France in the late 30s became obsessed with a war in Central America. That's all we are talking about. No, no, we're not going to report on what's happening right door in Germany. No one mention that.

No, this is our problem what's happening at the border. There is a reason that Americans -- maybe Trump and his administration don't understand why the chants during his spectacular miraculous campaign was build the wall, but the people making that chant had a reason for it. And that's so we don't have to go through this fighting over a caravan every two months.

And you know, they slip through, well, what can we do? I mean, there are so many things the president can do besides build the wall themselves. He is the commander-in-chief. We're building the walls all the over world just not to protect our country.

The military can't really do anything standing on our side of the border. What are they going to do, shoot the invaders?


COULTER: But they could invade, they could go 10 yards into Mexico. We didn't ask for Iraq's approval to go in. We didn't ask for Afghanistan's approval to go in. This is actually other than, you know, sitting on oil, most of these Middle Eastern countries they're not going to kill Americans. Lots of Americans are being killed, killed in drunk driving accidents and killed or molested and not to mention, sucking up all these benefits like the child molester in Utah.

INGRAHAM: Yes. And none of that -- none of the media outlets who are bemoaning and emoting over the caravan embedded reporters do many stories about those who have been victimized by illegal aliens in the United States who are criminals.

Ann, I want to play something for you. I'm sorry to torch you on a Friday night. But John Kasich -- John Kasich was out there this week and he is just, of course, Mr. Never Trump, but he is outraged that people wouldn't respond in a more compassionate way here. Let's watch.


GOV. JOHN KASICH, R-OHIO: It could easily have been all of us. That we are in the caravan. That we are marching north trying to save our families and save our children. We've got to start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people. Let us reach out to those who have less and let's stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble and the problems of others. It is not right and the lord doesn't want it.


INGRAHAM: Well, the lord didn't want him as the GOP nominee. Shocking that he didn't win the nomination by putting (Inaudible) of other nations before, you know, the middle class and the blue-collar workers in the United States.

COULTER: Yes. That's just what I was thinking as you are playing now. What a surprise that guy didn't win! Look, Americans are very compassionate. Our compassion has worn thin. This is like a conman or a gypsy, you know, appealing to us, the poor children.

We have our own poor people have our own poor people. This is -- we need to protect our own country, our own citizens, which, sorry, Joe Scarborough, we are barely hanging on to majority white. So, stop saying this is white against the brown throngs. That isn't what's going on. We have an obligation to our own citizens who have really given at the office--


INGRAHAM: Yes, of all background. These people who are obsessed with color. The most racially obsessed people in the United States are coming from the left today.


INGRAHAM: Because we are fighting for the American people of every background, every religion, and every ethnicity, the American citizenry.

Ann, I want to play one quick thing for you. The truth sometimes slips out. A member of the invading horde as a friend of mine here likes to say admitted we do have some undesirables in the crowd. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Criminals everywhere. OK? There's criminal in here, I mean, it is.


INGRAHAM: He said but most of them aren't criminals. So, I'm like, OK, at least he gave us that. I'll give him that.

COULTER: Yes. I mean, of course there are criminals in this group, but even if they were no criminals, they are a mass of very, very poor people. What is the country other than the people who live in it. I mean, there are what, seven billion people in the world I'm sure they'd all love to come to and they keep taking polls in other counties. A lot of them would love to move to the greatest super power in the world, the greatest country in the world unless we give it away immigration--

INGRAHAM: Yes, well.

COULTER: -- with a massive welfare state. We have to draw the line someplace. So, most Americans were saying how about right now about 20 years ago? We finally have a president who was saying how about we put an end to it now. But he doesn't seem to be following through on it. I hope he will.


INGRAHAM: Ell, he's got to. He's got to. He said he is going to close the border if necessary to these migrants, and obviously 800 troops. But they, you know, they are basically in a facilitator helping mode.


INGRAHAM: But Ann, it's always great to have -- it's always great to have you on. Thanks so much.

