Topics and Guests for June 22

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On today's edition of "Your World"...

South Korea (search) confirmed Tuesday that one of its citizens held hostage in Iraq had been killed in spite of promises of an extended deadline to meet his captors' demands.

Should the coalition maintain its policy of not negotiating with terrorists? We’ll ask Nile Gardiner, fellow at the Heritage Foundation; international terrorism expert Evan Kohlmann, and Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.

Plus, is the media to blame for the recent rash of beheadings? Robert Lichter of the Center for Media and Public Affairs weighs in.

And, Wall Street fails to react to Kim Sun-il’s murder. What’s preoccupying investors? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors; Eugene Profit, president of Profit Investment Management; Gary B. Smith, columnist for, and Donald Straszheim, president of Straszheim Global Advisors.

Choosing a running mate is tough. But is it proving more difficult for Sen. John Kerry? We’ll ask Democratic strategist Bob Beckel, and David E. Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision.

The Supreme Court limits the rights of patients to sue their HMOs. We’ll get the fallout from Ron Pollack, executive director for Families USA.

Plus, former President Bill Clinton is pushing his book, but is he losing his cool? We’ll be joined by renowned psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers.

And, could a class action lawsuit give the world’s largest retailer a world-class headache? We’ll examine the evidence against Wal-Mart (search) on tonight’s edition of “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

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