Dramatic video shows daredevil jumping off 800 ft. cliff without a parachute

A viral video shows a a 33-year-old daredevil jumping 800 feet off of a cliff in Yosemite National Park – without wearing a parachute.

Ryan Jenks, who in addition to being a fan of rope jumping, is also a painting contract captured himself on video just seconds before he jumped 800 feet, using nothing more than a single rope.

Jenks said the decision to do the jump was planned for more than a year after looking at spots in Yosemite, but cautioned that people should not attempt to follow him.


Here is the video in its entirety:

"I made a video about how we rigged it so people would be overwhelmed by what goes into a safe set up," Jenks said according to the Daily Mail. "I think there's a lack of information out there about rope jumping - anyone who watches these jumping videos, please please don't try it on your own!"

((Credit: Caters News Agency))

Ryan added that he has become interested in rope jumping after experiencing slackling, a type of tghtrope walking, which led him to the ambitious project.

'I'm the typical Type-A personality and need to understand what I'm doing in detail as well as the big picture before I'm fully engaged," Ryan added. "I have super high energy so I find myself happiest when I have four or five complex projects going at the same time."