2020 Democrats credit President Obama for economic boom

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JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Kennedy, and Brian Kilmeade. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is "The Five."

After last week's huge economic numbers and the lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years, delusional 2020 Democrats are now trying to spin President Trump's red-hot economy. They're actually claiming that he doesn't deserve the credit and that we should instead be patting President Obama on the back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love that Trump is taking credit for a recovery that started under Obama. But the substance of -- who is this economy going to work for? And we had a tax plan that it was all about giving the wealthiest people more of a break. We've got to make sure that this is a shared recovery because right now it definitely is not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you give President Trump the credit?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I give our workers and our businesses the credit, Jake. So I think that we have had policies in place starting with President Obama that have aided that recovery.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The economy is doing well. And I'm sure I don't have to give Trump any credit. I'm sure he'll take all the credit that he wants.


WATTERS: Not everyone agrees with these out-of-touch candidates. A new poll shows a majority of Americans are happy with Trump's handling of the economy. Brian, see if you can square this circle for me because I certainly cannot. How can the Democrats say that this is their economy and at the same time say it's not working for the middle class?

BRIAN KILMEADE, GUEST CO-HOST: Well, I mean, it's very strange because I thought that was Joe Biden's rollout essentially, bring up Charlottesville and then the middle class you're not happy. The 600 people that showed up aren't happy with economy.  But the numbers are so overwhelmingly strong from wages to the different types of people, the different classes that seem to be prospering to the amount of jobs, to the people who are no longer unemployed.

I think it's 357,000 no longer among those who are -- not even unemployment, don't even show up at the unemployment ranks, but don't show up -- didn't show up, they've just showed up on those -- that weren't working at all. So things seem to be going in the right direction.

I just think Democrats have so much more credibility if they say listen, things are going well in the economy, but here's my problem with the president. So if you don't acknowledge what we all see, we're not going to acknowledge what you think is legitimately wrong.

And I get somewhat confused, if I'm Trump, though, I focus on independents.  He's got his base. He's never going to get the liberals, but those people in between. He's still under 40 percent approval with them and barely over that with the economy. He's got to convince them.

WATTERS: According to the Gallup poll recently, this is his highest approval rating so far, and two points above Barack Obama's approval rating in Gallup at the same term in his presidency. Juan, what specific Barack Obama policies are responsible for this economic boom?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I know you're too young to remember this --


WILLIAMS: -- the stimulus savings --

WATTERS: So the stimulus is causing this boom here?

WILLIAMS: No, no. What I'm saying it dug us out of what was the biggest recession in American history --

WATTERS: It was the weakest recovery since World War II.

WILLIAMS: Well, I'm just telling you we were in a hole. But it doesn't matter because I don't think it necessarily helps Democrats to point out that Obama started what is now going to be -- I think we're at 117 months of consecutive GDP growth, most of which took place under Obama. But forget that because that just gets into partisan, sort of political analysis.

WATTERS: We don't do that here.


KILMEADE: This is PBS, back in a moment.

WILLIAMS: But I will say, I think that Cory Booker is onto something when he says that the middle class still feels income inequality as a reality in this recovery. And the second point to make is you look at President Trump's numbers and you would think that with the good economic news that he would be doing even better.

But it's obviously the case that people have strong objections to him and whereas the economy previously was a good measure of how a political candidate, especially a president seeking a second term was about to do.  In this case, it looks like it's nothing.

WATTERS: I would cede some of that. But let's just take a look at one thing you did say which I'd like to fact-check, Juan. The wage growth right now has been accelerated for the bottom half of workers, Emily.  You're seeing a lot of the wages rising for blue-collar workers, for middle-class workers. The wage acceleration is not as strong for the upper class.

EMILY COMPAGNO, GUEST CO-HOST: Which is why it's so difficult to reconcile that lack of consistent messaging of -- if the thriving economy was begun under President Obama, why did he then leave behind the middle class or how does he then not deserve blame for that? And that doesn't bode with the lowest -- the lowest middle class and having rising wages.

To touch on what you said, too, you know, if I was President Trump, the reality is the economy is thriving. And therefore, I would not capitulate no matter how persuasive the Democrats might try to be on funding the infrastructure bill with raising any type of tax, including the gas tax.

There's a bill right now in Congress, the gain act, which recognizes our $2 trillion in debt and lease assets among government agencies, and specifically the Department of Agriculture has $155 billion in non- guaranteed debt. So basically, we sell all of that off just like Congress did in 1986, and if Trump uses that savvy to fund this bipartisan bill that we've already agreed to, then there's no spinning the Democrats can do no matter how hard they try.

WATTERS: What do you think about the Democratic spin?

KENNEDY, CO-HOST: I think it's laughable because if Hillary Clinton were president right now, there's no way Cory Booker would be on TV talking about how is -- Obama's economy because that would be seen as being totally sexist. And if any other president were enjoying these numbers, they would be considered the greatest president of the modern era.