COULTER: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: Now I want to turn to a part of this story that is largely being ignored. The health concerns that have already arisen because of so much cross border traffic, a lot of illegal. And anyone inside the caravan now coming into the United States, we've heard about the recent typhus outbreak in southern California. It's a deadly disease that we thought we had eradicated from the first world.

But what other health issues that should we be aware of health concerns for the American public?

Joining me now is an expert on the field, Dr. Jeannette Nashua. Jeannette, you highlighted some of the potential diseases that we could be subjecting ourselves to here in the United States. Tell us what those are.

JEANNETTE NASHUA, FAMILY EMERGENCY DOCTOR: Absolutely, Laura. So there is definitely a great concern for influx in transmission of a multitude of diseases entering our country. And we're concern, as a doctor, I'm concern of, you know, people are coming in, they're not vaccinated so we're going to see an increase probably in measles, mumps, Rubella, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and typhoid as you mentioned earlier.

And this is common to see. Whenever you have crowded groups of people traveling together in close quarters, there is poor sanitation, there is poor hygiene. And it's a fact. You're going to see a disease outbreak.

And hopefully though, the CDC is going to do screenings and they are recommending screenings not letting people pass through until they're clear to make sure they aren't coming in with tuberculosis and HIV and syphilis and sort of diseases.

INGRAHAM: Yes, but we don't really know what type of health screening is being done. I mean, maybe I am a cynic. But I don't have a lot of faith in the health screenings when you got 4,000 people coming to a border check at one period of time.

I want to put up just to repeat what you just said. I want on the screen, again, the list of diseases that are of a concern given the multitude of people crossing our border. So, we got HIV, measles, pertussis, Rubella, rabies, hepatitis A, influenza, TB, shigellosis, syphilis.

I know that Chagas is another problem and that's an insect-borne. Thirteen times the likelihood for TB transmission a foreign-born population than the U.S.-born population. That's just a fact. This is not political. This is not about your views on immigration. This is purely health.

And as we know, Dr. Nashua, we also have an issue with these kids going to public schools. And maybe the parents say we were vaccinated because they don't believe in vaccinations, That's another problem. They end up going to schools, and then all of a sudden, we have this weird outbreak that we've never seen in our school system.

NASHUA: Absolutely. It's unknown pathogens. Tuberculosis, Laura, is actually my biggest concern. It's one of the most infectious deadliest respiratory diseases. And you can catch it simply by coughing through air particles, through droplets and it kills thousands and thousands of million that affects millions of people worldwide. So that's a huge concern.

And we've even seen an increase of it here in New York City. But absolutely. We need proof of immunizations which we likely will not get from other countries. And if they are immunized and we do not have proof, they need to be immunized before they are allowed into our schools. Because this is how we eradicate disease. You know--


INGRAHAM: Right. We thought we had, right?

NASHUA: Exactly.

INGRAHAM: INGRAHAM: We thought we had eradicated TB.

NASHUA: Exactly.

INGRAHAM: It's just ridiculous.

NASHUA: It's coming back because of the lack of immunizations and vaccinations and education in prevention which we desperately need.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, here's the deal. Not a single American or legal immigrant in this country should get sick because we don't have proper immigration controls and border controls or get injured in any other way.

Doctor, thank you so much for those insights.

NASHUA: Absolutely. My pleasure.

INGRAHAM: Again, we don't hear enough about those facts. Health concerns in addition to all the other concerns. And that's not an exaggeration, Joe Scarborough. Sorry.

It's Friday. And we more fun topic. Arroyo is here in tonight's follies, well, an offensive NYC ad targets Trump. Jim Carrey has a new Trump canvass. And do adults go too far with costumes at Halloween, next?


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Good evening. Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Ed Henry in New York.

A nationwide manhunt for the person of sending crude package bombs is over.  Cesar Sayoc was taken into custody earlier today. The 56-year-old is believed to be the one who sent the devices to various prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump.

