Adults brawl on field during youth baseball game

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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Hello, everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

President Trump officially kicking off his 2020 reelection campaign last night in Florida, igniting the crowd with a wild 75 minute speech as he doubled down on campaign promises, took aim at Democrats, and promise to, quote, bring an earthquake to the ballot box.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Our economy is the envy of the world. Remember the statement from the previous administration? You'd need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing. Well, we'll tell Sleepy Joe that we found the magic wand.

We accomplished more than any other president has in the first two and a half years of a presidency, and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before.

If I've got a subpoena for emails, if I deleted one email like a love note to Melania, it's the electric chair for Trump.

The Democrat Party has become more radical, more dangerous, and more unhinged than at any point in the modern history of our country. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it.

A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream.

America will never be a socialist country. Remember, the only thing these corrupt politicians will understand is an earthquake at the ballot box.


WATTERS: And in a predictable move, Democratic 2020 contenders were quick to criticize the president's speech.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listening to Trump made me feel very much that he is a man living in a parallel universe, a man way out of touch with the needs of ordinary people, and a man who must be defeated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This president wants us to keep looking in the rear- view mirror instead of looking at the front windshield. This is a president who wants to make America great again instead of making America great today. He does not understand that we need a leader of our United States who is focus on the challenges of the 21st century.


WATTERS: Joe Biden also going after the president tweeting that Trump, quote, continues to undermine our standing in the world, and our core values are under attack here at home and abroad. Biden also taking credit for Trump's booming economy saying he inherited it from the Obama-Biden administration.

All right, Dana, before we talk about your reaction to the speech, we should note that the president raised almost $25 million over a 24-hour period. I mean, Biden, the Democrat raised the most over that 24-hour period with $6 million, so he basically almost quadruple it.

DANA PERINO, HOST: Well, I don't know if that is a great comparison because President Trump is pulling from the entire Republican universe and the Democrats are spread around 25 people.


PERINO: But --

WATTERS: Even if you combine the top five Democrat.

PERINO: The $25 million in one day is absolutely incredible. And not only that, but they are collecting more information than they've ever had before, so that they could reach out to them again. Will you walk precincts for us? Will you sign people up to vote? Will you make sure that your neighbor gets to the polling booth? Because I think last night was incredible. That's not necessarily what you want me to talk about.

I would say that my initial reaction is he's in great position as most incumbent presidents are when they go to run for reelection, they're in great shape. He's probably is in even better shape than Obama was, and certainly than President Bush was, I think the war was a different scenario, not comfortable. Think this again comes down to about four states.


PERINO: And those four states, Florida being probably the most important, a Republican has to win Florida, and that's why he was there last night. And they had a really good start.

WATTERS: Yeah, that was a great start. And, Greg, one of the central themes of last night was, it wasn't really about Trump. It was about the people that put him there. And he's responsible for a movement and taking care of those people. Let's just react to how he polled his own audience to see what his reelection slogan should be. Watch this.


TRUMP: So, I'm going to ask you to vote on it. I'm going to go make America great again, then keep America great. Let me just hear by your cheers what you like. Make America great again.


TRUMP: Keep America great.


TRUMP: Wow. I'm sorry, MAGA country, but that wasn't too close.


WATTERS: It was a good moment last night.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: You know, the Democrats have a big challenge here because there so many of them. And he just -- he just makes them seem so small by his outsize personality. It's pointless for me to criticize him because I was wrong on the initial go around. So, I picked the strong stock before. Don't come to me for investment advice. So -- I would have liked more unscripted riffing because that helps me with my show.


GUTFELD: Like, I could fill my entire A-block, but that will come. I'm more interested in the media response to this. You know, once CNN was criticized they turned it off. I mean, you're a news network. You're not allowed to turn it off. We can change the channel, we can turn it off, but you're a cable news network.

Meanwhile, you have a lot of emotional responses from Morning Joe and, you know, calling him fat Elvis. And they're all trying to read Trump's mind. And the thing is, they're trying -- they react emotionally to this because the deeds favor Trump. If you look at the economy, the military, trade, jobs, and prison reform, all that's left that you can go after his personality and micro-flaws and tweets.

