Soap Box Sunday

Hello everyone,

As I promised, here are some of the letters we received on Weekend Live’s Soap Box Sunday. The idea was to hear what was on your mind, and you came through big time:

From Jack in Alabama:

“Gentlemen, the biggest thing holding America back is the war. Not the War on Terror, but the daily war between Democrats and Republicans. They need to do what’s best for Americans instead of what’s best for Democrats or Republicans. Congress is like a bunch of five-year-olds playing in a sandbox, the only difference I can see is Congress has no sand. They fuss and fight and argue and sometimes close down the sand box, take their marbles and go home.”

Jeff in Oregon is obviously irritated by the flap developing following the revelation that President Bush authorized the NSA to monitor, in limited and closely monitored circumstances, the communications of some U.S. citizens. Jeff wrote:

“Dear NSA, Consider this email my authorization to listen in on my phone calls, read my e-mails, and review my library records if it will save ONE innocent person from the horrors of a terror attack. This is only a loan! I want my privacy back as soon as this crisis passes.
P.S. Be ready for some REALLY boring listening and reading!!”

Next up, Walt from California:

“When I am standing in line at the airport in my bare feet with my belt, wallet, cell phone and pocket change in a tub, my carry-on bag and me going through x-ray machines and submitting to a body searches, knowing that at the same time an illegal alien is walking across our southern border unmolested in any way, with a comic book in his back pocket produced and provided by the government of Mexico, giving instructions in Spanish on how to get around in our country and take advantage of the benefits we offer our citizens. Tax free!”

Gil from Florida does agree with Time's “Persons of the Year” choice:

“The American taxpayers should have been on the cover of TIME for their generosity in giving billions for AIDS, volunteering, and donating over, and over again for natural disasters, and some putting their lives on the line to rescue their fellow citizens, and some to fight for freedom for others, while protecting ours. Still others, everyday are helping those who are less fortunate, with their own private funds, and time.”

Mr. Smith from Georgia is irritated with the folks on the Hill:

“The Congress of these United States is broken. I am sick of my tax dollars being foolishly spent on special prosecutors, needless hearings and generally bad behavior. The rantings of some senators is embarrassing to the good people of this great nation and they should be called to task.”

And finally, look out! Frank from Texas is on a tear:

“The hurricane disaster relief response STINKS! The price of gas STINKS! My retirement income can’t keep pace, and that STINKS! Same sex marriage STINKS! The IRS and the tax laws STINK! Nuclear threats by Iran and Korea STINK! Secular attacks on our Judeo-Christian traditions STINK! Eminent Domain and the Supreme Court STINK! Judges who legislate from the bench STINK! Border security STINKS! Iraq war naysayers STINK! Know-nothing Hollywood loudmouths STINK! Partisan bickering STINKS! But Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, anyway.”

And on that note, I'll wrap it up for 2005. I'm taking some time off to be with family during the holidays. We'll see you in 2006.

— Brian

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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."