World Series Two-Hitters

Two-hit complete games pitched in World Series history with pitcher, team, opponent and date:

Greg Maddux, Atlanta (NL) vs. Cleveland, Oct. 21, 1995.

Nelson Briles, Pittsburgh (NL) vs. Baltimore, Oct. 14, 1971.

Whitey Ford, New York (AL) vs. Cincinnati (NL), Oct. 4, 1961.

Warren Spahn, Milwaukee (NL) vs. New York (AL), Oct. 5, 1958.

Vic Raschi, New York (AL) vs. Philadelphia (NL), Oct. 4, 1950.

Allie Reynolds, New York (AL) vs. Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 1949.

Bob Feller, Cleveland (AL) vs. Boston (NL), Oct. 6, 1948.

Mort Cooper, St. Louis (NL) vs. St. Louis (AL), Oct. 4, 1944.

Monte Pearson, New York (AL) vs. Cincinnati (NL), Oct. 5, 1939.

George Earnshaw, Philadelphia (AL) vs. St. Louis (NL), Oct. 6, 1931.

Burleigh Grimes, St. Louis (NL) vs. Philadelphia (AL), Oct. 5, 1931.

Waite Hoyt, New York (AL) vs. New York (NL), Oct. 6, 1921.

Bill James, Boston (NL) vs. Philadelphia (AL), Oct. 10, 1914.

Ed Plank, Philadelphia (AL) vs. New York (NL), Oct. 11, 1913.

Three Finger Brown, Chicago (NL) vs. Chicago (AL), Oct. 12, 1906.

Ed Walsh, Chicago (AL) vs. Chicago (NL), Oct. 11, 1906.