WATTERS: And it would be reported as such in the mainstream media.

KENNEDY: The Democrat or Republican, I'm not saying it's the liberal media who's tarring and feathering this president. I think that, you know, he doesn't help himself. He has a lot of unforced digital errors. But what's going to happen is you have to measure how people feel about where they are right now versus how they feel about the president.

And a lot of people, including people in the middle class, including some low income earners, they feel a lot better than where they were at in 2016.  And they don't like the president, but they can probably stomach four more years if that means four more years of economic growth if the Trump administration can make that argument.

And it's really tough selling, you know, a whole basket of deplorable socialist policies that are going to cost American workers $60,000 per household if they implement any of these when people are enjoying increased wages, increased consumer confidence and much more --

WILLIAMS: You know, I just want to dispute this wage business because Jesse was taking issue with what I said. But I think what I saw was there's about 3 percent in terms of wage growth and --

KENNEDY: Five percent, but what Jesse's saying, 5 percent for the bottom 25 percent of wage earners it is a 5 percent increase.

WILLIAMS: That's again from a very low level, Kennedy. Right now it's like 40 percent of American workers earn less than $15 an hour. When they deal with rising housing costs, when they deal with rising health care costs, when they deal with rising gasoline costs, to come back to your point, they're seeing that they are getting squeezed in this economy --


KENNEDY: I'm so glad you bring that up, Juan. Three areas where the government is far too involve, housing, health care, and energy. The government has far too --

WILLIAMS: I disagree.

KENNEDY: -- and it actually -- it exacerbates what you call income inequality which -- by the way, Obama had eight years to foster income inequality and that didn't happen.

WILLIAMS: In the latest Fox poll, what you see is like 53, 54 percent of people saying GOP policies benefit the rich, Kennedy, not the middle class.

KILMEADE: Right, and a couple of things going on with the tax plan in particular. This is where you're right, Juan. So the tax plan shows and the numbers don't argue and the Washington Post proves that about 80 percent of the country in all different levels has gotten some type of tax break, but the administration has done a good job getting the word out.

With direct deposit, the advent of technology, we're not really getting our check, cashing it in, and go in. I mean, 596 last week, I'm not making 620. We kind of just let it all blend in. So we don't even know the tax cut we're getting and all those people saying said we weren't getting the returns we were. It turns out at the end of the day the returns were almost exactly the same after the early hesitation.

I bring this in, if the Republicans are smart and truly want to get to a different era, and the president really feels two years were stolen from him because of this whole Mueller investigation, this is what I do, give Barack Obama credit. When he was Senator Obama and he kept his composure and he met with Paulson, and he met with Bernanke and he said, what's going on with the economy? How do we fix this? We've been here before. That's how he won the presidency, where McCain lost his temper, Obama kicked in to gear.

But the make work project, making the most of the 800 billion is where the Republicans and Democrats separated. The Solyndras, the giving the money to the state and saying do your best. No shovel-ready projects where they broke. And the release of regulations of 22 a day or 22 a week have really lived up to expectation --

(CROSSTALK) WILLIAMS: But you've got to say then, government gets involved in terms of trying to limit the excesses of income inequality is damaging the middle class.

KENNEDY: And they make it worst. They make it absolutely worst --


WILLIAMS: You just heard Brian say, Brian just laid out for you, Kennedy, how, in fact, government got us out of that recession.

WATTERS: All right. Well, we know Juan got a big tax cut because he's really, really rich. Up next, radical Democrats threatening to throw A.G. Bill Barr in jail if he doesn't give into their Mueller report demands.


KILMEADE: On this day that Michael Cohen reported to federal prison, Democrats are ramping up their attacks against William Barr. The House Judiciary Committee set to vote on Wednesday to Barr in contempt if he doesn't turn over his un-redacted version of the Mueller report and underlying materials which goes by the millions, by the way. Democrats continue to go after Barr and are even threatening to throw him in jail.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We had just recently a United States attorney general who lied to Congress and lied to you, and is clearly more interested in representing the president than the American people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe right now he should resign. I think everything should be on the table.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have to have him sit for a hearing and I think you have to have him locked up, unless he agrees to participate and come to the hearing.


KILMEADE: Do you think he flossed after having that chicken?


KILMEADE: Democrats are pushing Robert Mueller to testify, May 15th. No final date has been set, but it will likely be there. President Trump slamming the move saying Democrats need a do over -- don't need a do over after the Mueller report found no collusion.

So let's begin with William Barr. He wrote a letter and, Jesse, and in the letter he said, look, not only am I'm not -- I appreciate the offer to come back and I'll come back if you go by the old rules, and you want to see an un-redacted version. You haven't even shown up for the less redacted version I have waiting in my office. Why should I redact everything? You know I'm not allowed to. And they site a code in the constitution.

