Topics and Guests for Jan. 20

Is Martha Stewart (search) a criminal who lied to the government about unloading stock on an inside tip, or simply a shrewd investor who saved money with a smart bet on the market?

As the domestic diva’s trial begins, we’ll get reaction from real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; Alexandra Lebenthal, president of Lebenthal and Co., and Geraldine Ferraro, former vice presidential nominee and a Fox News contributor.

Plus, can Martha find a group of her peers? We'll ask jury consultant Marc Mogil, former judge, prosecutor and jury consultant.

We’ll get a preview of the president’s State of the Union Address from Karen Hughes, senior adviser to the president.

The stock market is closely watching a number of big earnings reports coming in this week. We'll pick them apart with Joe Moglia, CEO of Ameritrade.

As the nation’s eyes are fixed on the elections, what will Congress actually get accomplished this year? Reps. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., House minority whip, and Roy Blunt, R-Mo., House majority whip, join the debate.

Jobs will continue to be a major part of the equation of America's economic recovery and a key point for voters in the fall. Where will the jobs be? We’ll ask Lawrence Lindsey, former assistant to the president and former director of the White House’s Economic Council.

And, former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson heads to court to face charges stemming for a street brawl. What impact does Tyson still have on the sport? We’ll be joined by boxing historian Bert Sugar.

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