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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Greg Gutfeld, along with Andrea Tantaros, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, and she snorkels in a fish bowl, it's Dana Perino. Ugh.

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You know why I hate enhanced interrogation? It's not who we are.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are.

OBAMA: That's not who we are. That's not who we are.


That's not who we are. Which makes me wonder, who the hell are we then?

I know we used to be a country that gave a damn about those who defended us. But now, why would anybody want to work for this government overseas, this torture report, Benghazi, the rules of engagement for our soldiers. We put these guys out there at great risk then bury them when expedient.

We enjoy this bubble of freedom, thanks to stuff we don't see, stuff we don't want to see. Tactics that aren't for spin the bottle, but to protect a civilization -- ours.

The CIA -- God bless them -- understand this question. If your family was targeted for attack, wouldn't you want every tool available to stop it? Or only those approved by Brian Williams?

If we let the media control what remains on the table, there would be no damn table. And so, we were warned that this report will lead to more dead Americans, but that threat was always there.

Our enemies gladly do things far worse than what's alleged here, and done not to save lives, but just for sick kicks. Flying planes into buildings, bombing embassies, beheadings. We don't incite such savagery, it was always there. The worst place on Earth is Earth!

Here's the map: there were 119 terror captives. Thirty nine were water boarded. Before that, 2,997 people died on 9/11, thanks to Al Qaeda. There hasn't been a successful terror hijacking in the United States since.

So save me your hand wringing. You don't play patty cake with demons unless you're OK with losing. The sad thing is, some are.

So, Andrea, the abuse we've seen, they're wrong, some are grotesque. But, since 9/11 Islamic extremists have launched 20,000 attacks and cause 41,000 deaths. There seems, it seems to me the prioritization, the proportion of outrage over this seems a little bit strange.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: It seems strange and a timing scenes even stranger. So Dianne Feinstein wants to get this off her desk. She's not gonna be the committee chairman much longer and she wants to punch this and rally the base. And remember, when Democrats were screaming about this issue, that's how they took back Congress. They defeated Tom delay's electoral map by arguing about torture. And one of the first things President Obama did when he came into office was go after CIA agents. So, they're going after an old playbook because their party that doesn't have a lot of other ideas. Now, it does burned me up to Feinstein thing, because as you point out, if there was an attack on Times Square, it would be impending, and we knew someone had information, it would be immoral not to ask.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

TANTAROS: Let's talk about dealing with it in the abstract. Is it immoral is it not? I just don't but it. And whether you're for torture or not, we used to torture, we don't anymore. We do not, right? So that's why are we bringing this up now. And I would say this, to those who hate, to those who are so outraged about this, I ask this question. It's OK to drone terrorists overseas, without a trial, just wipe them out, but sleep deprivation, that's where you're gonna get fired up. It seems a little bit disturbed and perverse.

GUTFELD: Yeah, One of the things that drives me crazy, Dana is that -- OK, so we're gonna up to the CIA, Ruth Marcus says, the CIA is a stain on America.


GUTFELD: They were fighting a new war, there were new rules and all they were trying to do, will save a civilization to save a country. They might be doing making mistakes. But their -- heart's in the right place, isn't that what liberalism is all about, your heart being in the right place?

PERINO: So, 13 years later and you're looking back at a situation where -- someone like Senator Dianne Feinstein, who was in briefing with --


PERINO: CIA. And in fact, in the next blog we're gonna hear from one of them, who said that she was there and she was demanding that we do more.


PERINO: And -- the other thing I think on the media side of this, clearly the New York Times had this leaked to them over time by Senate Democrat staff. Because, half of the New York Times today is built around this report, and they keep calling it the Senate report, which I think is an injustice, this is a Senate minority -- a majority report, means it's was a Senate Democratic report. It didn't even bother talking to the people who were involved. There is been a counter, right? There's the CIA who saved lives.com website. There's also thoughtful reporting by Michael Hayden, I should say, writing by Michael Hayden in a Wall Street Journal, and yet, George Tenet who served under President Clinton. So not necessarily a partisan issue, but the media -- it is interesting, I think that what Andrea said is a good point. So, we -- if President Obama says, that's not who we are, OK? So the torture stuff -- I'm not gonna call it torture, because enhanced interrogation, tough talk to some terrorists, that's not who we are. But we are OK, with blowing to smithereens people that we think may or may not be involved in terror and not trying to capture them and get the human Intel from them? That I think -- I mean, so -- I agree with you, who the hell are we then?

