A Solution to the Iraq Mess

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A solution to the Iraq mess, that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.  Former Reagan National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane (search) says that President Bush should persuade President Putin (search) of Russia to help us out in Iraq.  That simple concept could save billions of dollars in America and hundreds of lives in the war on terror.

Now Putin is visiting Bush today and tomorrow at Camp David (search).  And if I were the president, I'd give Putin pretty much anything he wanted if he would agree to help us out in Iraq and become a staunch ally in the war on terror.  Simply put, it should be our pal Putin.  It sounds like a sitcom, and if he wants a sitcom, we'll give it to him.

If Russian forces were to join American and British troops in Iraq, that would be a huge security victory.  It would also send a message to other countries that you either get on board in trying to secure the world or you're on your own.

We don't need France and the U.N., they're not looking out for us, if we can get Putin.  And Russia needs help itself.  It's struggling to develop a market  economy and fighting its own war on terror.

So the USA could help Russia and Russia can help us.  Right now, the greatest ally that the forces of evil have is a disorganized opposition.  Policy differences have to be respected, but the failure of the Western nations to unite against brutal dictators and terrorists is a monumental disaster.

If all the free countries of the world would fight terror together, the threat would evaporate.  And so America and Russia should lead the way.  If President Bush wants to turn the Iraq situation around, his pal Putin is the guy that can make it happen.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

If you still have doubts about The New York Times and its agenda, consider this.

Two weeks ago, FOX News sponsored a debate for the Democratic presidential candidates.  The Times covered the debate but put the story on page 22 and didn't mention that FOX put the debate on in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus (search).  The reason the Times didn't mention that and buried the story is that the paper wants you to think that we are "GOP TV."

Well, yesterday, there was another Democratic debate.  This one the Times put on page one and mentioned who put it on.  Ridiculous?  Of course.  And very telling about the state of The New York Times, which is a shame because there's just so much talent over there.  It's just really a shame for the country.