But the unspoken truth when you go through the achievements that the -- I wish the media would understand is that Trump is a centrist. I went through -- I sat here, went through the list, strong military, center right. Prison reform, center left. Cut taxes, center right. Trade wars, center left. Rejection of military action, libertarian. Pro free speech, libertarian. Don't bring the flag, center right.

Conclusion, he's right down the middle, and that confounds the media because they don't know how to handle that. He's exactly what America wants.

WATTERS: Yeah, Greg brought up the media. And, Juan, for a president -- an incumbent to launch his reelection campaign in front of 20,000 people in prime-time, the media did not treat it the way it would treat a normal president in these times. It was obviously blacked out on CNN after the first couple of minutes. MSNBC dump out of it. They didn't cover it seriously. And everybody was just responding with smirk.

And they weren't discussing, you know, how he was framing issues, kind of the rhetorical flourishes he was using. How he was going to, you know, map out different items and he was going play to in the campaign. They don't discuss it seriously. It's all sarcastic.

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Well, I mean, we could use a hype man. You got a job offer here. But it seems to me that, you know, my experience of it was so disappointing. It was boring. And I have heard from all of you that, you know, the Trump's big advantage is he's such a great entertainer, that he's so different.

Now you say they didn't treat him, the media, like other presidential, you know, incumbents, right, but he's not. He's different. Trump is different than anybody else. He's had 16 rallies of this kind in the two and a half years he's been in the White House. So I guess people are saying like, hey, this is like a rerun. This is like a summer rerun. I've seen this act before. And there was very little new in terms of agenda. I didn't see anything new, in fact.

So he's done all this before, and the audience is shouting lock her up about Hillary Clinton. Wasn't she the candidate in 2016, Jesse? I don't get it. So they say lock her up, CNN sucks, build the wall, you talk about all the achievements, I think his number one promise have been to build the wall. Well, now here we are again, it's build the wall.

So there's no agenda. Failure to deliver on the wall, on repeal and replace Obamacare, the middle-class tax cuts, if you're rich we could argue about how much the middle-class benefitted, Jesse. And Greg and I argued about this. But there's no question, the rich definitely benefitted.

GUTFELD: I consider myself rich and I definitely got hit. I've paid a lot more.

WILLIAMS: All right. But you need to get richer, brother, because if you're Wall Street, you benefitted. But I'm just saying, if you talk about student debt, if you talk about the, you know, affordable housing in this country, if you talk about international chaos in Iran, Iraq, China, in terms of the tariffs, you have to say -- hey, what did he say about the news?

WATTERS: Well, I think we could argue about the agenda. But, Emily, you know, I think it was Barack Obama who talked about George W. Bush for eight years.

PERINO: Oh, my gosh. Never ended.

WATTERS: And now the media is complaining that Trump hit Hillary a few times. I mean, that's what politics would do.

PERINO: Probably get a mop.

WATTERS: Yeah, you have to clean it up.

EMILY COMPAGNO, HOST: Totally. And I do think that there's a difference in perspective on that. I think the president did a great job of actually having that continuity, so he said this is what we've accomplished in the last couple of years. And here are the continued themes that I've been working on. Here are want we could look forward to.

And I think, frankly, it doesn't matter what he said because it was a success from the get go because of the thousands of hours he (INAUDIBLE) because people lined up for 40 hours to get inside that arena, and because the TV cameras showed a packed house. Juxtapose that and what happened last night with the two days of Democratic debates that are going to happen next week in Miami. And we saw a taste of it by candidates -- the Democratic candidates responses with Bernie saying it was absolute nonsense what he said. Really? Tell that to the people who stood in line for 40 hours, they beg to differ and so will the voters.

GUTFELD: Jesse, Republican fund Democrat funeral.

WILLIAMS: You know what I think --

WATTERS: There it is.

WILLIAMS: I think though the money he raised was something to see.


WILLIAMS: And I think that the incumbent definitely has an advantage. But I will say, I just -- I don't understand what's to celebrate. It just looked like a rehash.

WATTERS: Well, Juan --

GUTFELD: He's had success. Replay it.

WATTERS: That right. It wasn't a rehash for everybody because a lot of the other networks don't carry them at all. So, it would have been nice for them to show the audience, anyway. First, it was AOC. Now a CNN anchor is invoking Hitler and concentration camps when discussing the president. Greg has the details up ahead.