WATTERS: Yeah, Nadler has access to the un-redacted version, but he hasn't walked his little butt over there to take a look at it. So the reason he wants to see the grand jury information so he can leak it and control the new cycle for the next two years. If Mueller was this big white knight that everybody loved, why are the Democrats all of a sudden trying to fact- check his reporting? Why don't they just believe what he says? Because this is not what it's about, it's not oversight. It's overkill.

This is an unprecedented scope of information that they're trying to gather, terabytes of information. I don't even know what a terabyte is, but it's a lot.


WATTERS: Receipts for credit card transactions, there's no way that they have any legitimate legislative purpose by handing it over.

KILMEADE: They don't want to ask your own questions let alone go through millions of documents and do their own Mueller report. It makes me wonder, Kennedy, the redaction argument is almost gone. It's only 6 to 8 percent of the entire document has been redacted.

KENNEDY: And Jesse's right. And there are people who have access to this information and the un-redacted report. And the rational human being, and this is their job, and they can absolutely go spend their time doing this.  And what they really want is to sit down with Robert Mueller. If these are the questions that they have -- and let's not forget, Mueller also went through the reduction process with Bill Barr. If they have an issue with what was redacted and the percentage compared to the length of the full report, that's the person that they need to take this up with.

And -- because of that -- and they also have a tentative date set with Bob Mueller to go before these judiciary committees. Until that happens, they need to stop politicizing this because it is an ultimate distraction. And you're looking at a Democrat Party that really has the opportunity now with so many eyeballs and so many people politically engaged on every side, not just Republican and Democrat, but I'm talking about independents.

You have such a great opportunity now to tell people what your ideas are, and how you're going to make life better. And with these distractions, you make their lives annoying. And when people are annoyed, they don't want to help you and they don't want to vote for you.

KILMEADE: You annoyed, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I'm annoyed with you guys.


WILLIAMS: Because I just listen, I think, man, these Democrats, look what they've done to Kennedy and Jesse. I mean, if this was Benghazi, is this was fast and furious, and you guys are making the same case. Oh, why is Congress requesting all of his strenuous material? What do say, gigabytes, terabytes?


WILLIAMS: This is what happened to Obama.


WILLIAMS: Let me just say.

KENNEDY: Don't you dare compare Benghazi to William Barr.

WATTERS: Who died in Russia collusion, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Let me just say --

WATTERS: Who died?

WILLIAMS: How about our country lost, huh. Our country lost big time.

WATTERS: Yeah, but that was Democratic hoax, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I just don't understand why you don't say, you know what, Congress is an equal branch of government, they have every right to exercise oversight of the executive. They're making legitimate claims.  Normally --

WATTERS: These aren't legitimate.

WILLIAMS: It doesn't matter. It's not your judgement to make. It's constitution says -- the constitution says they have this right. And so, normally --

KILMEADE: So they want to do their own report.

WILLIAMS: Hang on. Normally what you would hear from a Justice Department would be let's negotiate, Congress. I'll give you this much. I'll give you that much. Certain people can see it. What Bill Barr and Trump were doing for political reasons is trying to stiff the whole constitution --


KILMEADE: Emily, you're the legal scholar. So, is that what they're trying to do?

COMPAGNO: Well, they are trying to distract us from the real ball which is the fact that everyone is terrified of what the inspector general report will undoubtedly prove, which is that our intelligence agencies used unfounded legal reasons to surveil private citizens. You say it's oversight, but it's not. It's an attack on our attorney general which I find disgraceful. You bring up fast and furious, remember Nadler voted against holding Eric holder there in contempt during that time.

There's no way to reconcile this when the messaging is clear that Democrats are panicking in total fear on the hill because they're refusing to see the un-redacted version or admit because they can't publish it because they can't use it as a weapon.

KENNEDY: OK. Can I just add very quickly to what Juan said? So, Juan, if Republicans went too far on Benghazi and other investigations and wasted so much time, that was a lose for them because they ended up losing the House.  So if that's the case, then maybe Democrats should pay heed to the warning that you're offering right now that they shouldn't overextend themselves.

WILLIAMS: We'll see what happens Wednesday.

KENNEDY: Here's where I absolutely agree with you, I think we need to decrease the amount of power concentrated in the executive branch.

WILLIAMS: Well, sure. I just think -- we'll see what happens Wednesday because the Republicans, as you recall, in fact, held Eric Holder in contempt.


WILLIAMS: Let me just tell you, Eric Holder -- said to me, it is absolutely shameful that he was held in contempt. He feels personally that he was hurt by it.

KILMEADE: He doesn't sound like it.

WATTERS: You mean the president's wing man?

WILLIAMS: It's not like you and me, Jesse.