We're learning new details, meanwhile tonight, about the serial bombing suspect. Authorities describe Cesar as a troubled loner, an amateur bodybuilder, and a former male stripper. He has an extensive criminal background and history of financial trouble. The 56-year-old Sayoc appeared to be living in his van in Florida at the time of his arrest. The van featured a sign saying "CNN Sucks" and photos of Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama in the crosshairs of a gun scope. Sayoc is charged with five federal crimes.

Meanwhile, Russia president Vladimir Putin may be coming to America. John Bolton says Trump invited Putin to visit early next year. The last he was at D.C. was 2005. Now back to Laura.

INGRAHAM: It's Friday, and that means it's time for Friday's Follies.

And tonight, more evidence that actor Jim Carrey has completely lost it, some anti-Trump New York City ads, and how far should adults get into Halloween? For all those details we're joined by Raymond Arroyo, Fox News contributor, New York Times bestselling author of the "Will Wilder" series. Raymond Jim Carrey has just released a new piece of art. Tell us, please.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Well, it's a Trump with a big mouth. Once again Jim Carrey is in the paints, Laura. And his final product is not exactly Bob Ross, OK? He's painted Trump with a big mouth open, again, but this time he has what looks like an explosive jalapeno in his mouth, and he's trying to blame the president for these bombs that were mailed all over the country. He says, and he's released online, he says this was encouraged and emboldened by the hate speech of Donald Trump.

Now, just a week ago Jim Carrey painted another picture of Trump, this time equating him with a demon. He recreating the exorcist poster with President Trump in the center. I don't see how this helps anybody. I don't see how this tamps down what is already hot discourse politically in the country. If anything, he's raising the temperature.

And the sad thing about this, when you look at the art itself, it's angry, it's violent. Obviously, this is some kind of therapy for Jim Carrey. He said himself that he uses it to work through contemporary issues. My suggestion, Jim should work through landscapes and flowers. That would be better for his soul, and better for those watching it or having to look at it.

INGRAHAM: Maybe we should call Ace Ventura Pet Detective and get him on the case.

ARROYO: I would welcome a pet painting something other than Jim Carrey.

INGRAHAM: Oh, my gosh. My dog Jimmy could paint better than that.

And a slew of very offensive supposedly New York sanitation ads have been showing up on the lower east side of Manhattan. What is the story there?

ARROYO: We'll put these up on the screen, Laura. And they depict -- they look like they are official New York sanitation ads. They are not. The New York sanitation said that they have nothing to do with this. But they show a man in a MAGA hat and a wife beater shirt with a line through him, and it says keep trash out of New York. Keep New York trash free.

They also have a woman with a MAGA hat on, and she is holding a Bible. The artist, whose name is Winston Tseng, he claims he didn't reproduce these posters, but he did create the art. And he said this was created and intended for an audience of my fellow classist, elitist New Yorkers to hopefully be entertained by the helpful, tone-deaf message as they go about their day in this trash filled liberal bubble.

I'm sorry, if you tried this with any other race, any other group of people.

INGRAHAM: Any other president.

ARROYO: But we are talking about individuals here, Laura, fellow Americans. And to put a slash through them, targeting a group of people, it's intolerant religiously, and it's bigoted. If you tried this with any other group, they would not only hunt down whoever did this, they would go after the artist as well. This is shameful. And again, at this time, wrong message, wrong time, and certainly the wrong place in New York City already bristling from these bomb droppings and other things going on.  It's the worst sort of thing.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, again, if you did that to Obama, dot-dot-dot.

ARROYO: You did it to any group of people.

INGRAHAM: I've got to say, the liberals should be concerned about how they talk about trash in New York City because under de Blasio it has gotten worse. Bloomberg actually cleaned up. But under de Blasio, the uber liberal, it has gotten worse and worse and worse. So I don't think they have any standing to talk about trash, thank you very much.

ARROYO: Targeting fellow Americans is not the way to go about it.

Laura, I know before we go, you wanted to talk about adults dressing up for Halloween. I know you have a little hang up about this. So go on and get it off your chest since Halloween parties are happening this week.