GUTFELD: Another day on CNN, another Hitler.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Think about the despicable people we've had in history, OK? I'm going to use an extreme example. Think about Hitler. You can look back on -- in history would you say, well, I'm so glad that that person was allowed a platform so that they could spread their hate and propaganda and lies? Or would you say, it probably wasn't the right thing to do to spread that because you knew in the moment that that was a bad person and they were doing bad things. Not only were they're hurting people, they were killing people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Comparing anything to an extreme like a Hitler, it weakens the argument. Because you are now taking a guy who says things you don't like and comparing him to a genocidal maniac.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm not comparing him to that. I'm comparing that way you would cover someone who is a --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know. But I'm saying it's creating a false standard.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're the best. Here's a tip CNN, when an anchor says I'm about to use an extreme example, cut to a commercial because something idiotic is about to be said. And a warning doesn't excuse the idiot. But if CNN cut to commercial before every stupid thing, all they would have is commercials. CNN, commercials, no news.

Also, is this crap news or commentary? They don't even know. I do. It's emotion mask as thoughtfulness. Hyperbole pretending to be thought. This after AOC called holding centers at the border concentration camps. The same ones, you know, used by Fonzie back when everything was cool.

Hitler or holocaust comparison, it's that patch of quicksand of the argument that every sensible person avoids, unless they're blinded by obsessional fury and work at CNN or Congress. You know what's worst? The media franticly protecting their far left idols, lecturing the world on the finer distinction between concentration and death camps, because you know at concentration camps you didn't just die, you did other stuff, you know, before you died, right, Chris?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, here's the issue. Is she right in defining concentration camps? Yes, but do that have a feeling of usage, staying with what happened with the Nazis and the genocide of the Jews, yes. And that's why it is a great debate.


GUTFELD: No, it's not a great debate. We all know what concentration camps mean. Many know it to well having lost family to them. We don't need coffee shops socialist or CNN lecturing us on semantics. It mocks the magnitude of the holocaust. But this is all just a dog whistle linking Hitler to Trump, which is, as CNN says, an extreme example.

Which leads to a question, who knows more about anti-Semitism, CNN or Israel? It's a safe bet Israel does. They just named a town Trump Heights. Not stupid heights, which would be a great name if CNN lived there.

All right, Juan, let me do that great thing when you know you should change it -- what I'm about to say is extreme, that's when you should turn around. Turn the car around.


GUTFELD: You know? You know what I mean? When your brain says that, and you say that, you should say, whoa -- it's a sign to get off the exit.

WILLIAMS: I don't know. I think -- you mean, just be cautious on TV -- especially cable TV, that's not our modus operandi.

GUTFELD: We've talked about this before, the Hitler-holocaust comparison.

WILLIAMS: No. On that point, I agree with you because I think -- instead of having the better conversation which we -- why did Trump lie so much? Why is he distort? Why does he --

GUTFELD: Why is he the greatest president in your lifetime?

WILLIAMS: -- engage in propagandist acts? Instead, we're talking about the analogy and about Hitler.


WILLIAMS: And I don't think --

GUTFELD: Because that's all you -- that's all the left has because --

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know.

GUTFELD: -- we're living in a golden age.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I don't believe that.


WILLIAMS: By the way, Nancy Pelosi agreed with you. Today, she said, you know, this is stuff that the Republicans can use against Democrats in upcoming elections. So, I think --

WATTERS: Republican counts.

WILLIAMS: But I think -- you know, Don Lemon and Cuomo were right when they say, you know, propaganda, lies, distortion, it really is damaging to our society.

GUTFELD: But I think what -- Dana, the dangerous thing that Don Lemon is saying is that -- he says he's not comparing Trump to Hitler, he's comparing us to people who are complicit. He's saying anybody that is --


GUTFELD: Anybody who voted for Trump, anybody who tried to explain what Trump does is somehow guilty much the way anybody who just allowed Hitler to proceed or give him a platform.

PERINO: But here's the thing, do you think he thought that through?


PERINO: Like what you've just explain makes sense to me.

GUTFELD: CNN is always in a hurry.

PERINO: As you're starting to say that, like this is an extreme. I agree. There's plenty of other things to covered. The precise issue she was talking about is the problem we have at the border. Even the New York Times editorial page last week beg the Democrats to do the right thing and vote for this emergency money that the executive branch has asked for because they don't have enough resources to take care of people properly.