KILMEADE: All right, let me just tell you what's coming up next, Hillary Clinton now saying the 2016 election was stolen from her. Wait until you hear her latest complaint. We've got that from someone who paid $12 to hear her speak with her husband over the weekend.


WILLIAMS: Hillary Clinton apparently still not over her 2016 defeat to President Trump. She's now claiming the election was stolen from her.  Watch this.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think it's also critical to understand that -- as I've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you.


WILLIAMS: So, Brian, I think this is a situation where you look at Hillary Clinton as she's saying, you know what, we really have to be sure that we win by a compelling amount. Actually, Nancy Pelosi picks up on this. I'll show you that in the second. Because she's not sure that Donald Trump would peacefully leave office.

KILMEADE: She's ridiculous. I mean, her point of being so -- she's just not self-aware. One thing, Juan, I think there's nothing better than somebody who admits that when they lose and they say this is where I blew it. And the popular vote doesn't mean anything because that's not how we judge. We've got to win states. I didn't win enough states. I lost 30 states to Donald Trump. That's my problem.

Instead, she goes I win the popular vote and was taken from me by the Russians. And it makes me really appreciate Al Gore. Al Gore could have said all the time the governor of Florida was Jeb Bush. I barely lost to George Bush by 500 votes. Man, if I only did -- the whole state election would have been different. He could have made a ton of money speaking across the country. Instead, he did what Jesse would have done, grew a beard and taught at Columbia.



KILMEADE: Instead of saying, hey, here's the problem. I made -- bigger mistake, private server. I made a big mistake. I let Huma Abedin go on the laptop of Anthony Weiner. I made a big mistake, John Podesta let a naked email out -- email server out there, allow people to hack into it.  That's where I drop the ball.

WATTERS: A naked server?

WILLIAMS: I disagree with that --

KILMEADE: It sounds like I won you over.

WILLIAMS: No, because -- you know, I think Russian propaganda had a lot do. But, Kennedy, what about Jerry Falwell saying, you know what, we owe President Trump an extra two years. It sounds like somebody is trying to lay the groundwork for --

KENNEDY: No. No one -- and Jerry Falwell Jr. is just trolling. And no one owes anyone anything, and everyone knows that's not how our system works. And if you remember it was Hillary Clinton during the debate -- I believe it was in St. Louis where she talked about her greatest fear is that President Trump, then candidate Trump, wouldn't concede the election when she won, and that our elections have consequences.

I wish you would go back and revisit some of those words. Instead, every once in a while, she'll throw out a -- I take full responsibility. But it must be opposite day for her every single day. Then she goes through the laundry list, I blame the Russians, I blame James Comey, Macedonian content farms --

KILMEADE: Kennedy, can I add one thing -- did you grab my arm in the last segment. I would say this, do you remember Barack Obama had to convince her to concede --


KILMEADE: -- or else she'll still be on that stage. It was Barack Obama who said, listen, put her on the phone --


KILMEADE: -- you lost.   KENNEDY: Yeah. And that's when we've learned from the Peter Baker book, he's the New York Times chief White House correspondent, he's written a book about how disgusted President Obama was that she lost. He blames her and her soulless, scripted campaign.

WILLIAMS: So, Jesse, but you have Nancy Pelosi in the other hand saying if we hadn't won overwhelmingly, 40-plus seats in the 2018 midterms, well, if we won just by a slight amount, four seats or so, President Trump would have said, no, not true. Would have challenge the results of the election?

WATTERS: So the Democrats are saying that Donald Trump will not accept the results of the 2020 election when they haven't accepted the result of the 2016 election? That's what's going on?

WILLIAMS: I think he's in the White House.


KILMEADE: Juan was assigned this segment. He didn't even get the chance to choose it. Your heart is not in this segment. It is not.


WATTERS: I'll tell you what's going on with Pelosi. This is what she's doing.

WILLIAMS: I want to hear from you.

WATTERS: What's probably going to happen, again, you're going to see Donald Trump win the Electoral College and maybe lose the popular vote. So she's setting this up now for Democrats to challenge the election results if Trump wins that way again. And she's saying that the Democrats have to beat him on kitchen table issues and not do impeachment. I understand.

And just back to Hillary for a second, Juan. She lost the election and now she lost her dignity. She does this every single time she takes a loss.  Remember, president fooled around with Monica, she blamed the vast right- wing conspiracy. She lost to Obama in the primary. She blames sexism.  Now she lost last time to Trump and she's blaming the Russians.

Obama was right. She ran a soulless campaign. She did not run the right way, and she said there in that sound bite. and I don't know about you, but I think she's just trying to boost ticket sales because they had to deeply discount this thing.




WATTERS: You need your refund.