INGRAHAM: Don't you hate it when -- that's my next book. Don't you hate it when you get a costume party invitation to go to someone's house before Halloween or on Halloween, and it's all adults. And they say costume required. And if you show up without a costume, they just pour guilt on you. The rest of us did it. I'm like, yes. Come on.

ARROYO: I am going to claim a personal privilege here, OK. First of all, there is a long history of masquerading and masquerade balls which go back to the Middle Ages of France, Venice, and Italy. And it's carried over here in the 17th century and onward. You are showing your puritan roots, Ingraham.

I'll admit fully our whole family dresses up at Halloween. We'll show you some of the images.

INGRAHAM: I've seen it.

ARROYO: We're dressed up as Batman, and we do it as a group. It's a fun memory for the family. We dressed up as the Addams family. Everybody loved it. We had a good time. But remember, years from now, Laura, and I encourage to you get a costume, do it this Halloween, do it for your children, your friends, your neighbors. You're making fun of yourself, you enjoy a fun time together, and you make real memories. And it turns Halloween into something less gory and gross into something fun and a memory you have.

INGRAHAM: You know what I did a couple of years back, I think it was during Obamacare, I think you were with me. I dressed up as Kathleen Sebelius, the HHS secretary, and I handed out in my liberal neighborhood in D.C., and the laughed, copies of Obamacare. And it was a blank, it was just blank.

ARROYO: I remember.

INGRAHAM: Because of course you were going to get anything for it. Oh, my God, it was hilarious.

ARROYO: But Laura, let me tell you, remember, years from now your children will look and they'll remember. And I'm going to put this picture of you I took a few Halloweens ago. They're going to say, mommy, I remember that year when you dressed up as yourself. They don't want to remember that.  Find a good costume. And we have some options for you. I found this on in one of those pop-up stores, Laura, a premade gift. It's called Dark Angle.  This might be a repeat.


ARROYO: This could be a graphic error. But it's Dark Angle, and I thought of you. But then when I searched deeper into the racks, look what I found.  An "Ingraham Angle" premade costume. So you are already there, Laura.  You're already halfway there.

INGRAHAM: Very funny. You know something, I'm going to dress up as a tired mother. That one is an easy one for me.

ARROYO: I'm going to dress up as Tucker next to you.

INGRAHAM: Good, great.

ARROYO: I'm trying to find that one. I'll see you on Halloween.

INGRAHAM: All right, see you then.

Next up, earlier today President Trump held an event you probably heard nothing about. Ahead, his remarks at the 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit before Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk and Brandon Tatum will join us with the inside scoop.



TRUMP: The Democrats are nervous, I will tell you. They are very nervous.


TRUMP: It supposed to be automatic. They do nothing for you and that was supposed to be automatic. Not anymore.

You're not intimidated by the forces of political correctness because you embrace your own right to free thought and to free speech.


INGRAHAM: And that was President Trump addressing Turning Point USA's 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House earlier today. Now, these are the types of voters, and this is the type of engagement, that the Democrats would rather completely ignore, not cover.

And joining us now are two men who were in the room today, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk along with the organizations USA director of urban engagement, Brandon Tatum. Brandon, tell us about the feedback you got today from this e vest. I watched some of it. We're getting ready for everything today and all the news, but it was wild in there. The president, looked like he had a blast.

BRANDON TATUM, DIRECTOR, URBAN ENGAGEMENT, TURNING POINT USA: It was tremendous. It was tremendous, and especially for those young people, they such an incredible time. They were inspired, they were enthusiastic. I'm so proud of them, I'm so proud of their courage to be here. Charlie setting up this event, making it happen. It was wonderful.

INGRAHAM: Charlie, we keep saying why haven't Republicans or conservatives, because you're not a partisan organization, but what conservative has done this before?

CHARLIE KIRK, FOUNDER, TURNING POINT USA: That's right. And we asked ourselves that question a year ago. And then I asked myself a question, why don't do I something about it. And then I found of course the great Candace Owens, and Candace went onto the national scene.

INGRAHAM: She was on last night with us.

