Does Google think you're boring?

Google introduced a little tool called Account Activity on Wednesday to tell you what you've been doing online, especially at its key sites like Gmail and YouTube. (Signing up doesn't authorize Google to collect any additional information about you.)

So what have I been up to? Not much, according to the Account Activity report.

Granted, I’m not a big Gmail user. But I search on Google constantly. My top searches were for "Amazon" and "NEX-7" (I was researching cameras), and for "62 Cooper Square" (the address of a gym I might join).

I also learned that I use a Mac and an Android phone. And lately I've logged in only from the U.S.

Oh, would that I had checked Google Maps for the route to the "Great Pyramid" near Cairo and the "Hagia Sophia" in Istanbul. What if I had Googled "yoga retreats" while in Costa Rica?

More On This...

I searched for Chase, my bank — but not for "steeplechase" horse racing in Great Britain.

I got a report from YouTube, as well. And that was interesting. My most popular video (a decent 5,467 views) was of my friend Eric Molinsky, an accomplished illustrator, sketching on the first iPad about two hours after it came out.

So, maybe I’m not that interesting on Google. But my pals are.

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