They're trying to do the right thing while they wait for Congress to change laws, which I don't know if that's going to happen. But the least they could do is to provide more resources.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Emily, I want you to say something extreme.

COMPAGNO: OK. One of my biggest issues with this is the fact that it just shifts all the focus away from the real issue at hand and instead it's on this false celebrity figure who is AOC. And then she comes out and says the academic definition is this. That has absolutely no place in an argument when you bring up as a comparator concentration camps and World War II.

We are so far past that parsing language. It's pretty sickening. I also point out that -- the left is so -- it's just ridiculous how much they treat people on the right. So do you guys see that New York Times' article, he coverage of it, where they call AOC -- they've said one of her -- like hallmarks is fighting for immigrant rights. And then they call Representative Cheney sharp tongue. And if that had come from the mouth of a conservative and it was reversed, then that person would have been vilified.

GUTFELD: Jesse, what are your thoughts on this?

WATTERS: I'm going to make an extreme analogy. I'm going to back the car up.



WATTERS: The Nazi stuff is an obsession with the Democrats. It's lazy. It's a historical. It's cheap. And it speaks to the fact they can't convince people through logic and reason their arguments are effective. They've done this with climate change. It's the next World War II. Trump is Hitler. And now we're running concentration camps on the border.

I remember just a few years ago when Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said the Guantanamo guards, Americans, are like Nazis, and all hell broke loose. This was during the Iraq war. And he actually had to apologize. And not one single Democrat came and defended Dick Durbin.

Now, you have not only CNN, but you have other Democrats rushing to defend AOC. It's almost like they normalized these Nazi analogies. And Democrats should not be able to complain about this crisis at the border because they haven't lifted one finger to solve the problem.

In fact, just last month they've tried to cap the bed space at the so- called concentration camps. The whole reason you have these camps to detain migrants is because the left didn't want them to separate families, so now you bring them together and now they're concentration camps?

GUTFELD: And now they want more beds at the camps.

WATTERS: It's crazy.

WILLIAMS: I see. And who created this problem? Oh, I see, Mr. Bully rhetoric, I'm going to shut them down. I'll show them.


GUTFELD: That was under Obama.

PERINO: I think that the problem is there's no rule of law in the Central American countries, that's actually who we should blame.

GUTFELD: Stop being so sensible, Dana. My goodness. You have no place on this show.

PERINO: I can tell.

GUTFELD: All right. The homeless problem in Los Angeles at a breaking points, residents now taking matters into their own hands, next.


PERINO: The homeless problem in Los Angeles reaching a crisis point with rats, trash, and diseases spreading throughout the city, and frustrated residents now calling for action, petitioning to have the mayor of the city, Eric Garcetti, removed.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The homeless state of emergency has brought our city to its knees. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is the most ineffective mayor this city has ever seen. Eric Garcetti has failed to prevent homelessness. Because of Eric Garcetti's failed leadership, becoming homeless in Los Angeles has become a death sentence.


GUTFELD: Oh, my God.

PERINO: The mayor saying this about the issue a short time ago.


ERIC GARCETTI, LOS ANGELES MAYOR: Homelessness is a massive emergency in our city. It's a crisis unlike anything that we've seen before. But I've always said I believe a human cause the problem no matter how many decades in the making. It can be a human solved problem as well.

We have to recognize where our response is to encampment, to housing shortages, or issues around trash pick-up, and sanitation have come up short in the past. I'm not making excuses but we've doubled our efforts and find even in the face of more trash, of more tents, that it is our responsibility to make sure that the city gets better.


PERINO: Greg, the residents are fighting back.

GUTFELD: Hey, I don't blame them. You know, this is a great lesson in the effects of politics and media on a problem. If you want to solve a problem, the worst thing to do is add politics and media, because if you remove media and politics, then you just have normal reactions, and the normal reactions would be OK, let's clean this area up. Let's get help to the people there. Let's tag and store their items so that they could find it, but we need assistance with the dispersal and temporary housing. No one would question that.

That sound like totally common sense. You can do that. You're talking about people that would fill up a stadium. You can figure this out and you can figure out -- and help the people that need help and the people that are just there because the weather is nice. You can move them along.