KIRK: And she was terrific. And then we added Brandon Tatum to the team.  And then around April, May, we said we have all this amazing momentum thanks on Kanye West, who really gave a lot of black Americans permission to support this president, which is something that is not culturally allowed or permissible in certain areas. And then we came up with this idea for the Young Black Leadership Summit, which is the nation's largest ever Young Black Leadership Summit for center right conservative minds, if you will. It's a truly historic moment. And thanks to the president for taking time to address this audience. They could not have loved it more.

INGRAHAM: It seemed like it was hot. Of course the criticism was coming in, not about the organization, but about what happened at the speech.  This is Jordan Fabian at The Hill, reporter there. He said Trump hits globalists at the White House, at the event, and after a call for unity in the wake of the bomb scare suspects arrested. Several audience members shout out, George Sorors and others shout "Lock 'em up." Trump chuckles, points and repeats "lock 'em up."

KIRK: I'll say the audience cheered enthusiastically when he said we found this bombing suspect, which obviously didn't get much coverage or much attention. And the president went out of his -- went directly at the beginning of the speech to say we found the suspect and there's no place for political violence in this country.

INGRAHAM: Doesn't that seem like when you watch the left here, they seem to want the president and conservatives to refrain from any campaigning in the future. They want to just shut it all down because some whack job with a bunch of rightwing stickers on his van did these horrible things. But they almost like the campaign to stop. You can't have a passion anymore.  You have to be a conventional politics and just talk policies and numbers and charts. And that's all they want.

TATUM: These people are delusional in my opinion. They're missing the point. You have these young people talking to the president, seeing the president for the first time. They're inspired. We were talking about a lot of more things than the things they like to bring up, typically to cause controversy.

They should be excited for young African-American people to have access to the White House, to meet the president, and to be inspired, to be Americans. If you listen to the chants and you listen to the things they were saying over the course of the entire speech, they were saying the things that resonate all around the country with all Americans, not just African-Americans but Americans in general. But it's cute to make these statements to try to conjure up some things, but it's empowering to see people experience that.

INGRAHAM: And Charlie, you are like this tall white guy, and you've got all these cool African-American folks there. But it works because in the end, it isn't about color. It's about improving ourselves, helping our fellow man, and we can do that, and making this country better. And Republicans and conservatives have allowed the left to dominate, intimidate, and instill fear in African-Americans for a long time.

KIRK: And you and I sort of talked about this. It's about showing up at times. It was amazing how many young black Americans were there today that said no conservative has ever showed up to say anything to us. We turned on the TV, we saw Trump talking to our community saying what do you have to lose? So now the black community can say I've gained a lot under this president. Lowest ever black unemployment rate, lowest ever black poverty rate, jobs being created, jobs coming back, better trade deals, urban revitalization. Now they can say this president does not just talk the talk, he delivers results, especially juxtaposed against eight years of failure under Obama.

INGRAHAM: And I also say, this is atmospherics and approach, the president is also just very -- he's fun. He's affable. He makes politics fun for people. It's not just the staid -- there's a place for that, I guess. But he's also just really approachable when he turns on the charm. And I always tell him, turn on the charm, because you're actually incredibly engaging. And there's nothing wrong with having fun in politics. It should be fun in you do it right.

TATUM: Right. And he encouraged a lot of people in the crowd to become president if you like to.

INGRAHAM: I saw that.

KIRK: That's not going to get coverage. He said many of you are going to be standing right here.

INGRAHAM: I just love that, how many want to be president. Arms shot up.  Even with all of the criticism today, people, it was infectious. I'm glad you said it was inspiring. It was inspiring just to watch the bits we saw on television. I felt inspired. And I just want to salute both of you for doing what you're doing. And people say it's against all odds. I don't think it is. I think it's inevitability.

KIRK: I totally agree.

INGRAHAM: And thanks so much. Great to see you both. Have a great weekend.

And coming up Herman Cain, Matt Schlapp, Sean Duffy, and David Morey are back with us next. We're going to hand out awards for the winners and losers and most tone deaf of the week, so stay right there.


