Apple’s Touch ID lets you unlock your new iPhone 5S with more than just your fingerprint. One writer from the site DigitalTrends.com tested the limits of the Touch ID feature -- and claims he could his private part to unlock his new phone.

"Now that finger alternatives are a thing, I wanted to test the limits of what Touch ID will allow," DigitalTrends.com's Andrew Couts wrote on the site. "I went with the most secure body part I could think of -- and all I will say is that I had to take off my pants."

Couts tried his elbow, a knuckle and many other body parts before using his nether region, which he says "was a breeze" to use.

Couts isn't the only one using unconventional parts to unlock the iPhone 5S. One man used his toe and nose, while another used a cat's paw print.

Check out their attempts below:

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