Topics and Guests for September 23

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As a British man being held hostage in Iraq begged for his life to be saved, a pair of separate statements were released claiming the execution of two female Italian hostages (search).

Do we need to see the beheadings to understand the enemy we face? Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, says yes and join us to explain why he posts video of the beheadings on his Web site.

Plus, how many more beheadings it's going the U.S. military gets tough on the insurgents in Iraq? Former Rep. Bob Dornan, R-Calif., weighs in.

How would Wall Street react to opening the spigots on the Strategic Oil Reserves? We'll take the market's temperature with Adam Lashinsky, senior writer for Fortune magazine, and Barry Ritholtz, market strategist at the Maxim Group.

With home ownership at record highs, how is housing a real problem here in the United States?

Plus, it's not often we hear about our nation's greatest citizens. But U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Heath Calhoun and cyclist Chris Carney are a true example.

And, when it comes to investing, should a second home (search) be your first move? Ondine Cohane, contributing editor of Traveler magazine, reveals the real estate hot spots on tonight's edition of "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

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