The modern connected home is a marvel of engineering. And it doesn’t cost that much to upgrade. These gadgets were all announced recently and are shipping soon. They provide voice-activated house control, high-tech security features, and ultra-convenience.

1. Lifx Switch ($99)

More than just a face-plate for your light switch, the Lifx Switch is far more advanced. You can control it by voice using a bot like Amazon Alexa, and there are presets for dimming all of the lights in your house. It even works with older LED light bulbs.

2. Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker ($219)

An ingenious showerhead-speaker combination, the Kohler Moxie uses Bluetooth to sync to your smartphone. The speaker inserts easily into the showerhead, and it lasts about seven hours on a charge. There are 60 angled nozzles in the showerhead for a refreshing cleanse.

3. Coddle Pixel Platform Bed ($1,399)

This “statement” bed is made of long-lasting fabric. For a connected home, there are two USB ports on either side and an outlet for keeping your devices up and running. The innovative, double-sided queen-sized mattress encourages airflow so it’s never too hot or too cold.


4. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera ($250)

One of the best features of this connected home floodlight for outdoor use is that it uses no wires or cables. A rechargeable battery provides the power, and the floodlight connects to Wi-Fi. A night vision view from your phone shows what is lurking in the dark.

5. Google Nest Hub Max ($229)

The vivid and colorful screen of this connected home speaker and display is quite stunning. Pictures pop off the screen, as do YouTube videos. With the Google Assistant bot, you can make commands from on high to dim the lights or control a Nest thermostat.

6. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock ($TBD)

The big news with this popular smart lock is that you don’t need to use a Wi-Fi bridge anymore -- the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock connects directly to your Wi-Fi signal. It’s voice-controlled, or you can lock and unlock with your phone. A nice trick? You can unlock remotely for guests.


7. Hoop Cam Plus ($129)

Hoop Cam Plus

Hoop Cam Plus (Hoop)

This tiny home security camera uses facial recognition to spot family members and can send notifications. (The AI actually improves face-scanning over time.) You can see when the kids get home or when you have a delivery at the front door.


8. Trifo Lucy ($799)

This unique robotic vacuum is great for cleaning your carpet and wood floors, but it also has a second purpose. A night-vision camera can spot intruders and notify you about break-ins. The bot responds to Amazon Alexa commands and lasts two hours per charge.