But what happens when you do that, with everything I just said, is that it goes through the media-politics filter and it says, oh, you want to put them in concentration camps. The moment that you want to help somebody they smear it. The media is not interested in helping people. They're interested in not helping people and assigning blame. And some kind of like -- that you're judgmental because you think this is wrong. The impediment here is the media and politics. But normal people could solve this in an afternoon.

PERINO: Juan, he had presidential ambitions, Mayor Garcetti, and then actually what - people thought that he actually was going to run and it was quite a surprise and news that he decided not to. Do you think that it's because he's got so many problems back home?

WILLIAMS: No, I don't - I don't think. I mean, to me it's like the Governor of Montana, he's having trouble just getting on the debate stage. I don't think Eric Garcetti has a national profile necessary.

But to my mind, when I look at this, I'm not far from Greg. I just think if we add - if I ask the question generally of everybody here and in the audience, are we expressing concern, empathy for people with mental illness, for people who are addicted to drugs or people with disease, I would say no we're not.

I think it's not at the point that the politics become larger than the issue. It's like people are, to my mind, oftentimes conservative, exploiting this situation for political gain. I mean, this is Bush compassionate conservatism. Instead, I think, what people are saying is, someone says to me look at these big democratic run cities and look at the problems in these cities.

But you go from Seattle to San Francisco, LA--

GUTFELD: They are liberal cities.

WILLIAMS: Yes. That's exactly--

GUTFELD: That's politics.

WILLIAMS: But I don't think - that's it. I think that Republicans are just like democrats, stuck on this issue. We have increasing numbers of people who are homeless here in New York, we have them in DC--

GUTFELD: Yes, liberal, liberal.

WILLIAMS: And I think we have less affordable housing, more people with mental illness, not in institutions--

GUTFELD: I agree with you on that.

WILLIAMS: --to find a reason--

PERINO: Emily, you've lived in one of these cities, Seattle, do you think it's just Republicans complaining about it?

COMPAGNO: Not at all. I think the only reason that that problem and the issue will be solved is if we have someone in power that isn't a Democrat, isn't a bleeding-heart, and doesn't capitulate to the compassion war going on in terms of how to address this, Garcetti included.

Now he just passed a $430 million policy for his City and County, 80% of which is long-term debt. You know how many homeless live in LA City - 36,000, and that is what the residents are paying for.

When they if you guys go to the real time debt clock on online for California, it's literally like watching a livestream of dumpster fire. And yet, he's saying, "Oh, we have to double down on the efforts". Absolutely not. You need to stop wasting taxpayer dollars when the debt in California is 11,000 per citizen anyway.

He allocated 26 million just to clean up Skid Row alone and 240 million to build more projects. Of course, that will not help. So what needs to happen is that common-sense approach that will only occur from the mouth of a Republican or someone that doesn't capitulate.

And by the way, our last block we talked about how Nazis being thrown around, when a journalist in Seattle brought up institutionalizing those with mental disability or mental issues, those in homeless, he was called a Nazi by a Seattle City Council Member.

GUTFELD: Exactly that's the point.

PERINO: And there was a young man on Tucker Carlson show the other night, Jesse, who said he studies all these things like an urban renewal kind of guy. And he said, we call it a homelessness crisis, but it's really an addiction crisis. He was pointing straight the drug problem.

WATTERS: Well, that's what I would do. You need tough love. I would go in there, as Greg said, involuntarily commit these people, detoxify them, get them into rehab and then release them into some public housing.

And if there were media cameras they're showing administration officials going in and doing that it - all hell would break loose and they would be smeared as just big brother nasty government bulldogs.

They spent $600 million last year on the homeless crisis in LA. They raised taxes to do it and you know what happened? The LA homeless population went up 12%. So they spent more money and the homeless problem increased. What does that tell you? It's not always about how much money you spend.

Look at the City of Baltimore, they threw so much money at education and test scores went down. They spent billions in Obamacare and premiums didn't go down. I mean, think about all the things liberals want to do, they throw more money at it and the problem is still there.

So you have to wonder do the Liberals want to keep the problems going and tax and spend and run in four years on the same problem and feel compassionate and blame Republicans. It's a legitimate question to ask.

