Why Extremists Hate Us

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For those wondering why Islamic extremists hate us, one answer is the lies that are still being told about us. One of the most despicable lies was apparently inspired by an American.

As reported in OpinionJournal.com, a Turkish terrorist who killed himself and a dozen innocent victims last month in Istanbul told his son before he drove away in his car bomb that he was doing so to avenge women being raped in Iraq.

''Didn't you see?" the son told a reporter. "The American soldiers raped Iraqi women. My father talked to me about it… Thousands of rapes are in the records.''

According to the Boston Globe, the source for the rape rumor was an article in an Islamic journal that cited an American named Susan Block (search). In fact, Ms. Block is a sex therapist who posted an article on her web site that compared the invasion of Iraq to the rape of women.

When contacted by the Globe, Ms. Block insisted that she used the term "rape" as a metaphor for the invasion of Iraq, and claims she's appalled that her story helped inspire terrorist violence. But, she continued: "I don't know if Americans are raping Iraqi women. I do know they are killing them. I don't know if that's much better.''

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