FOX Team Washington's Odd Couple

By now, many of you have heard me say that I share an office at FOX News with correspondent James Rosen. James and I have perhaps one of the most unusual relationships in the annals of television news. We are the odd couple of FOX Team Washington, though we continue to debate which of us is Oscar and which of us is Felix.

For the record, I believe I am mostly like Oscar, but not as sloppy. James regularly exhibits quirky Felix-like behavior (like closing the blinds and locking the door when he eats lunch so that people don't look at him while he eats), but he is also known to enjoy the occasional cigar (very un-Felix-like.)

Nothing about our backgrounds would suggest that we might click as friends. I am a west Texan — he's a New Yorker. I like country music — he is a devotee of all things having to do with the Beatles (search). I am obsessed with guitars — James is obsessed with Watergate (search) (he's actually writing a book on the topic that, allegedly, will soon be finished and one day published). I like colorful ties — James dresses like an accountant. James loves to quote the movie, “The Godfather" (search) — I love to quote the movie, "Airplane!" (search) I am tall, and James is... well, not tall.

And yet, James and I get along famously. He's like a brother to me — really, an irritating, pesky little brother who had devised thousands of time-tested ways to irritate and goad me, the older and wiser sibling. He critiques my writing, for example, despite the many times I have demonstrated to him that I am the superior communicator.

All kidding aside, James is a brilliant writer and a serious journalist. His sense of humor, however, is truly off-the-wall — demented, actually. James keeps me laughing as he tells his wild stories that are often augmented with dead-on impressions of everyone from Ronald Reagan to Howard Cosell (search). He does a great Brit Hume and even does a pretty good impression of me (it's kind of a slightly subdued Yosemite Sam thing).

James is also a searing caricature artist. Here is a drawing he did of me shortly after one elected official crowned me with the nickname "Moose." (Click in the box above to view the drawing.)

With the possible exception of the office occupied by Major Garrett and Megyn Kendall (which is sort of a cross between a museum of art and a high school gymnasium), James and I have the coolest digs in FOX DC. It is the place people want to hang out. We have a small fridge, stocked with Dr. Pepper and chocolate and in the rare moments when things are slow, we share our favorite music on our iPods (search). We argue about arcane trivia and hold lengthy debates about the issues of the day. I win most of them.

I am certain that James, the contrary, prickly fellow that he is, will have a different view of these things. So, next week while I'm off for a well-deserved vacation, I have asked James to handle my blog duties. I do this knowing full well that I am going to be abused. That's okay. When I return, I'll get the last word.

In the meantime, I'll see you this Sunday and again for next Sunday's show — tan, rested and ready.

— Brian

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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."