Katherine Jackson's Guardianship: Are The Kids Becoming Jehovah's Witnesses? | Budding Romance: Lionel Richie & Bai Ling??! | 'Inside the NFL' Reporter Says Romo Fans Happy Simpson Is Gone

Katherine Jackson's Guardianship: Are the Kids Becoming Jehovah's Witnesses?

Amid the custody crisis surrounding Michael Jackson’s children, Pop Tarts has been told that their grandmother and temporary guardian Katherine Jackson has been taking the three children to the Kingdom of Jehovah's Witnesses to help them deal with the death of their famous father.

“They need this stability and to bond with God at a time like this,” said longtime Jackson friend and biographer Stacy Brown. “I think this is one of the main reasons Michael named his mom as guardian, he knew that proper Bible training was best for them. But the Church doesn’t force anyone to be baptized, when they (the kids) are mature enough they will make that decision.”

However this isn’t the first time the children have attended a mass of this kind. According to Brown, they accompanied MJ to the church back in 2005.

“They were really attentive and really involved with the whole learning process,” he said. “They seemed to really enjoy it.”

Michael stopped being a Jehovah's Witness 1985 but reportedly resumed attending the Church’s meetings throughout his child molestation trial. Katherine and the eldest child Rebbie are the only two remaining Jehovah's Witnesses in the family. Speaking of which, we’re told that Katherine had “no control” and was less-than-impressed with the recent memorial service that took place in MJ’s honor at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

“Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in interfaith services and Katherine’s wishes should have been respected on her day or mourning,” added Brown. “She was there but she wasn’t happy about it. Of course she would have wanted to do something for the fans, but not a public spectacle like that.”

On the note of public spectacles, a source close to the Jackson family said that it was disgusting and devastating that the footage of Michael Jackson’s explosive 1984 Pepsi commercial was released last week in the wake of his death.

“Michael’s deal was that he owned all footage from the incident, he never ever wanted anybody to see that, he would have been so humiliated and upset,” said our source. “So whoever leaked it had to be someone with access to his belongings …”

Budding Romance: Lionel Richie & Bai Ling??!

It seems as far as far can be from the perfect match, but hey opposites do attract -- so could it be that crazy actress Bai Ling and music legend Lionel Richie have something going on?

The unlikely duo was spotted on what appeared to be a romantic date last Thursday at Whist at Viceroy Santa Monica. According to an eye witness, Ling and Richie kept a low-profile and laughed and flirted throughout their meal.

The actress (who tells people she hails “from the moon” and has a habit of crashing Hollywood parties and dirty dancing for hours by herself) was most recently linked to Mickey Rourke with whom she put on quite the PDA with at the Chateau Marmont earlier this year.

'Inside the NFL' Reporter Says Romo Fans Happy Simpson Is Gone

Jenn Brown has made her mark as the only female reporter on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” and when it comes to the recent Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson split she believes it is for the best.

“I think that he was doing a little bit better when she wasn't around. I don't think it's good to mix celebrities, if you've got two people with competing schedules where someone if off on tour and someone is competing, it just doesn't make a lot of time,” Brown told Tarts at last week’s ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. “I'm sure a lot of the football fans are happy she (Jessica)is gone.”

But on the other hand Laurie Phillips, wife of Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips, thinks the pop princess has been unfairly targeted as Tony’s bad-luck charm.

“She’s not to blame (for his decreased performance), absolutely not at all,” Phillips said.