'Passion of Christ' Inflaming Passions

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What's remarkable about Mel Gibson's (search) new film "The Passion of the Christ" is how reasonable people can look at the same movie and come to such different conclusions about it.

Film critics Rober Ebert (search) and Richard Roeper (search) have called it a "very great film," and conclude that there's no way the film will inflame anti-Semitism.

But "The New Yorker" film critic David Denby (search) calls the film a "sickening death trip" that "falls in danger of altering Jesus's message of love into one of hate."

Now, critics often disagree. But this film has theologians of good faith in the mix, disagreeing on content and intentions.

The filmmaker himself tells our Bill O'Reilly that the film is about the sacrifice of a loving God, willingly taken.

So who to believe?

When decent people honestly disagree on the same subject, there's nothing to do but make up your own mind.

I haven't seen the film yet, and I'm certainly not going to praise it or condemn it on the basis of the opinions of others. I'll see it myself, and judge it myself.