Ready. Set. Vote!

The race for the White House begins in earnest with Monday’s Iowa Caucuses (search).

As voters in Iowa cast their ballots, we’ll examine what each candidate means for Wall Street with Stuart Varney, Fox Business News contributor, and Jordan Kimmel, president and portfolio manager of Magnet Investments.

A few weeks ago, Howard Dean appeared to be on the fast track to the Democratic presidential nominee. But something happened on the way to Iowa, as Brit Hume, Fox News Washington managing editor, explains.

Do primaries matter? We’ll ask Eugene McCarthy, former Democratic presidential candidate.

Plus, Gary Hart came out of nowhere in 1984, when he placed second in Iowa. The former senator explains the importance of defying expectations.

And, for a while things looked pretty dicey for Kerry supporters. But with the Massachusetts senator suddenly surging again in the polls, folks like Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., look prescient again. He joins us to explain why he is sticking with his man.

On this day we celebrate his life, would Martin Luther King celebrate black ... Republicans? We’ll ask Armstrong Williams, nationally syndicated columnist.

Plus, we’ll preview the Martha Stewart (search) trial that begins with jury selection on Tuesday with Bob Barr, former Georgia congressman, and Joshua Cohn, former prosecutor.

And, we’ll be joined by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

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