Celebs Reveal Their Most Beloved Apps

Which celebrity uses a smartphone to watch her weight? Who's bettering the world with an app? And what app gets the most celeb shout-outs?

While on the red carpet at the 15th Annual Webby Awards in New York City, we put the question to a wide range of celebrities, who revealed not their intimate secrets but instead their favorite apps.

Adrian Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer divulged that they are developing their own app called AOK, which stands for Acts of Kindness. The good-willed app is a community based rewards system where users submit their acts and observations of kindness.

Marlon Wayans told us he finds the iAnnotate app useful, which allows him to read his scripts and make notes on them.

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Both Damian Kulash, lead singer of the band OK Go, as well as viral video star Antoine Dodson got excited over the highly addictive game, Angry Birds, which not only won a Webby Award for Best Mobile Game, but also came out a winner among celebs. “Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?” Kulash said.

Antoine Dodson also pointed out his app, the unsurprisingly named Bed Intruder app, which hasw sound clips and video of his now famous television debut. It lets you click to play his now famous lines, “you better hide your kids, hide your wife.”

Among Kulash’s other favorite apps are the Sonos Controller, which allows you to stream music from you iPhone, iPod, or iPad throughout your home.

Jake Hurwitz, famous for his comedy sketch Jake and Amir on CollegeHumor.com, said he uses his phone to stay in shape with iMapMyRun. But Ricky Van Veen, creator of CollegeHumor.com, would rather listen to his stomach when it comes to apps.

"[My favorite is] Seamless Web, because I can order my lunch when in a meeting and I when I get out of the meeting, it’s sitting on my desk.”

The Gregory Brothers were all about sticking to what they know: music and family. They use the Ocarina app which turns your iPhone into an ancient flute; the Safari web browser, “ because Safari does everything,” and Hipstamatic for creative digital photography, “capturing our favorite family moments.”

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli doesn’t leave home without the Weight Watchers mobile app. She says it helps her “count how many points you’ve gone over, because trust me, I always do.” She also likes having a map app on her smartphone, “so I can yell at my husband and see I told you were wrong about the directions!”

Drew Patterson, CEO and Founder of travel site JetSetter says he is a “big fan of the New York Times crossword puzzle" -- "though he noted he was "to afraid to admit it.”

What's on your tablet, smartphone or whatever? What's your favorite app? Leave a note in the comments and give a shout-out to the tool that gets you through the day.