A Vicious Attack on Governor Mike Huckabee

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is a far left publication that routinely allows its columnists to smear people. Yesterday, somebody named Bonnie Erbe wrote this in the Seattle paper: "If you happen to be walking behind presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee, you might see a small trail of blood and hear a scraping sound. That's because his knuckles are dragging. This darling of the evangelical right has proven himself to be every bit the caveman we mainstreamers believe him to be."

Now Ms. Erbe is about as mainstream as Bill Moyers. In fact, they both work for PBS. And both are far left fanatics. So we expect this kind of stuff from Erbe, but the Hearst Corporation really has some explaining to do. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is about as irresponsible as a paper gets.

Just imagine if Ms. Erbe had used that "knuckle dragging" line with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. All hell would have broken loose. But against a dedicated Christian, you can smear all day long.

Likewise in The Washington Post, a committed left wing publication that uses smear tactics as well, columnist Eugene Robinson writes, "Much is made, and rightly so of Huckabee's vocation as a Baptist minister and his promise that his actions as president would be in accord with his fundamentalist beliefs."

The problem is Huckabee made no such promise. He has governed Arkansas in a secular way.

Now Eugene Robinson distorts the truth all the time. He lied about me in the recent Sylvia's controversy. He often uses race baited arguments and routinely smears people. And all of that is just fine with The Washington Post.

Yesterday, I told you the media plan is to keep Republicans pinned down on the religion issue and define some of the candidates as fanatical God squad people. We saw this when CNN used a bible wielding questioner in a recent debate. — That was a setup. The guy didn't do that spontaneously.

If the media can succeed in keeping issues like terrorism, illegal immigration, and taxation out of the debate, that will help the Democratic candidates. Once again, as Dennis Miller pointed out Wednesday, Newsweek magazine, another committed left publication, has put both Romney and Huckabee on the cover in a religious context.

So I hope you all are getting the picture here. The secular-progressive smear machine is salivating over the prospect of making zealotry the main issue in the upcoming campaign. I know I'm a "knuckle dragger" for saying that, but it is the truth.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Time now for Pinheads and Patriots. The answer is no, Santa Claus is not a pinhead. In fact, near Baltimore, Maryland, he did a tremendous thing...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE PLAYING SANTA: I was thinking that, if we really wished very, very hard at Christmas, we might be able to do something really, really special.

What's the most important thing for us? Daddy, come home. Does that sound good? We'll try to ask for daddy to come home. All right? We'll do our best. OK? Let's just think real hard.

Now, I think you could open your eyes now.



How — how nice is that? Makes you cry.

Santa's always a patriot. So is Sergeant Derek Beattie. Enjoy your time with the family, sir.

On the pinhead front, just in time for Christmas, NBC is laying off more than a dozen people because the network is a disaster. This man, Jeffrey Zucker, has run the once proud peacock network into the ground, and now careers are being destroyed on his watch.

Last week General Electric stockholders sat mostly silent, listening to CEO Jeffrey Immelt tell them why GE stock was lower than it was when he took over the company six years ago. The stockholders know why. Immelt has allowed NBC and other enterprises to vaporize. Immelt and Zucker are pinheads.

Enjoy the holidays, guys, in your mansions, and think about all the good people you just fired.

Finally, tonight, the mail. Before we go there, a reminder the BillOReilly.com Christmas store has great gifts under $20 and that your purchases help the suffering of poor children all over the world and help our military people, as well. The charities we support are listed on BillOReilly.com.