New Hampshire (search) voters are braving wintry conditions to cast their votes.

Will New Hampshire spell the end of line for any of the candidates’ run for the White House? We’ll get a read from Thomas “Mack” McClarty, former chief of staff from former President Clinton.

Sen. John Kerry surprised the nation by picking up more nods than expected in Iowa. Will he be able to do the same in New Hamsphire? We’ll ask Douglas Brinkley, author of "Tour of Duty, John Kerry and the Vietnam War."

Plus, how important is the Granite State anyway? We'll ask presidential candidate Rev. Al Sharpton.

And, if the Democrats are serious about winning the White House, is it time to stop talking about raising taxes? Former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp, co-director of Empower America, weighs in.

With opening statements scheduled to begin Tuesday morning, a federal judge is urging the jury charged with deciding Martha Stewart's (search) fate to stay away from news reports of the case. We’ll get a read on Tuesday’s opening arguments from Kay Koplovitz, founder of Koplovitz & Company, and Dennis Kneale, managing editor of Forbes magazine.

We’ll get a read on the markets from Mike Norman of the Economic Contrarian Update and Art Hogan of Jeffries & Company.

And, we’ll tell you how to protect your computer from the latest dangerous virus to sweep the Internet.

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