GUTFELD: Oh, my goodness--

WILLIAMS: You know what, I still have a problem, Emily, because I think President Trump was on the phone with Vladimir Putin just last week. And people said well did you tell him, "Hey, this interfering not only in our elections with Venezuela is not good". No, no, no he said that didn't come up.

COMPAGNO: Well, why would he spoke on his own in Helsinki, he got vilified from the Left for so which is it--

WILLIAMS: But when he said -- again, that's when Putin was right next to him and he said I believe Putin, not the American intelligence.

COMPAGNO: That to me has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton's excuse tour she's now two years into. It doesn't surprise me at all that right now she's -- I feel like she's not even saying look we need to win on the issues. I think I think she is straight up just in her tour where, which makes sense to me, that as an establishment candidate who actually won the popular vote and yet still lost that she probably is it's hard to step aside.

She has a victim complex, she's probably a narcissist and to her to watch Joe Biden emerge from this pack, leading in it, and everyone's obsessed with like streaming their lives except for Mayor Pete, she probably is aghast. But she should step aside and focus on being productive in a different way, whether it's luxury at Columbia or something different, because it's making her look so bitter.

And she still had to say kind of, like, I'm the matriarch. Like, when candidates come to me -- young people, this is my advice to that--

KENNEDY: Can you imagine those meetings, though? I was thinking about that when I read that quote of her. How annoying -- it is like, OK, I guess we have to go see grandma Hillary now and you have to speak about how she was the best candidate and ran the best campaign when she was the nominee. But the election was stolen from here.

WILLIAMS: And maybe you guys could do like a choir of "lock her up" for us. You guys are the ones who are obsessed with the Hillary Clinton.


MONTGOMERY: We don't dig her up every weekend.

WILLIAMS: Yes, you can -- you guys do it.

WATTERS: She is on tour Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, it's his -- one of his biggest hits. It's a reliable hit for Trump. Critics teeing off on Tiger Woods, the fallout from a dramatic disqualification at the Kentucky Derby, and you want to miss this. There is a royal baby here, all up in the "Fastest 7", next on THE FIVE.


MONTGOMERY: Whistle with me. Welcome back and it's time for the "Fastest 7".

First up, it's a story we can't stop talking about. We cannot look away from the drama and Churchill Downs, the outraged owners of Maximum Security, the horse that crossed the finish line first at the Kentucky Derby, before being disqualified. They have filed an appeal with the State Racing Commission. But it has just been denied.

It was the first disqualification in the 145 year history of the derby. Officials found the horse drifted out of his lane in the final turn and interfered with other horses. Country House, rather, was declared the winner. Here is Maximum Security's co-owner on the upset.


GARY WEST, CO-OWNER OF MAXIMUM SECURITY RACING HORSE: We were stunned shocked and in total and complete disbelief. It had never been done before.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you see Maximum Security slide over three lanes and make that contact with another horse. Do you see that?

WEST: I saw the horse move out. But every Kentucky Derby you could sit down two or three or four horses, if you wanted to.


MONTGOMERY: That's why I stopped horse racing. All right Gary West is going to be on "The Story with Martha.

KILMEADE: And you also had a Goldberg (ph) so you no longer could be a jockey.

MONTGOMERY: Couldn't, there is no way.


MONTGOMERY: I tried, talked about femur shortening. Let's talk about the legal ramifications here. What are the courses of action that Gary West and the other owners of Maximum Security have at their disposal.

COMPAGNO: Right. So you just read that the appeal has already been denied at that state level and now the attorney has said he's going to pursue other legal options. He's requested that all of the money is won by the way is put in escrow.

So he's basically requesting the -- now this will go through the courts. That everything pauses, while this plays out and hopefully it will have a faster result than things we see that we often talk about at this level.

KILMEADE: Maximum Security will not be running in the Preakness, that's a big hit to horse-racing, #1. #2, is this result, I don't care who you bet on or where you watch, it's a disaster for horse-racing. This is their time of the year to shine. This is it.

And they've blown it. It's not their fault, but the way this system is set up, it's -- I cannot believe that somebody could protest that stewards shouldn't first make the call and then people will examine it. Instead, the protest goes in within 20 minutes, something as Titanic as that, is able to take place.

The other problem is, according to horse racing experts they had 20 horses in this race. It's usually 14. Of course, they're going to bump into each other. You ever run into horse. There's a lot of horses -- shoulder to shoulder, something's going to happen.

MONTGOMERY: Well, and it was a sloppy track, Juan. I know you're heartbroken.

WILLIAMS: I actually am a fan of horse racing and I'll tell you this, there's been a really bad year for horse racing, a lot of deaths of horses. But I think there's an important distinction we made. I hear lots of people talking about this like, of course, this is like under the boards and basketball or NASCAR where cars ram into each other and things happen.

