Air Canada Passenger's Frightening Meltdown

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to die.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're not going to die.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to die. Help me! Help me!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're fine. We're helping you.





SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: That was a frightening scene from an Air Canada flight caught on tape by one of the passengers aboard a flight last week.

Now, when we asked Air Canada for a statement about the incident, they had this to say: "The facts can be confirmed as follows: this disturbance by a passenger occurred on flight AC848, Toronto-Heathrow on December 6. Standard safety procedures were followed by our crew who were successful in avoiding any injuries or impact on the continued, safe operation of the flight. Upon arrival at LHR, the passenger was met by local authorities and placed in their care."

Joining us now the host of "The Lineup," Sunday nights, by the way, right after "Hannity's America," at 10 p.m. — yes. It's our own Kimberly Guilfoyle. And FOX News contributor Jeanine Pirro is with us.

Guys, welcome.

I watched the whole tape. We only showed a small snippet here. This is frightening. He's going, "They're going to kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me." He's screaming.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, HOST, "THE LINEUP": And then he's saying a lot more than that.

HANNITY: Racial epithets, expletives.

GUILFOYLE: The whole thing. Throughout the entire thing he was yelling about white people and that they were going to kill him and swearing at the people that were trying to help him.

What I noticed is it took a long time before any of the employees from Air Canada even tried to intercede...


GUILFOYLE: ... to calm this man down. You had two passengers trying to calm him down, which is the job of the airlines. And why was this guy on the flight to begin with?

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You know what the problem in this situation is, you know, the flight was from Toronto to Heathrow in London. And we didn't have the security, the air marshals that we would have in the United States, who would — who are, you know, not identified on the plane.

So you had the other passengers. You had people put the plastic cuffs on him. He got out of the cuffs. And they had to tighten them and put them back on.

And, you know, here's a guy that's having a meltdown. We can't always assume because they're cursing and yelling and they're another ethnicity that they're ready to bomb a plane. You know?

HANNITY: No, I'm not looking at this, except he was using racial epithets.

PIRRO: Right, right.

HANNITY: But I mean, I was looking at him, and I tried to be as discerning as I could possibly be. It seemed like it was somebody that had mental...

PIRRO: Yes. He was having a breakdown.

HANNITY: He was having a breakdown.

GUILFOYLE: Some sort of anxiety or panic attack.

HANNITY: But what's stunning to me is, first of all, we watch the passengers. They did such a great job. They were so patient and kind to him.


HANNITY: And then, when you see shots of the rest of the plane...

PIRRO: They're reading books!


HANNITY: Everybody's — I'd be standing up, you know, going...

PIRRO: No. They were very calm. I mean, they didn't get at all excited about it. And it seems that they just said there's another nut. I mean, it's almost as though it's New York...

HANNITY: It's almost we're used to it, right?

GUILFOYLE: We were talking about the subways the other night. Right? And I'll tell you something.

HANNITY: I don't take the subway anymore. I was assaulted on the train. I'm done.

GUILFOYLE: These — the subway is much calmer, I think, in New York. My last flight on JetBlue, we had a woman who was screaming, going crazy, and an air marshal had to come and sit next to her.


GUILFOYLE: She was yelling, "Allah," too, but she was like from Denmark.

COLMES: But let me — wait, wait.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, they had to actually pull her aside and calm her down and have to sit next to her.

HANNITY: Did she calm down?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, she started — she started to calm down. She was sitting right behind me. But you notice people having sort of these histrionics and panic attacks and behaving like this on the plane, and it's very frightening experience. I think they should have drugs...


HANNITY: ... have them available.


HANNITY: You're a liberal.

COLMES: Thank you for noticing. I take public transportation, because I'm a Democrat. I believe in it. And I'm sorry about that assault.

But anyway, the fact of the matter is, would we be having the same attention on this general — meaning in general, if it were not someone of Arabic — from East Asia, for example?

PIRRO: I don't think so, Alan. I know that, you know, people want to jump to the next step. But I think on YouTube today, and this is on YouTube, everybody who's had a meltdown in any way, shape or form, is on YouTube.

COLMES: It seems like this guy was just one lone nut. One of these right-wing blogs suggested could this be part of a bigger — no. It was one crazy nut.

PIRRO: But Alan, one thing that you have to look at is the fact that, in some of these cases, there is a diversionary tactic...


PIRRO: ...where somebody appears to have a breakdown so that people on another part of the plane can do what they need to do.

COLMES: But you know what's really good? You said that people were minding their own business. That was a good thing that they didn't overreact. The passengers were calm. They jumped in. And everybody seemed to be minding their own business and not going crazy about this.

GUILFOYLE: There's nothing wrong with actually having sort of a heightened sense of awareness. And I think nowadays we need to, especially with the state of affairs in terms of terrorism and whatnot. People are afraid, and they have a right to be. And they want and expect to have security on the airplanes and the flights that they take.

COLMES: And there have marshals on some planes. Don't they?


PIRRO: Sure they do. But this — again, this is from Canada to London, so they don't have our air marshals. If this were a flight within the United States or from the United States, it would have been handled very differently.

COLMES: Had it been a different group of people on that plane, it could have been a very different reaction than we're seeing right now.

GUILFOYLE: They had to physically restrain him. This could have been a serious situation.

PIRRO: This man really looks frightened. He looks pathetic.

COLMES: But did he look dangerous? I mean...

PIRRO: He did to you? Why?

COLMES: No, no, he did not. That was a question. Did he look dangerous?


COLMES: He didn't look dangerous to me.

PIRRO: He did?

COLMES: No, he did not.

PIRRO: Did not.

COLMES: Did not look dangerous.

PIRRO: We agree.

COLMES: Did he look dangerous to you?

PIRRO: He did not.

COLMES: That's what I'm saying.

PIRRO: We agree.

COLMES: You said we agree, and I thought I was on a different planet for a second.

HANNITY: By the way, just to clarify, the assault wasn't a physical assault. I was assaulted by a liberal who said I'm ruining the country.


GUILFOLYE: Verbal assault! Verbal assault...

COLMES: Let me ask you a question. Where was he wrong?

HANNITY: One of your friends, Alan.


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HANNITY: That's right.

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