America's Unsung Heroes

I guess it's one thing to fret about going back to work after the holidays. But imagine wondering if you'll even survive that first day back.

Imagine being any one of those 13 men now trapped in the bowels of the Earth after that West Virginia coal mine explosion.

Little more than 30 hours earlier they had rung in the New Year, no doubt filled with new hopes and dreams, resolutions and goals. Christmas trees still up. Now un-wrapped presents stacked up. Kids playing. Families buzzing.

Then this.

There is no rational way to explain something like this. The freakish turns in life that upend a life and sometimes, end a life.

Like the story in my small town of two young high school girls killed in a car crash right before the holidays.

Now, this agonizing wait in West Virginia, so soon "after" the holidays.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Loved ones toasting their comradery one moment, then thinking the unthinkable the next moment.

It's enough to make you wonder whether resolutions we make for tomorrow matter nearly as much as our time together today.

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