PERINO: All right. We got to after that. A baseball game between 7 year old actually turns ugly as their parents get into an all-out brawl. The video, you've got to see it next.


WILLIAMS: Take look at this unbelievable scene.


WILLIAMS: Parents in Lakewood, Colorado, they took things to the extreme during a youth baseball game. Yes, a youth baseball game. They got into a massive fist fight. Watch this.

The reason for the big brawl, reportedly a parent didn't like a call made by the umpire. Now keep in mind, the umpire was 13-years-old, so we had 7- year-old people playing the game, a 13 year old ump and this is the way the adults behave.

I got to tell you, Emily, I thought it was disgraceful, in part, because the young people - the 7-year-olds could see their parents doing this. And to me imagining myself as a 7-year-old this would be scary. It would be like visceral scare. "Oh, my gosh, my dad, my mom - it's just something you're not going to forget.

COMPAGNO: Totally, this is a completely traumatic and totally avoidable event. Meanwhile, by the way, this was before noon on a Saturday morning.

I want to point out to for viewers that Lakewood Police Department is looking to identify that man right there in the teal shorts for sucker punching the guy in the back of the head among other things. So if you do have information then feel free to contact them.

This entire thing is disgraceful and despicable and especially that guy in the - I just - it made me sick to my stomach to watch this.

WILLIAMS: Hey, Jesse, I think - I'm imagining you and I agree parents are role models.


WILLIAMS: So if that's the case, I don't know how you excuse this.

WATTERS: No, I mean these parents are trash. I can pray for these children to have to live with these people. But, I mean, I guarantee you there was bad blood between some of the fathers before this. There might have been drinking, I know it was early on a Saturday, but that was what happens on these things.

And I guarantee you some of these dads had their playing careers cut short and are living vicariously through their children and need to get a life. The guy that sucker punched the other guy, that's just despicable. You can do serious long-term brain damage to someone if you catch him right and he falls wrong.

I hope that guy's prosecuted because that was ugly and despicable. I'm not excusing this, but you shouldn't be having a 13-year old being an ump. I'm not saying that that started this, but that was a factor.

Pony up the money, have an adult be an umpire and he'll call the game with integrity and you're not going to take a swing at a grown man.

WILLIAMS: Well, in fact, I've been in games when I was a kid where you have 13-year-olds.

WATTERS: 13-year-old umpire?

WILLIAMS: Yes, because they think it's better for the kids rather than having an adult.

WATTERS: I've never heard that before.

WILLIAMS: Oh, no, I live--

WATTERS: All right, well--

WILLIAMS: But, Dana, when you look at this, you're a fellow Coloradoan and for a lot of these folks, how do you - what do you think?

PERINO: Well, the Congressman that I used to work for that was his district. Congressman Dan Schaefer, he's since passed. But I'll tell you this. That never happened on a Speech and Debate team. Think about that.

I have a friend who had been volunteering as an umpire for a local little league. They don't do it anymore. They quit, they say the parents are crazy. And I also started listening to a podcast by Michael Lewis, the author - I recommend it to Greg this weekend, it's called "Against The Rules".

And the first one was all about this umpire issue from Major League Baseball to the National Basketball League or something--

WATTERS: That's the NBA.

PERINO: And I don't know, NFL - and how these umpires and they have to be escorted to and from their cars and they find people that - people find out their phone numbers and call them, and harass them at home, harass their families. It's gotten out of control.

WILLIAMS: Greg, you know, I imagine you have some terrific insight on this.

GUTFELD: This never happens when I go to a little league game. And frankly I'm disappointed. That was actually fun to watch. I'm kidding. You know what you banned cargo shorts, less violence. You noticed they were all wearing cargo shorts.

This is another opportunity for me to push specs it (ph). Do what specs it is?


GUTFELD: Sports exits.

COMPAGNO: Exit sports.

GUTFELD: Yes, thank you. If you are 9 years old and you're watching this right now and you hate team sports the way I hated it, walk away. OK. Get an after-school job, learn an instrument, be the smart kid who knows investments, use that little league time to prepare for the big leagues.

WATTERS: You've got picked last.

GUTFELD: Remember - no, no. See this is - this bigotry - this is bigotry. And I'm going to get - make OK--


PERINO: That's an extreme example.

