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President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair (search) make odd political bedfellows, but – until now -- effective champions on the War on Terror. We’ll point their relationship under the microscope with Ian Williams, author of “Deserter: George Bush, Soldier of Fortune,” and Monica Crowley, FOX News foreign affairs analyst and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Senator John Kerry says if elected, he'll tax the rich. But does that work, or is it pointless? We’ll ask Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Could a Kerry-Edwards administration hurt investors? We’ll get a read on the markets from Scott Bleier, president of Hybird Investors, and Sam Lieber, president of Alpine Mutual Funds.

Plus, Kerry and Edwards are funny on the stump, but are they bad for your stocks? Leo Hindery, chairman of the YES Network, joins the debate.

And, the Democratic duo of Kerry and Edwards are all hugs and smiles. But is all this pomp and circumstance forced affection? We’ll get a read from Patti Wood, body language expert.

Is the economy sputtering? Michelle Girard, economist at Greenwich Capital Markets, and Jeanette Schwarz Young, president of J.A. Schwarz, weigh in.

Plus, is outsourcing homeland security jobs a bad idea? We’ll ask James Carafano, homeland security expert at the Heritage Foundation.

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