These are horses, they are actually living creatures and if you were to own a horse -- a horse can break a leg, a horse can die. They have to shoot horses sometimes on the track. And what he did -- the jockey did was clearly wrong, illegal. And you have stewards, this is the reason you have rules and you have stewards, because you have rules to be enforced.

It's right, this has never happened before, as Gary West was saying. But Gary West is wrong if he thinks this was a legitimate ride. That jockey was spraying far out of his lane--

MONTGOMERY: How does this turn into political--

KILMEADE: You liked the call. You like it.

WATTERS: No obstruction, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I like it.

WATTERS: There was no obstruction.

MONTGOMERY: Clearly, William Barr should step down because of what happened.

WATTERS: Well, I mean, there's -- what's the saying in sports. The last two minutes you let them play. I mean rules are rules, but you don't want to Ref deciding something like this in the Kentucky Derby. A lot of people had a lot of complex bets. You have the trifecta, you have the exacta box.

I had the number seven in a lot of these bets and I got crushed. I lost hundreds of dollars. So everybody knows what's going to happen. There's going to be a guy out in the desert, he's going to pay a little visit whoever made this rule thing.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh.

WATTERS: He cannot let this money go out the window without someone taking matters in the running.

WILLIAMS: Holy smokes.

WATTERS: I'm not condoning it. I'm just saying that's what's going to happen. It's a long shot on a DQ. You think this is going to go down -- ?

KILMEADE: The President was that happy. It's political correctness, he tweeted out.

MONTGOMERY: No, it has become a political issue.

WILLIAMS: Unbelievable.

KILMEADE: Do we have another issue?

MONTGOMERY: Yes, we do. After his big comeback win at the Masters just minutes from now Tiger Woods will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House. But apparently, not everyone is happy about it. Of course, some critics are slamming Woods, claiming that the only reason he's receiving the award is because of his relationship with El Presidente. Brian, is this--

KILMEADE: One of the greatest moments I've ever seen in sports even. Phil Knight, 70 something years old, with all the great moments he's witnessed and been a part of, he says he's never seen anything better than this.

I think at 43 years old Wood has been through, and Trump cites the fact that he stayed with him the entire time. From the time he was 12 to 18 to 21 to its 30 to 40s. He says hang in there Tiger and Tiger appreciates loyalty through it. He doesn't mind saying, he is his friend.

43-year-old Medal of Freedom, I have no problem with that. People say it's too early, not really. A 43-year-old elite athlete, doing something that he's done, he's already had five lifetimes of play that we've all saw up front and center. I love the story, I like the medal.

WATTERS: Greatest comeback in sports history. It kind of reminds me of the President's comeback in 2016 -- very, very similar. But the real people don't like this on the Left is that they're jealous--

KILMEADE: Expect for the opioid thing.

WATTERS: Yes. They are jealous that the President is friends with Tiger. They golfed together. It reminds them that Trump was a celebrity, and a well-liked guy before this. This is also -- the Left doesn't like this because this is a black American athlete who is friends with the President and that's not the left's narrative. They did this with Kanye West, now they're trying to do this with Tiger Woods.

And to be honest with you, it's Tiger Woods, it's not like he's giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to like Alex Jones. This guy deserves it.

MONTGOMERY: No that's next month.

WATTERS: That's next month.

WILLIAMS: In this White House, I wouldn't be surprised.

MONTGOMERY: Juan, what are the objections here? Is it because Tiger Woods and the President have an arrangement to have a Tiger Woods Design course and--

WILLIAMS: You have financial ties. I mean, that's the reason, as Brian was pointing out, that the President, before he was the President, as the golf course developer, the Country Club developer/owner had a tight relationship with Tiger Woods. He has, I think, even villas named after Tiger Woods in certain places.

WATTERS: Wait, so you're saying the metal awarding ceremony is corrupt?

WILLIAMS: Oh, absolutely.

WATTERS: Oh, Juan.

KILMEADE: He is not only one, lot of people are--



WATTERS: Maybe Pence should give the medal.

WILLIAMS: No, I'm just saying -- look, come on. Not only is it sort of too early for this Presidential Medal of Freedom. But I think that you got to understand he has financial ties with the guy that's giving it one would who benefit from the fact.

COMPAGNO: Yes. I feel like there's something about sports journalism that it really commodifies a lot of athletes. And I have a significant problem with Max Kellerman and Rick Reilly coming in and saying, "Here's what you should say and do and feel, Tiger. Here's when you should be outraged and here's when you should decline or whatever".

Remember when Tiger said, "Look, we should respect the Office of the Presidency regardless of personality or politics". And then Rick Reilly was like, "Oh, that's so thoughtless". Like, I just -- I don't know -- I think we should give a bit of room and I think that's not thoughtless, that's actually--

KILMEADE: This is the overstepping when you could condemn Donald Trump for giving him the Presidential Freedom Award, the highest civilian honor, that's when it's too much.

