The Protests of the Workers World Party

You may have heard something about an anti-war rally last weekend. Thousands of demonstrators found their way to the Mall in D.C., ostensibly to protest U.S. involvement in Iraq.

The media usually loves covering anti-war protests. But these protestors didn’t get much attention. That may have been because their message wouldn’t have gone down well, even with the 30% to 40% of Americans who oppose our actions in Iraq. The main organizers of the event were militants from the Workers World Party (search).

This group supports Fidel Castro, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il and advocates the destruction of private property in the United States. The messages held up by the protestors included a sign that read: “The Destruction of the U.S. Is a Necessary Condition of Peace,” a Saddam-era flag, and a caricature of President Bush’s head stuck on a pike.

Millions of Americans oppose the ongoing struggle in Iraq. But few will join protests as long as the Workers World Party rhetoric defines the anti-war crusade.

And that’s the Asman Observer.