Tablet smackdown: Apple, Microsoft unveil newest gadgets

The great tablet smackdown of 2013 has just begun.

Apple on Tuesday announced the latest in its line of iPads, including a new iPad Mini and the iPad Air. The new Air weighs just one pound and is eight times speedier than the original. It also has the new iOS7 and a ton of updated apps, including iWork, a free rival to Microsoft Office.

It goes on sale November 1 and costs $499 and up.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Surface 2 weighs about 1.5 pounds and went on sale Tuesday for $449 -- keyboard not included. Microsoft’s slick $129 touch cover is very cool, but Apple owns the tablet space. Then there's the new Nokia tablets, which run Windows as well and also rock a pretty slick design.

And the winner is .... clearly the consumer. Choice is great, isn’t it?

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