Cool Site of the Day: Cut Your Grocery Bills

Would you like to save money on grocery bills? Of course you would! Couponing is one way to get started. Some shoppers spend hours collecting papers and clipping coupons. I just don't have time for that.

You may have heard some other hints for saving at the grocery store. For example, you should never shop while hungry. Also, always make a list before you go. It helps you get exactly what you need and reduces spending.

These are all good ideas. But you should try This site gathers grocery store circulars from your local stores. Once you sign up, you can view items that are on sale in your area.

Then, you can construct a shopping list of the items you need keeping the sale items in mind. The site shows how much you'll spend, along with your savings. You can opt to see only deals from certain stores and select the types of food you eat frequently. And some stores match competitors sale prices. If you shop at a store that does, this site can help you make the most of that offer.

When you don't have to guess where to find the best deals, shopping becomes faster and easier.

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