GUTFELD: I don't know. Eric, I want to -- Dana brought up the effective union review (ph) and anyone about this, the people they were condemning Brit Hume, mentioned this yesterday. Let's roll that tape shall we? Go ahead.


BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: The players, who are the ones responsible for this program, were not, not any of them interviewed by the committee. As Marc Thiessen said to me just a few minutes ago, he said look, why don't we just decry when Rolling Stone did it. And that was a report that comes out without ever having consulted with the people who are basically accused here. They didn't do that.


GUTFELD: Good point?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Very good point. Take both sides of the story, fair and balanced. Find out why -- let's hear from the other side as well, and by the way, why we are taking sides? This is our safety we're talking about. Greg, you pointed it out 39 enhanced interrogations, three were water boarded, five rectile rehydration but, zero died, zero dismembered, zero jumped to their deaths, all of them got three hot meals, all of them -- many of them prayed five times a day, some played soccer. 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston marathon, 3,000 marathons have died, none of them will play soccer with their kids anymore and I'm OK with all of it. A lot of people on the right are saying, well, that was a bad thing, there was a bad time. I remember right after 9/11, we were scared, America was -- we weren't sure what the next attack was gonna be. We were looking over our shoulder everywhere we went, see something, say something, you saw somebody take a picture of a building, you reported them to the police. I mean, we - - that we were terrorized. So, we knew all about this. Dana points out, Feinstein knew about it, so that Senator Rockefeller, who was the ranking member on the Senate Intel Committee, never wants -- they complain about it, never wants to they say stop doing it. Now in hindsight for political reasons, as Andrea points out, now sudden it becomes a political football that they want -- they want to play with.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Bob, we're talking about 100 plus terrorist, come bad news (ph) that's what ISIS and body whites kills a typical afternoon.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Yeah, what I mean, I don't want to compare us to ISIS, number one. Number two, yesterday we talked about this, how far out of the, out of the parameters that were set by the Bush justice department and the CIA, go? But, general agreement they went outside of it, but then they said same thing with Obama, when you do fast and furious tot eh rest of it. It's Holder's -- they won't prosecute because of Holder, well, this was the Bush administration, they're not gonna prosecute. The other thing is, this a whole a lot of question in my mind about whether in fact, the CIA itself said that there's a possibility that you could have gotten intelligence on bin Laden specifically, from non -- people who did not go through this torture. This is just not the way we do things. And I agree with Obama, I know it's funny the way you ran that thing, but frankly, I don't see the advantage of this. And I don't see -- I mean, Leon Panetta says it was helpful, I still have yet seen enough conclusive evidence.

BOLLING: Can I tell you the one, the one is what we talked about yesterday. The CIA interrogated Abu Zubaydah. Abu Zubaydah -- the information they got from Abu Zubaydah, enhanced interrogation let the KSM.


BOLLING: KSM was water boarded. When the KSM was water boarded, he turned over the name of the courier Abu al-Kuwaiti. So, and they followed the courier to Islamabad so when they found.


BOLLING: Bob, again, under the Bush CIA, which by the way, Dana correct me if I'm wrong but, wasn't the justice department on board with all of this? I think they were, at the time I believe they were. I don't think the justice department push back and aid us. So, under the Bush Intel, the CIA, that they gained -- garnered under Bush CIA, they got bin Laden. So again, I'll say it again, Obama cannot take a victory lap for bin Laden without acknowledging --

BECKEL: That is just, a lot of you're saying it was the enhanced interrogation in fact, was with caught bin Laden (ph) is just not right.

BOLLING: Over base trail.

BECKEL: You showed me that trail, that's the trail you want to shoe. There's other trails that say this guy had already been given up by somebody else who was not enhanced tortured.

BOLLING: Bob, you just listen from the CIA, I'm not just making this up.

BECKEL: Yeah, that's exactly.

BOLLING: Or they're lying now?


PERINO: That's the rub. That's where Ruth Marcus are now calling them right because the CIA has stained America, this is -- there's has been I believe I mean. There's -- do any other bureaucrats in Washington have to defend themselves, it's not just the CIA? But imagine if they cared that much about the IRS, targeting Americans.