INGRAHAM: It's time for our winners, losers, and tone-deaf awards of the week. Back with me now Matt Schlapp, David Morey, Sean Duffy, and Herman Cain. All right, gentlemen, for the winners of the week, this the good part, I have to say, Secret Service, the FBI, and law enforcement given what was accomplished in such a short period of time. Matt Schlapp?

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIR: Absolutely, no one got hurt. Within a couple of days, it looks like this is all wrapped up. Way to go, guys.

INGRAHAM: Sean Duffy?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WIS.: The guys that have the boots on the ground are the ones that are successful. We don't necessarily love those at the upper echelons of the FBI, the politics, but the guys on the ground solved the case.

INGRAHAM: Sean has a very alluring voice now that he's sick, by the way.


INGRAHAM: Herman Cain, we hear a lot of complaints, and they've had a rough patch, the Secret Service and FBI, whether it's Russia investigation or all of the other controversies involving South American trips with the Secret Service and scandals and so forth. But this is where we see how fabulous they are.

HERMAN CAIN, AMERICA FIGHTING BACK CHAIRMAN: It shows that there are more professionals in those agencies that know what they're doing than the media, the liberal media would have you believe. So they are the winners for the week, in my opinion.


DAVID MOREY, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I have to agree. Law enforcement were the winners for the week. I also think some centrists that spoke up, Steve Scalise, Marco Rubio, Mark Warner that sort of calmed the temperature down I think deserve sort of second category. How can you argue against law enforcement winning this week right now?

INGRAHAM: Fantastic.

Losers of the week, we have one loser, I'm going to say Andrew Gillum, because after saying that he doesn't take anything for money, of course we get these text messages, we find out that in fact he was willing to take theater tickets, other things, from a land developer, the FBI was actually posing as this land developer. Matt?

SCHLAPP: And the land developer has business before the city, so it's exactly what people don't want in these elected officials. And the fact that he didn't think these texts would ever come out, and they tell the real story, is just corruption, and it's going to have a big impact on the race, and it already has.

INGRAHAM: Herman Cain, Ron DeSantis seeks that Republican gubernatorial win, he's down a few points, but Andrew Gillum blamed race in part for the questions about this would-be bribe.

CAIN: When they are desperate they play the race card, they play the gender card, they play whatever card they can play when they're desperate and down. That's all he's doing. But most of the people aren't buying it, period.

INGRAHAM: And David, real quick.

MOREY: Real quick, I think the president waited a long time to give the statement he gave today, which was excellent out of the White House. So I think the losers are extremist rhetoric on either side of the political spectrum.


DUFFY: Gillum was salivating when he got $4,000 trips to New York City as mayor. As a governor, just think how much money he's going to get from business special interests if he wins this election.

INGRAHAM: All right, tone deaf award of the week, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, OK. And why I'm saying that is because they're not worried about the migrant mob coming up because they are 1,000 miles away.

SCHLAPP: There's nothing to worry. And when they get here, Laura, we'll just let them into the country, and they can spend years going through our broken legal process. Sounds good to me. What do you think?

INGRAHAM: Herman Cain?

CAIN: I think the losers of the week are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  When President Trump condemned this whole caravan thing, and issued an apology that said that we don't have any place for violence in our society, they still poo-pooed what he said and called it hollow. They are losers for not wanting to give the president credit for doing the right thing and doing what he was supposed to do.

INGRAHAM: And tone deaf is because we're trying to make the migrant caravan a racial issue, again, or brown person, white person. It's not.  It's about whether you come in legally or not or any background. David, we'll get you next time for a longer one.

We'll be right back. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: It's time for the last bite.

At the end of a long week we wanted to bring you this nice moment.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My husband just died. A week ago we weren't like this. It's for nothing. I didn't even ask you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You ain't got to cry. You're all right.


INGRAHAM: That comedian actually saw that she was paying for gas with pennies and he offered to help out. Nice moment.

That's all the time we have tonight.

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