Google interns gone wild, terrorizing neighbors

While most interns struggle to pay rent and make enough money to put food on the table, Google interns seem to be living the high life.

The interns - who rake in around $6000 a month - have earned the ire of their neighbors for their weekday parties and late nights.

Sounds like something out of Animal House.

The once peaceful apartment complex of Crescent Village in Silicon Valley has turned into a party hub since hundreds of interns moved into the Google sponsored apartments.

Residents are up in arms about late night sessions in the hot tub, loud parties and generally uncouth behavior.

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Some people even turned to review website, Yelp to air their frustrations.

"The situation is pretty bad," wrote resident, "Osbourne R". "There are a lot of parties even in the middle of the week, and security is unable to do anything." Resident Huan L. wrote, "(It's) like a dorm now. I could hear a lot of noise, people talking and singing even in the middle of the night. The soundproof is pretty good if I close the windows, but it's summer time, I want some fresh and cool air."

The apartment complex management last month posted a flyer in the doors of all tenants reminding them to be "considerate of your neighbors" and to "keep voices to a minimum".

Residents were also asked to avoid letting unaccompanied guests into the pool area.

Rochelle Fisher, who lives in the complex, told New York magazine that though the flyer did not address the interns specifically, it was "written as if it were in response to a specific incident."

Until recently Google interns were required to find their own living arrangements, but this year Google has been paying for their rent, according to New York magazine.

Google wouldn't say how many of its interns are living in its sponsored apartments but a

Facebook group called "Crescent Village Google Interns" has about 400 members.

On top of free rent and a good salary, interns are also treated to outings on luxury yachts and to museums. They are offered free gym memberships and dancing lessons. Even their laundry services are free of charge. And at night they get shuttled home on a corporate bus.

It's good to be a Google intern.