Bigfoot spotted crossing rural New York highway

Bigfoot's yearlong travel adventures continue.

A man who was on his way to Vermont claims to have seen the legendary creature, approximately half a mile away from where a similar-looking creature was spotted in 2006, according to a New York Post report on Monday.

The investigator who spoke with the Post, Paul Bartholomew, said that the man witnessed a 6-foot tall creature hopping over a guardrail on Route 4 in Whitehall, which recently adopted the urban legend as its "official animal."


“He was stunned," Bartholomew told the Post. "His jaw just dropped open. But this is actually a very typical type of sighting.”

Bartholomew did not expand on what he meant when he said typical – it's not everyday someone allegedly witnesses a 6-foot creature walking across a state highway like a group of kids going on an adventure.

The eye witness declined to be named because of possible ridicule, though he did tell Bartholomew the creature was hairy, had two legs, wide shoulders and a small neck. (With a description like that, maybe Bigfoot could try out for the Giants offensive line?)

Bartholomew added that August and September are popular months for seeing Sasquatch jaywalking across the street.

“Whether it’s a migration I’m not sure. But there’s a real consistency with the reports. People will be driving at night — and they describe seeing the same thing,” he said. “A forest road is the most likely a place for a person to have the opportunity to see the creature.”

Unfortunately, the driver did not take a picture of Bigfoot as the event happened "too quickly," nor did it leave a footprint. Nonetheless, Bartholomew thinks there is something to the sighting, which has not yet been recorded in the Bigfoot field researchers organization database.


“There’s a rich history here,” Bartholomew said. “In the '70s this was a taboo but the subject is gaining traction.”

Earlier this year, Bigfoot was spotted in New Jersey's Pine Barrens (for a family reunion?) and in a Canadian forest (hey, he's got to spend that Jack Link's Beef Jerky TV commercial money somehow).

In late 2017, Bigfoot was reportedly spotted in Northern California, where the little devil that he is, tried to steal a pig from a farmer near Avocado Lake. But he must've left his running shoes home that day, as Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, noted that Bigfoot tripped over an irrigation pipe, which sent the pig flying.