A Taxing Proposition

I'm hearing a lot of presidential candidates say the tax cuts were a mistake.

They ignore the fact the economy's started to hum as soon as those tax savings started to come.

That retail sales shot up.

Home sales remained up.

And consumer confidence surveys started looking up.

And all because taxes went down.

No matter, they ignore this freak event, I guess, with even more freakish logic: Get rid of them and get that dough back to Uncle Sam, where it belongs.

Now to be fair, most candidates aren't for rescinding all the tax cuts – just those for upper income folks. That might, or might not happen.

But you know what I say? Don't wait. Put your money where your mouth is "now."

Since all these guys are pretty rich, I say, do what you want the rich to do: If you feel guilty keeping that tax cut, give it back.

If you don't think you deserve it, give it to your social programs you obviously think "do" deserve it.

If you're worried about deficits you insist tax cuts -- and not your own boondoggle spending create -- then surrender your cut, and rev up your spending.

Let's just say I won't be holding my breath. Because I have a tough time distinguishing between hot political debate and just hot air.

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