GUTFELD: No, that's an extreme example. You are Hitler. He is Hitler. So one kid - so this is - I'm going to use this - I've said that one kid from your community may make it to the pros.

So the team sport thing is merely the exploitation of all the lesser talented kids to provide kind of a living video game - a living video game for that one kid who might excel, hand up in the pros and then get arrested at a strip club, because he carried a gun inside. And one at the lap dance, and a gun fell out on the floor and shot him in the ankle. This is - you know what, sports is bad for children.


PERINO: Join the speech team.

WILLIAMS: Oh, boy. I don't know how to start that response. So I will just let Greg have it. Just a week away from the first democratic presidential debate, and we now know what the President - President Trump will spend that time. Yes, we have it exclusively right here. Get ready, because we're going to tell you next on THE FIVE.


COMPAGNO: Democrats are to face off in their first presidential debate just a week from today. And according to a Wall Street Journal report, we now know how the President is going to spend that time live tweeting the showdown.

Here is a preview of what's in the store with the look back at some of his tweets. In 2017, he tweeted, "Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst and biggest loser of all time. She just can't stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years.

And back in February he tweeted, "Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate or has she decided that after 32 years this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign trail Liz".

More recently this one, "I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best economy in the history of our country and many other great things. I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul".

Okay, first of all this is phenomenal, because it's literally going to be like pitch perfect or best-in-show, where everyone is going to be focusing on his live tweets and obviously it's going to be a continued stream of hilarity. Your thoughts.

GUTFELD: The challenge is that every day we're going to have to be reading his tweets. What you - Emily had to do, which was like two minutes of reading, but everybody - the thing is, this is historical and it's hysterical.

Everybody will be watching him, watching them it's like Mystery Science Theater, if you guys remember that. He's - and the thing is he's more newsworthy and interesting and that will cause second thoughts about people not voting for him, because he's too much fun. And ironically twitter is dying and Trump will single-handedly keep the platform alive.


PERINO: What as you're reading it and we're laughing, so like we've gotten used to it. Dare I say, we have normalized to tweets. And I think that he is using Twitter in a way that previous Presidents have used technology to their advantage as it's come along.

And at first, remember the radio, that was like who "They're doing the radio". And then television--

GUTFELD: You remember that?

PERINO: Yes. I have a great memory, Greg. And then there was Reagan and television. And now you - I think Twitter and social media. I think Obama really did very well with the campaign. Though it wasn't authentic, right, it wasn't him. So the next evolution had to be something where you had an actual candidate or President doing it himself.

I think if he's going to do this, he should just try to sow chaos within the Democratic primary and push them as Far Left as you possibly can.

COMPAGNO: Jesse, is there any like right way for the candidates to respond to this?

WATTERS: Well, if the moderators had any gumption, they would present the live-tweet in the middle of the debate and then have the candidates try to hit back in real-time, that's how you see if they can think back quick on their feet.

GUTFELD: That's good.

WATTERS: I don't think they will be able to do that, because it's too risky, and they won't be able to--

GUTFELD: That was a great idea. You should not have shared that.

WATTERS: I don't think they are taking my advice on THE FIVE.

PERINO: I don't think it's that hard idea to come up with.

WATTERS: But there--

GUTFELD: No, Dana?

WATTERS: That was pretty good. But there is a real debate going on right now within the Trump campaign as to how much time should he be spending campaigning and how much time governing.

He spend all the time governing. You nailed down these trade deals. The economy stays hot and reelection takes care of itself. Or do you spend more time campaigning, making mischief in the Democrat primary, and labeling these guys and branding them early and often so they're damaged goods when they get to the general.

I think Trump could chew gum and walk at the same time. And it's going to be incredibly entertaining and we're going to love it.

WILLIAMS: You know what I liked? Your gesture. That gesture. I think you were skewering--

WATTERS: Is that a--

WILLIAMS: --as if you are skewering them.


WILLIAMS: And the problem here is, if Trump does this - and by the way, I think Trump is going to do this, as I've said this. He elevates whoever he is trying to skewer. And so in a way itself the thing - because all of a sudden it's a - "Oh, Trump stalking about this guy or this lady", so what did they have to say, what did he have to say, why didn't he pick back in.

