A Disgraceful Display in California

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A disgraceful display in California, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Michael Jackson (search) pleaded not guilty today to charges of  child molestation.  He was 20 minutes late for his arraignment.  The judge scolded him, as he should have.

But outside the courtroom, a couple hundred people were demonstrating on behalf of Jackson.  Can you believe it?  These folks have no idea what Jackson did because they weren't there, yet they have the gall to encourage a man who could be a child molester.  This is insane... These people need to wise up...desperately.

Jackson is innocent until proven guilty, so if a bunch of people surrounded the courthouse claiming they knew he did it, I'd say the same thing.  You weren't there. You don't know. Go home. You're embarrassing yourself.

But consider this: Jackson did admit to sleeping with children. Jackson is a very strange man, to say the least.  Jackson acts in an infantile manner more than occasionally.  And you're going to publicly support this guy? You're going to encourage a possible pedophile? That's irresponsible and speaks volumes about the character of  the demonstrators.

All Americans should remain on  the sidelines and watch the process.  Again, unless you were in the room with Jackson and the child, you don't know what happened.

The bigger picture here is that we are becoming a society where emotions rule. If you like somebody, he or she is automatically granted  immunity from critical thinking. I mean, if you like Jackson, it's fine to hope he's innocent, but declaring him such is moronic and insulting.

America is increasingly becoming a country where any kind of conduct can be excused.  Already we're hearing about Jackson's bad childhood, about his father's wrath. If Jackson is convicted, the abuse excuse will be trotted out. Bet on it.

"Talking Points" believes all Americans are entitled to make judgments about behavior, and that such judgments are important in fostering a disciplined society, but judgments should always be made on facts, not hit songs and dance steps.

The people supporting Jackson outside that California courthouse are severely misguided and should be called on it. This nonsense has got to stop.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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