How the Press Is Playing the Sarin Find in Iraq

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When a shell exploded in Iraq on Saturday releasing a gas that tested positive as deadly sarin (search), you might expect some level of concern for our troops if not for Iraqis. Instead, the press seems intent on downplaying the possibility that the find shows Saddam kept weapons of mass destruction.

Today's New York Times actually pokes fun at those who are concerned about such weapons: "The dwindling band of die-hards who remain convinced that Mr. Hussein squirreled away stockpiles of illicit weapons worry that insurgents may use them against American forces. But finding some residual weapons that had escaped a large-scale destruction program would be no great surprise — and if the chemicals had degraded, no major threat."

The Detroit Free Press took this line a step further, blaming the U.S. military for "its failure to secure hundreds of Iraqi weapons caches and ammunition dumps during the race to Baghdad. There was simply too much stuff and not enough troops."

This led to opine: "Isn't it amazing how the argument switched from 'no WMDs (search)' to 'too much stuff' in the blink of an eye?"

And that's the Observer.

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