And so to me it's like he really hates it when the spotlight is not on him. So he will seem needy in this moment and I think it invites the moderators then to say, it's not worth our time to get involved with kind of petty skewering, skin the lib, coming from the man who supposed to be the President.

COMPAGNO: Skin the lib.

WATTERS: Yes, he will help self though.

WILLIAMS: You think that's it?

WATTERS: And he likes - like you said, to be involved in the--

GUTFELD: It's fun.

COMPAGNO: OK. We got to go. "One More Thing" is up next.


WATTERS: Time now for "One More Thing". Juan?

WILLIAMS: All right. So it was like a scene out of the movie "Jaws.


WILLIAMS: Take a look at what popped of the ocean next to this fishing boat off the coast of Toms River, New Jersey on Monday morning. Yes, that's a great white shark. As you can see, it snatched the fisherman's churn bag - chum bag, I should say, right off the boat, and then it bit into the boat itself.

Jeff Crilly, the Captain said the shark patrolled or swam around the boat for the next 20 minutes.


WILLIAMS: Quote "It was just the coolest thing ever seeing something so big, so beautiful in the ocean like that", he said.

By the way, there have been three shark bite incidents in North Carolina this month, all from smaller sharks than the great white who made his debut off the New Jersey Coast this week. I think we need a bigger boat, what do you think?

GUTFELD: You should do a special call "Great Whites".


GUTFELD: Not now.

WATTERS: All right. New edition of "Mom Texts".

PERINO: Oh, good.


TEXT: "Mom Texts"


WATTERS: Number one, "You are making such sweeping and generalized statements about the Left. Every show, for the last two weeks, you've railed against the Left, making all sorts of inaccurate and offensive pronouncements. You are not speaking for me. End it. Please".

"And you are an expert on big city government? Thinking of running for office? Mm-hmm San Francisco has a large homeless population, in part, because a person can survive on those streets and not freeze to death in January".

Number three, "Could you please seek something redeeming for your "One More Thing"? Just occasionally your choices are terrifyingly questionable. And get rid of that doll. How creepy? Who does that?"

And finally, "Honey, let the Dominican Republic alone. You're not helping".

GUTFELD: Thank you.

WATTERS: There it is mom.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

WATTERS: And I'm no Martha MacCallum tonight. "Wednesdays with Watters" at 7:00 p.m. so check that out.

GUTFELD: All right. So my podcast - Fox News podcast it's with Martin Daubney. He was a former Editor of "Loaded". He's now a member elected the European Parliament. What a transformation. It's a great interview,, talking about Brexit.

Now I have to set up my Fox Nation "One Smart Person & Greg Gutfeld" interview. It's with Jonathan Morris. He's left the priesthood. But I have a clip here. Jim Gaffigan once told him not to do "Red Eye", because it was a bad fit, because it might hurt his career. Turns out he was right. Listen.


JONATHAN MORRIS, CONTRIBUTOR: As soon as I announced that I was leaving the priesthood, I think you took credit--


MORRIS: --for me leaving the priesthood. You sent out a tweet and said, "Was it "Red Eye"?" So it turns out Jim Gaffigan was right.


MORRIS: Because here I am, and it's your fault.


GUTFELD: Yes, I ruined.

PERINO: I cannot wait to see it.

GUTFELD: It's fantastic. You got to check it out. It's on Fox Nation.

WATTERS: All right. Dana.

PERINO: OK. Wonderful news coming from Ohio.


Today at the Cleveland Clinic announced that they have completed their first-ever surgery on a fetus inside the uterus to repair spina bifida. In a fetus with spina bifida, the tube that typically protects the lowest part of spine, it fails to close and that leaves the spinal cord exposed, which leads to a great deal of problems, including paralysis.

Dr. Darrell Cass and a team of more than a dozen other specialists successfully performed a surgery on in nearly 23 week old fetus. And now joins other top hospitals in offering the lead prenatal care for those in need. I mean, pretty incredible right?

GUTFELD: Yes. I thought it was just a bundle of cells.

PERINO: No. Not a bundle of cells.

WATTERS: All right. Sorry, Emily, we didn't get to you.


PERINO: I'm sure it was great though.

WATTERS: Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next. Hey, Bret.

BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: I mean, if Emily wants to go, I will wait. No, OK. All right, thanks Jesse.

COMPAGNO: Thank you.

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