Pixel 2 XL has reportedly been canceled for an even bigger Google phone

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We had little Pixel 2 information until just a few days ago. We knew the internal fish codenames for Google's next-gen smartphones, and we knew they will be as expensive as their predecessors when they hit stores this fall. But a recent leak offered some interesting details about the Pixel XL 2, suggesting the handset will have an all-screen design like the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8. Now, we learn that Google may have canceled the Pixel XL 2, but that's not necessarily bad news. It'll be replaced by something even bigger.

According to previous reports, Google was working on three Pixel devices, including Walleye (Pixel 2), Muskie (Pixel XL 2), and Taimen ( unknown device). According to Android Police's sources, Muskie won't become the Pixel XL 2 this year. Instead, the Taimen will probably be known as the Pixel XL 2.

It's unclear what motivates Google's decision to cancel Muskie, but 9to5Google discovered a bug report from the Android Issue Tracker that seems to confirm Android Police's story.

A tipster told 9to5Google that Muskie was canceled due to battery life issues and other cost-effectiveness goals.

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The Taimen is made by LG, the report shows, not by HTC as it was initially expected. HTC manufactured the first Pixel phones for Google and it was supposed to retain exclusivity for at least a year. Other reports said that LG may be among the companies looking to win the Pixel 3 contract, which wouldn't be surprising given that LG made three Nexus phones to date.

Google and LG have been reportedly negotiating a massive investment in OLED displays, as Google wants to ensure it'll have enough supply for future handsets.