Ads Too Graphic?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Presidential Politics in ‘08

A new Rudy Giuliani beats New York Senator Hillary Clinton by 11 percentage points. And he wins over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry by 19 points.

Arizona Senator John McCain tops Clinton by 13 points and beats out Kerry by 20 points.

Clinton is a polarizing figure. More voters say they would "definitely" vote for her than any other potential candidate. But more voters also say-- "under no conditions" would they vote for her than any of her rivals.

Too Graphic?

The National Right to Life Committee says an Illinois newspaper has deemed some of its advertisements too graphic to be published.

The Joliet Herald News rejected 3 ads featuring sonogram photos of fetuses. One of the ads shows a box of tissues and a sonogram photo saying, “Excuse me America, this is tissue, this isn't.”

Cemetery Controversy

There's a new flashpoint in Jerusalem where a group of Israeli developers have begun excavating an ancient Muslim cemetery. An Islamic cleric has demanded an end to the project arguing that it is a desecration of sacred land. But Israel's Supreme Court has so far refused to issue a restraining order halting the project.

The site is being cleared to build a Museum of Tolerance dedicated to promoting understanding among religions.

No Protection?

And former FEMA director Michael Brown has written a letter to the White House threatening to release all his communications with President Bush during Hurricane Katrina unless the administration forbids it and offers him legal representation. Brown, who left the federal payroll in November, says his status as a private citizen offers no protection under executive privilege.

— FOX News' Aaron Bruns contributed to this report