Made for TV? Wanted in connection with a murder, McAfee sells life story

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John McAfee, still sought by police in Belize in connection with the November killing of U.S. expatriate Gregory Viant Faull, has sold the rights to his official life story for an undisclosed sum of money.

Coming soon to a screen near you: “Running in the Background: The True story of John McAfee.”

“We are very excited about working with John McAfee, on this initiative,” said François Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Impact Future Media, in a statement posted to the company’s website. “Mr. McAfee has entrusted us with his life story, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. We will work tirelessly to make certain that his story is shared with the proper industry partners.”


McAfee is being held in a Guatemalan detention center and facing extradition back to the waiting arms of the Belizean police, ostensibly limiting his ability to communicate. He told reporters Sunday he wants to return to the United States and "settle down to whatever normal life" he can.

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But McAfee must have found the deal easy to do: Impact Future Media was already spearheading a PR campaign for the wealthy tech mogul.

“I am his PR guy, and he has entrusted me with the rights to his life story,” Brian Fitzgerald of Impact Future Media told He claimed to have been retained by McAfee approximately four weeks ago -- when the bizarre tale of murder, mystery and mayem began in Belize.

The 52-year-old Faull was found by the housekeeper on the morning of Sunday, Nov. 11, lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot wound on the upper rear part of his head, according to a police report.

McAfee immediately went into hiding -- and just as quickly began a massive media campaign, telling his story to an array of reporters, launching the blog and hiring a coterie of assistants to help him out.

McAfee’s life had turned in recent years from cybersecurity to drugs, guns, prostitution and violence, explained Jeff Wise, a freelance reporter who broke the story of McAfee’s wild ride for Gizmodo.

"He will tell you he moved to Belize for the good life, for the country, to rescue the Belizean people from poverty,” Wise told in mid November. In reality, McAfee became embroiled in bath salts and the quest for the ultimate high, he said.

Wise visited McAfee in the Western Caribbean nation twice, once in 2010 and again this past April. McAfee denies Wise's characterization of him, writing on his blog that Wise has a grudge against him.

“My most heartfelt thank you goes to Impact Future Media and CartoonMonkey Studio,” McAfee said in a statement posted to Impact’s website. “Their dedication to the truth is very uncommon in the world Impact Future Media live in today. I am now, and will always be grateful to their organizations.”