A Possible Murder in the Womb

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A possible murder in the womb, that is the subject of this  evening's "Talking Points Memo." Utah authorities have charged 28-year-old Melissa Ann Rowland (search) with first-degree murder after she refused a C-section that would have saved the life of her baby girl.

Doctors told Rowland on January 2 of this year that a C-section was the only way one of her twins would live, but the woman refused it for 11 days, allegedly telling a nurse she did not want the scars.

Finally, Rowland had the C-section on January 13, but one baby was stillborn, the other survived.  An autopsy proved that had  Rowland followed the doctor's orders, which were written, the baby would not have died.

So now Rowland faces homicide charges.  And "Talking Points" believes she will be convicted.  However, her defense and probable appeal will center on her rights.  Can the law force someone to save another life?  That's the question.

The authorities say Rowland acted with depraved indifference to human life.  And I believe that's accurate.  Rowland is likely to say nobody should be able to tell her what she has to do with her body.

Americans should realize that about 20 percent of the population believe babies in the womb have no rights at all until the  umbilical cord is cut. And some lunatic judges have upheld that incredible point of view.

Thankfully, the higher courts in Congress understand that the  viability of a fetus places it under the protection of the state. In a civilized society, you simply can't have mothers birthing babies and then slaughtering them. Thus partial-birth abortion is now illegal.

But the Rowland case goes beyond that. Here's a woman who apparently put her vanity ahead of her daughter's life. While this is contemptible, of course, there are judges and activists in America who condone it.

Under Utah law, the key words in all homicide cases are "human life."  Over the next few months, Melissa Rowland and her attorneys will likely put forth that the unborn baby was not human and that she was under no responsibility to save it.  And just that assertion alone tells clear thinking Americans just how far this country has fallen.

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The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

I want to thank the thousands of "Factor" viewers who have stepped up and taken action in the culture war.

Sometimes the press gives me credit or criticism, as the case may be, for taking on the rappers vis-a-vis the corporations.  But I'm just the messenger.

Nothing would happen if you the folks didn't let those companies know how you feel.  And you have.  And that's what patriots do.

Now next week, we hope to have new information for you on the rapper-corporation ties, and it will not be ridiculous.