All the president's men: Cabinet diversity concerns

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: The White House is getting some heat from Democrats, for his supposed lack of diversity.

Now, today, President Obama nominated Jack Lew to be his next treasury secretary. It is the third white male in a row selected by the president for position in his Cabinet.

So, where are the women? And the minorities in the Cabinet of our liberal president?

Well, here's what Congressman Charlie Rangel thinks about that situation.


REP. CHARLIE RANGEL, D-N.Y.: It's embarrassing as hell. It could be the Harvard people where people just know each other, trust each other, and women and minorities don't get a chance to rub elbows. He's had four years to work the bench.


GUILFOYLE: Well, The New York Times ran this photo the other day showing the president with a group of all white men advising him in the Oval Office.

The White House quickly snatched it and released this photo instead which shows a much more diverse crowd of advisers.

I'm with him on this. Where are the women? Where are the minorities? They make every place better, right?


DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I don't think --

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: You guys are the minorities tonight.

GUILFOYLE: Today, you're the minorities.

BOLLING: Can we just point out --

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I'm a minority every day.

GUILFOYLE: Do you need a hug?

BOLLING: -- Bob and I and the three -- the three, beautiful, smart, intelligent women, because Greg decided to have his flu shot. Remember he's pro-flu shot.

GUILFOYLE: And what did we tell him?

BOLLING: He's got the flu.


PERINO: But he's had the flu over three weeks.

GUILFOYLE: And then he put another flu sandwich on top of it.

BOLLING: Anyway --

GUILFOYLE: I have --

BOLLING: Can I throw this out here?


BOLLING: Look, I'm for in government and business anywhere in the world, put the most competent, capable person in the seat, whether he or she is black, white, brown, gay, straight, male, female, lesbian, or whatever by. Just put the right person in there.

PERINO: Dog owner.

BOLLING: That said -- that said, because President Obama --

GUILFOYLE: You forgot the transgender --

BOLLING: That, too, fine. Because President Obama, David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter and Messina took a hatchet, literally was like the chainsaw massacre to the Romney campaign over binders. Remember binder?

GUILFOYLE: Remember that, binders of women?

BOLLING: This man is nothing more or less than should be called the hypocrite in chief because of that. But I think he should put the right people in the seat.

PERINO: I agree with you. But the thing is, they set themselves up for this kind of criticism from their own side. And, look, turnabout is fair play I suppose. I do think that some of the other Cabinet positions will probably go to women.

But here's what I think the left is really mad about. Some of the people who are complaining about the lack of diversity in the new Cabinet or in the White House when it comes to women, what they really still upset about is that Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in 2008. I actually think that deep down, what they're still mad about is that they really wanted her to win that nomination. They are OK with President Obama but they really hope that she will leave the State Department and get rested up and then come back.

GUILFOYLE: Of course, they do. They dream about it.

TANTAROS: It's a one man glass ceiling that stopped Hillary Clinton from achieving that post. And look, I actually, I think it's fun to watch Democrats attack each other, but I don't --

BECKEL: Republicans attacked each other for the last two months.

TANTAROS: I don't think that President really done anything wrong here as far as his appoint. I think he has Valerie Jarrett as a trusted adviser. He did have Hillary Clinton. He wanted to nominate supposedly Susan Rice.

I'm not going to beat him up on this. However, it's not just that he went after Mitt Romney. He accused him of not just being anti-women, hating women, trying to take away their birth control.

PERINO: Going backwards.

TANTAROS: He caused cancer in one woman.


TANTAROS: The attacks were absurd and that is why --


BECKEL: I think if my numbers are right, I believe there's about 3,500 political appointees in the administration, somewhere In that neighborhood. I would bet you that -- I asked them for this but I didn't get an answer because I'm last in line to get answers.

GUILFOYLE: So, yes --

BECKEL: I bet there are more women appointees than any other administration in the last five or six --

GUILFOYLE: OK. Let's talk about this. Can I get a quick full screen up?


GUILFOYLE: Women in the Cabinet. Let's look at this. Obama, nine through his first term. George W. Bush, 10. Clinton, 17. Oh, Clinton is the winner again.

TANTAROS: But why does it matter? Like Eric said, it's about who is qualified. And this is the same White House --

BOLLING: That is unfair. Put the full screen back up. Put the full screen back up.


GUILFOYLE: Bolling wants a Cabinet position.

BOLLING: Listen, nine through the first term. So if he -- if Valerie Jarrett leaves and Hilda Solis leaves and replace it with two more females --


PERINO: Elaine Chao served for the entire eight years --


PERINO: -- as the secretary of labor. So, I don't know if --

BECKEL: But that's a very unusual situation --


GUILFOYLE: Guys, this is just through the first term.

PERINO: They will now, because they'll cave.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, it is.

TANTAROS: Don't you think it's more egregious that the women he had working for them were paid 18 percent less than the men?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Dry cleaning costs are more for women.

TANTAROS: And even The New York Times went after him for not golfing with women. He doesn't play basketball with women. He doesn't surround himself with women. I say, who really cares?


GUILFOYLE: What now, Bolling?

BOLLING: One more point. One more quick point. Put the full screen back up. One more time.

One more point. Is there any doubt that Clinton had 17 women in his Cabinet when Bush and Obama had --


GUILFOYLE: We waited for that?

TANTAROS: He had different projects.

GUILFOYLE: Sorry about that, Bubba.

Coming up --

TANTAROS: Father of the year.

GUILFOYLE: You go, daddy!

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