WILLIAMS: Oh, that's too much, OK.

MONTGOMERY: All right. Breathe with me, a special delivery for the royal family, Duchess Megan and Prince Harry welcoming a baby boy to the world this morning. Proud papa Harry sharing his joy, watch.


PRINCE HARRY, DUKE OF SUSSEX: We're both absolutely thrilled and sort of grateful to all the love and support from everybody out there. It's been amazing, so just wanted to share this with everybody.


MONTGOMERY: The royal couple says they are still deciding on a name. But whatever they decide, they will not let Kate and William have any say, whatsoever.

WATTERS: I think Jesse's a great name. I'd look into that. I heard Sussex was the name they were considering.

MONTGOMERY: They are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

KILMEADE: It's a tied.

MONTGOMERY: The baby is right now--


KILMEADE: You would open up the folder.

WATTERS: This is coming from Brian Kilmeade.

KILMEADE: Yes, this is coming from. I'm low research person.

WATTERS: Spencer was the name, I think.

KILMEADE: OK. So you're remembering it now.

WATTERS: Yes, I just remembered it.

MONTGOMERY: Very, very fortunate.

WILLIAMS: Well, I would say this. I just was watching the video and I just want to say congratulations. He looks so genuinely happy. And that's a young man who had to live through a very low moment when his mom died. And so the grand mom is not around and I just feel for them. And I just think it's wonderful. I wish him the best.

MONTGOMERY: Absolutely. And Emily, he said that they only had two hours of sleep. She apparently went into labor in the early hours of the morning and delivered a baby at 5:26 am, so that is a very fast and painful labor, so god bless her, because I know--

KILMEADE: I don't think speed should be a judgment, though -- it should?

MONTGOMERY: No, the shorter the labor, the more intense the pain.

KILMEADE: Oh, I didn't know that.

WATTERS: I would stay out of this from Brian.

COMPAGNO: I thought he was so cute and told his story like totally in all the bed stops when there was a spike in people thinking the baby came, speaking of Betty, remember that, so it was early -- that'll happened actually early.

KILMEADE: Harry the--

MONTGOMERY: Jesse lost hundreds of dollars on that.

WATTERS: I had Sussex as the name.

MONTGOMERY: Aren't there enough -- plenty of British gambling houses willing to take that from Jesse. All right. Up next is surprising Game of Thrones issues that has everyone talking, grab some coffee for this one.


WATTERS: What a disaster.

COMPAGNO: One of the biggest shows of America, making that big mistake last night. Don't worry no major spoilers here. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that during a scene of Game of Thrones, a Starbucks cup made an accidental cameo. HBO, finally, responding by jokingly saying, "The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake". Denarius had ordered an herbal tea.

It also kind of got me that -- I feel like if you're doing a lean set, maybe it's easy for someone to miss a mic offs and whatever. But there's like literally 500 people at all times on every set, and that's a pretty major obvious gaffe.

KILMEADE: Permission to speak?


KILMEADE: Thanks. I have one friend that's a producer -- executive producer, I said, "Well how does this happen?" He wrote, "It happens because the combination of lazy people in set decoration. Camera not looking, editor is not paying attention, and network QC blowing it".

Five people at the blow, what's going on HBO? Should they collapse? They gave up boxing and now Starbucks--

WATTERS: I mean, I can't imagine why you wouldn't miss more. You can't see anything on Game of Thrones, it's so dark. I had to change the TV settings just to see the--

MONTGOMERY: --knocked on your TV still--

WATTERS: Yes, yes, you do it like cinema quality, full-blown -- you can't see a thing. I don't know why this thing's shot like that.

KILMEADE: It's like an audiobook.

COMPAGNO: --they don't care. I mean--

MONTGOMERY: All I will say is, we are in such a fantastic place in the world and everything is just fine. If this is what's eating up people's mental energy then nothing else is wrong.


MONTGOMERY: And this is actually a great sign that we're living in the best age ever, because people are up in arms about a wayward Starbucks cup.

WILLIAMS: Well, I would say--


KILMEADE: --it's still the Golden Age of Donald Trump, some people would say. There is no news.

WILLIAMS: Yes, you would say. I think two things. One is, I noticed there's lots of click bait that has -- this item in this movie is outdated or what's this doing here, so lots of opportunities to rot your brain, Kennedy, and I think that's part of it.

But I would say this about this, this year #1 show in the country, so popular, million spent by HBO, you would think they would catch it. But everybody makes mistakes my question is, "What was she drinking?" And I the answer is "Dragon Espresso" because--

KILMEADE: Hey, there was a car scene in Braveheart in Downtown Abbey there was a water bottle. So this is--

WILLIAMS: Yes, it happens.


COMPAGNO: You guys doing them.

WATTERS: Not Downtown.

MONTGOMERY: He's a big fan.

