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Amid rising labor costs in China and perhaps a rise in pure patriotism, some tech companies are choosing to come back to the United States. See which tech items are now proudly made in the good ol’ USA!



    Moto X Company: Motorola At the D11 Conference in May, CEO Dennis Woodside announced that the newest Motorola phone would be assembled in a Fort Worth, Texas factory that was once used to make Nokia phones. The company estimated that it will employ 2,000 people in the Fort Worth facility by August. The phone itself was said to be slated for late 2013 release. Still no word on what the phone will look like, but their new advertisement released July 3 says it will be the "first smartphone you can design yourself."  


    Gorilla Glass Company: Corning, Inc. Found in many electronic devices manufactured overseas – including iPhones – Gorilla Glass is made in the United States. According to the biography by Walter Isaacson, former CEO Steve Jobs was said to have called Corning Glass CEO Wendell Weeks directly to request that the company begin making its Gorilla Glass product again, after production was halted when the company couldn’t find a buyer.
    Corning, Inc.


    Google Glass Company: Google, Inc. Although it has yet to be sold, Google’s wearable augmented reality technology will be made in the United States. Working with the Taiwanese company Hon Hai Precision Industry, otherwise known as Foxconn, the search engine giant will build a manufacturing plant near the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.


    Fab 42 Company: Intel, Inc. The chip-making company is building the world’s most advanced, high volume chip fabrication plant in the Arizona desert. In 2012, reported that it will be completed later this year and will be set up to produce chips with parts only 14 nanometers wide – smaller than a strand of human hair, which is 100,000 nanometers.


    Nexus Q Company: Google, Inc. Google’s spherical media player is designed and manufactured in the United States. However, that would be the only redeeming feature. Subject to mixed reviews due to the player’s lack of features, the console has yet to be sold to the public.


    Mac Pros Company: Apple, Inc. In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would begin to “do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States,” without revealing which product it would be. At the WWDC last month, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller revealed a newly redesigned Mac Pro, "unlike any we've ever made." Check out for more information about the newly designed Mac Pro.


    Element Televisions Company: Element Electronics At the 2012 Consumers Electronic Show, the Detroit-based electronics manufacturer announced that it would begin to make its televisions in the United States. Its flat-screen facility in Detroit, Michigan makes it the only company currently assembling TVs in the country.
    Element Electronics
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