Chilling tweets from suspected Twitter account of Boston Marathon bomber

Amid the mundane chatter of an ordinary digital teenager, a Twitter account believed to belong to the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who was captured after eluding authorities on Friday contains some chilling chatter.

The @J_tsar Twitter feed is believed to belong to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, one of two Chechen brothers police say carried out Monday's terror attack in Boston. Buzzfeed on Friday reported that a high school classmate of Dzhokhar, Stefanie Gardner, confirmed that the account belonged to Tsarnaev.

A tweet Tsarnaev marked as a favorite was apparently sent just hours before the attack, at 1:07 a.m. on Monday, from someone going by &quotSteezy_Be_Eazy.&quot

&quotThe ultimate sacrifice is within you, The battle within is defined by the word jihad.&quot

The last tweet orginating from the account believed to be Tsarnaev's, on April 16, after the Monday bombing that killed three and left dozens gruesomely injured: &quotI'm a stress free kind of guy.&quot

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I'm a stress free kind of guy

And right before the bombing, on April 15: "Ain't no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people."

Later that evening, in response to someone else's protected Tweet: "..and they what 'god hates dead people?" Or victims of tragedies? Lol those people are cooked."

Most of tweets account were ordinary fodder that could have come from anyone: talk about TV shows and cars, for example. A connection between Tsarnaev and the Twitter account has not been verified by the police or FBI.

Tsarnaev and his brother — in a vehicle they carjacked from a man who later escaped — led police on a chase through city streets Thursday night and Friday morning, after robbing a 7-11 in Cambridge and killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer, according to authorities.

Authorities tracked down the 19-year-old college student holed up in a backyard boat in the Boston suburb of Watertown. He was hospitalized at in serious condition Friday night.