COMPAGNO: Do you remember -- baby, remember the dude standing in the curtain?

MONTGOMERY: You mean the ghost boy?


MONTGOMERY: Of course, I remember that, it walked in my dreams throughout adolescence.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. I think Starbucks had -- ghost any day and if you guys don't know we're (inaudible) it was super scary.

MONTGOMERY: That was scary.

COMPAGNO: OK. "One More Thing" is up next


WATTERS: Time now for "One More Thing". Brian how's your Jenga game?

KILMEADE: It's good.

WATTERS: It's good.

KILMEADE: No one asked me to play, but I -- if you ask--

WATTERS: No one wants to play with you? I will play with you. OK. All right. Look at this dog playing Jenga.


WATTERS: This little Labrador puppy is playing Jenga, holds out this move with his teeth.


WATTERS: Unbelievable move by this little puppy and everybody had to get a bigger out of the--

KILMEADE: Not even full--

WATTERS: Yes. And not even -- yes, and I don't even think he was trained to do this. He just did this on himself. Five months old, wins the Jenga game like that. I'm just impressed.


COMPAGNO: My bets on him.

WATTERS: I'm very impressed.

MONTGOMERY: And then he runs off with the piece.

WATTERS: That's right. And there was another of Dana who couldn't make it here today. Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: All right. You remember the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger? Well, get ready to see Runners honoring Chuck Norris at a 5K in Texas on Saturday. Take a look at the video.


WILLIAMS: Yes, they handed out Chuck Norris beards, T-shirts, stainless steel belt buckles, Jesse, to try to break the record for the most people gathered while dressed as Chuck Norris. Norris, 79 and his wife were in attendance as the race began at the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M.

The race benefits Kickstart for Kids, a group that teaches martial arts to middle school children in the Chuck Norris tradition. They also raised money for the Mercy Project, in effort to fight child slavery in Ghana. At the finish line the runners got to high-five the real Chuck Norris.

MONTGOMERY: That's cool.

WATTERS: Well not yet 79, but he's getting close. She's got a big say tomorrow, Brian Kilmeade, take a look.

KILMEADE: Hey, thanks a lot, Jesse. Hey, if you want to see me in person like these four lovely people, I have a chance to do it. I get to talk history on these days July 19th, July 20th, August 10th, and August 11th.

I'll be at Bonita Springs over in Orlando, then over in Birmingham, then over in North Carolina. Just go to briankilmeade.com/tour. It's going to be with Fox Nation, they're going to stream it. It's off my series, "What made America Great", so I hope you see that.

Also I noticed this about SNL.

KILMEADE: Adam Sandler came back for the first time in over 20 years and he created a lot of his friends. This guy is known for his loyalty as well as being funny. I did not know he was originally fired that created the bitterness.

But as Chris Rock walks out, it reminded how loyal he is to Dan Patrick, the sportscaster Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider Colin Quinn and Kevin James and then I was reminded that he has a big heart when he actually singled out a certain outstanding SNL character. Let's listen to his song.


ADAM SANDLER, AMERICAN ACTOR: He loved the Bears and did the dance at Chippendales with Swayze when they replaced his coffee with Folgers he went full out crazy. The sexiest Gap girl and Meatloaf in the band without him there'd be no Lunch Lady in LunchLady Land. You know who I'm thinking about I'm thinking about my boy Chris Farley.


KILMEADE: It was just awesome to know it's the first time he's been back and they were together and he even talked about how he passed away.

WATTERS: All right

KILMEADE: So I thought it was pretty good night in SNL.

WATTERS: All right.

WATTERS: Something about that chair, you just do multiple One More Things, very impressive Brian.

MONTGOMERY: Very impressed, very touching.

WATTERS: Kennedy.

MONTGOMERY: You know what I want to do right now, I want to relax in a hot tub and that's what a family of bears did.


MONTGOMERY: A mama bear and her cubs in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of T-E-N-N-E-E-S-S-E-E -- too many too "Es" and too many "Ss" -- Tennessee. These bears took a dip in a hot tub.

There was a couple they were vacationing there. They said, the baby bear actually closed his eyes, then took in the soak and was fully relaxing. And when their muscles finally relaxed enough they got out and then ate a small family of orphans.

WATTERS: That is not true.


MONTGOMERY: Might have been true.


COMPAGNO: OK. 180 degrees different than relaxing in a hot tub.


COMPAGNO: Toronto's Wonderland Theme Park just debuted the longest, fastest and tallest diver rollercoaster in the world, you guys. 80 miles an hour, 3,625 feet of track, literally -- that's like dozens of -- including a 360 degree loop -- like underwater tunnel. This is ridiculous.

WATTERS: I'm getting dizzy just looking at this.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. I will not be going, but enjoy if you go.

WATTERS: All right set your DVRs never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" up next.

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