PERINO: We -- would like, the stain on America?

GUTFELD: Well you know, it killed me, because I like Anderson Cooper, but comparing the CIA report to Nazis, that's a little much, don't you think?


GUTFELD: Anderson? Come on. Anyway, I want to go with this -- and now Andrea, this is interesting last night. Brian Williams asking Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, what he would -- how he would feel if this -- with this piece of actions were done on his family?


BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS ANCHOR: What if you, God forbid members of your family had to undergo some of the treatments we are reading about in this report. Can you personalize it in that way?

MICHAEL HAYDEN, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: I actually think, Brian, that my concern or my outrage, if that were ever done to any of my family members would be somewhat muted. If my family member who just killed 3,000 of my citizens.



GUTFELD: Good answer. But you know, Andrea, he personalized it to Hayden. Although, it isn't Hayden say, what if your daughter Allison while performing a Peter Pan.

TANTAROS: That's what I'm gonna say.

GUTFELD: Was under threat of a bombing in hours, would you be OK with -- just -- would you be against using certain tools?


GUTFELD: To save her.

TANTAROS: There was a knife to her throat.


TANTAROS: The knife to her throat, and we have the man who can tell us exactly where she's pinpointed.


TANTAROS: And we have a Navy SEAL team ready to go and rescue her. Would you be comfortable? Brian? With us perhaps, I don't know, playing a little Britney Spears too loud or depriving him of sleep, sleep. Or, if you talk to a lot of members in the military, they say some of these tactics are tactics that they use to try and train -- endurance training. But again, we stopped these tactics, I don't know why we're having this debate, we have had this debate as the country, we've said OK, that's enough whether it led to the capture of bin Laden or not, it had -- it has made us safer. But, you know, people say, they want to reveal this report, the left would say this, to show that were good, we're a good country. Forget Dianne Feinstein, I think the point of revealing this report by this administration is to show -- that we're not that great of a country.


TANTAROS: And it's the same president that gives the apology to her, Bob. That apologizes for what we do. It's to rub our nose in this United States as failures.

BECKEL: Let me -- let me just say a little bit history in here. The intelligence committee were founded in the Senate and the House because, the CIA asses and they -- who were a socialist but an honestly elected, president of Chile. Now, they decided to go and asses it, that's why the CIA was brought back. To suggest the CIA it's been a pure and even -- I mean, these are kid in.

BOLLING: I know the letter of pure Bob, I simply said that's the trail that they've -- shown, they've -- they've showed us a trail of Abu Zubaydah.

BECKEL: They've shown the trail of Abu Zubaydah.

BOLLING: The KSM, right to Al-Kuwaiti.


BOLLING: We know that, where they went that's where they found bin Laden. Can I just point one thing out? This whole stuff about now that this report is out, that -- Oh, that's gonna make terrorists really hate us. They hate us anyway.


BOLLING: This report will not change the way they feel about us and it won't make them any madder at us.

PERINO: I just say that the same White House that falsely blames the YouTube video for a spontaneous protest overseas. Now says that they are OK with -- knowing.


PERINO: That this could cause violence overseas, they're OK with releasing it?

GUTFELD: Yeah, it's a great point. Alright.

PERINO: I'm so glad you're back.

BECKEL: The cause of violence overseas that was a -- false.

GUTFELD: Yeah, they took that.

BECKEL: Point from the beginning.

GUTFELD: They took Saddam Hussein -- when we executed Saddam Hussein, that was gonna cause some massive hysterical --

BECKEL: Was their exempt (ph) they're gonna do it anyway.

GUTFELD: Yes.  BECKEL: So it's not as if it's -- something that's gonna keep --

TANTAROS: So we said throw our --

PERINO: Or we should throw some gasoline on the fire?

BECKEL: Well, it's --

PERINO: Please.

BECKEL: Those guys are --


PEIRNO: But none of us have ever been under the pressure to save innocent lives, this is not like a decision you get to make in the -- editorial with the New York Times.

GUTFELD: But wait.

PERINO: You make in real time.

GUTFELD: Eric did save Bob.


GUTFELD: Remember that, he saved your life.

BECKEL: Absolutely.

PERINO: And droning them will not upset them at all.

GUTFEKLD: Yeah, that's true.

BOLLING: And I promise to do it again.



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