#Fail: German grandpa uses iPad as chopping board

A German skit show's suggestion for the perfect use for an iPad has gone viral.

The thirty-second sketch from Knaller Frauen showing an older man and younger woman cooking in the kitchen has received more than 1.7 million views.

The woman is stirring a pot, while the man appears to be cutting vegetables on a chopping board in the background.

But as the elderly man brings the vegetables to the pot, it quickly becomes apparent that the "chopping board" is in fact an iPad.

As the woman looks on in horror, the man empties the vegetables into the pot, scraps the edge of his knife on the iPad and even then taps the knife a few times to make sure that it's clean.

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He then walks to the sink, rinses the iPad under a running tap, and sticks it into the dishwasher as the woman watches speechless.

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